Minecraft: There was a problem loading this world

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If you’re experiencing difficulties loading a particular world in Minecraft, follow the troubleshooting procedures provided below to resolve the problem.

Clear local data and resync your worlds

Delete your local saved information to compel the console to fetch the saved files from the cloud.

  • Go to Network Settings and switch to offline mode.
  • After that, navigate to the
  • Choose All Settings → System → Storage → Manage Storage.
  • Navigate to the “View” section and choose Minecraft.
  • Press the button with three lines, and choose “Manage game”.
  • Access the Saved Data.
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  • Turn off your Xbox and wait for a minute.
  • Power up your console and reconnect to the internet.
  • Launch Minecraft.
  • Sync all of your worlds without loading any of them.
  • Once you have synchronized all of your realms, close Minecraft.
  • Wait for 30 seconds and begin the game again.
  • After indulging in the world of Minecraft, your precious game data seamlessly merges with your cloud backups. Upon relaunching the game, brace yourself for a magical synchronization of your immersive realms.

    Repair the CURRENT file

    The primary reason why Minecraft is unable to load a particular world is due to the \db\CURRENT file being damaged.

  • Safeguard your Minecraft universe.
  • Visit the place where your worlds are saved. Please note that for the majority of users, this location should be C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Packages
  • Find the globe that refuses to load.
  • Open it and access the DB directory as well.
  • Find the MANIFEST-xxxx
  • Then, duplicate the title but not the actual document.
  • Open the PRESENT file with Notepad.
  • After completing that task, remove all contents within the file while retaining the file itself.
  • Insert the MANIFEST
  • Preserve the modifications.
  • Verify if you are able to load the globe.
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    If you’re still encountering the identical issue, reach out to Mojang Support for additional assistance.

    Have you explored alternative approaches to troubleshoot this error? Feel at liberty to enumerate the procedures to be followed in the comment section below.

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