Minecraft Legends: How to Remove Golems from the Game

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As players embark on their epic adventure, golems make for fantastic companions in their quest to defeat the Piglin hordes. However, as the battle wages on, these loyal allies can quickly become a hindrance, consuming valuable space in your army.

This guide delves into the intricate art of banishing golems from Minecraft Legends. It’s an arduous task, as there is no easy way out with a despawn button or command. But fret not, for creativity is the key to success.

Strategically maneuvering golems to meet their fiery doom in the lava is currently the most effective method for eradication. Though this may seem harsh, the sacrifice ensures greater space for the necessary units within your army.

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Exploring different avenues for players to eliminate their golems, there are four distinctive approaches. Delving deeper into each one of them, the finest technique will be disclosed towards the end.

Get Rid of Golems: Fast Travel Around the Map


Let’s call it a “feature” for our current needs, although it could potentially be classified as a bug.

Occasionally, in a haphazard fashion, swiftly traversing the terrain can result in the disappearance of your troops.

Although not an ideal situation, when you’re attempting to dispose of certain units, manipulating the RNG and hopping back and forth can be a clever strategy to make them vanish.

Get Rid of Golems: Complete Quests


As you venture through the game, a delightful quirk may present itself to you – completing quests may result in the game whimsically vanishing the units that trail behind you.

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If your golems trail behind you, fortune may grace you with their sudden disappearance, making you one of the chosen few.

Simultaneously, individuals who encounter golems and cannot successfully finish a mission must resort to employing alternative techniques outlined in this roster.

Get Rid of Golems: Attack Piglin Bases


Tossing them into a battle that’s already lost is a technique that avoids any unique advantages and has a higher chance of success.

Choosing to raid a Piglin stronghold despite being outmatched and outnumbered may be a wise decision to sacrifice your golems.

Dispatch them to the battlefield, witness their defeat at the hands of foes and fortified towers.

Nevertheless, a minor hurdle you might encounter is that having a significant amount of mossy golems could result in them healing each other more than any harm inflicted upon them.

Failing miserably at their assigned mission, while simultaneously causing immense frustration for the player.

Get Rid of Golems: Push Them Into The Lava


Your quest begins with a search for the fiery embrace of lava. Seek out the pulsating glow of Piglin invasion bases or bask in the radiance of their Night Beacons.

Procure the essential materials to construct either a bridge or a ramp. Once you have successfully erected a passageway over the molten lava, direct your troops to halt their advance at the center of the structure.

Take a daring leap off the ramp or bridge, then swiftly dismantle the entire structure. All the units left stranded on the now-defunct structure will meet a fiery fate and plunge into the molten lava below.

The creatures are doomed to perish, with no means of survival as one touch of the scorching hot lava will instantly eliminate them all.

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Getting rid of the golems in Minecraft Legends is a guaranteed method with this approach.

Final Thoughts

Although Golems are formidable units, exploring diverse tactics and approaches may cause you to harbor resentment towards them for occupying valuable space.

With the knowledge of eliminating any unit, you can now craft diverse tactics by experimenting with various team compositions.

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Amidst the plethora of activities and challenges that the game has to offer, players may come across situations where they need to bid adieu to their once-useful units. Care to share with us in the comments section how you deal with such scenarios?

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