Minecraft Iron Ore Guide – Best Level/Height to Mine in 1.19

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Now we find iron instead and it explains the changes in digging. It remains true that today is 1.19 and all of this was changed with the release of Minecraft 1.18. At level one, significant quantities of gold, lapis lazuli, iron, redstone, and diamonds were found in the old system. This is because each tunnel between blocks was built with two rows of mined branches, going down to around Y=11. We all know the old rule of thumb.

What Did Minecraft 1.18 Change?

Just fill the whole lot with new blocks. Dig as deep as you can, with Y=-64. However, the layer of bedrock is no longer at Y=0. The height of the build is now 320 blocks, which is 256 blocks higher than before. Everything turns out just as expected.

Moving ahead, it will be necessary to aim for varying elevations across the globe for the different resources since Mojang has entirely readjusted the way ores are generated in an effort to increase variety and incentivize the exploration of various biomes.

What is the Best Level/Height to Find Iron?

The higher you go, the better. Once you reach a point where iron ore starts to generate more and more, the chances of finding it on the map become possible, especially in high mountains where there is enough iron ore. However, the Mountains throw us a curveball. As a result, iron ore has the highest chance of spawning at Y=16, which is seen in many biomes. As you go closer to Y=16, the likelihood of iron ore spawning increases. Similarly, the chances of iron ore spawning also increase between Y=56 and Y=-24. There are now extra factors to consider, but there is a decent chance of getting iron between levels -64 and 72. All of this has changed. It doesn’t matter what height you were at as long as you were on the earth’s level. Iron consistently appears between Y=60 and Y=0.

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Whenever possible, if your main focus is on branch mining, it is advisable to stick to the elevated peaks. This can be a reliable choice if you have an interest in exploring caves. Nonetheless, these caverns are situated much deeper beneath the surface. If you possess the skill to trace the veins as they traverse through the earth, it is conceivable to accumulate numerous iron resources that are interconnected in a linear fashion. However, if you are contemplating when it is advantageous to switch strategies, you will likely discover more iron in the mountains around Y=152 than underground. It is important to note that there are unforeseeable exceptions, particularly the occurrence of extensive iron deposits.

If you are unsure of your current level, press F3 to show your current details and search for the XYZ figures.

Interested in witnessing the alterations firsthand? Here is Mojang’s official map showcasing the distribution of ores.

The solid light gray block in the comparison, which is a bit difficult to understand, indicates that Iron had an equal chance of appearing at all those levels. However, in the new distribution on the left, the ore now shows a wide range of potential as the mountains increase in height. This does not mean that it is not worthwhile to dig below ground; everything depends on the circumstances.

This guide is helpful, as it can be a bit confusing to decipher all the different types of writing guides. We will also provide assistance in figuring out where to get other types of guides, so you can use the chart here while you’re trying to figure it out.

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