Minecraft: How to Make a Flat World in Bedrock and Java Editions

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Minecraft: How to Make a Flat World in Bedrock and Java Editions

Looking for a new way to test your Minecraft skills? Why not dive into a world that’s nearly empty, offering minimal resources and more frequent village spawns? You’ll soon find yourself facing a unique challenge as you struggle to survive without the usual caves and other crucial resources. Luckily, our guide is here to help you create a Flat world in both the Java and Bedrock Editions of Minecraft.

How to Make a Flat World in Minecraft Java and Bedrock Editions

The approach for constructing a Superflat world varies depending on the version of Minecraft you are running. Nevertheless, as you continue to peruse, you will discover guidance for both editions!

How to Make a Flat World in Minecraft Java Edition

Minecraft Java Flat World

Embark on a voyage of discovery as you uncover the secrets of crafting a level terrain in Minecraft’s Java Edition

  • Access the Minecraft launcher and opt for the Java Edition to launch your gaming journey.
  • Access the Singleplayer option and initiate the creation of
  • Navigate to the World Creation Menu and access More World Options. Continuously peruse World Type until you uncover the Superflat option.
  • For those seeking more control, the Customize option allows for individual block layer management. Whether opting for predetermined presets or removing layers altogether, the power is in your hands!
  • How to Make a Flat World in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

    Minecraft Bedrock Flat World

    Discover the secrets to crafting a perfectly flat Minecraft world in Bedrock Edition with these simple steps:

  • Access your Minecraft launcher, choose between Bedrock Edition or Minecraft for Windows, and commence your gaming experience.
  • Access the World Creation Menu by clicking on Play, Create New, and Create New World from the main screen.
  • Navigate to the World Creation Menu, and access the Advanced tab located under General to activate the “Flat world” option. However, exercise caution as achievements cannot be earned in Superflat saves!
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    Regardless of which edition you choose, your spawn point will lead you to a barren flat world with scarce wildlife. Bonus Chests on Bedrock Edition can provide some initial resources, but beyond that, you’ll have to rely on finding a village for any necessary supplies. Best of luck to you on this challenging journey!


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