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Horse Armor Pack

Quest Horse Armor (quest)
Location Chestnut Handy Stables
Released April 3, 2006
Size 6.2 MB
Filename DLCHorseArmor.esp
  • Bundled with Knights of the Nine retail disk
  • Available with Game of the Year Deluxe Edition on GOG or Steam
  • Xbox 360
  • Available for purchase from Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • Requirements
    Patch None required

    A pair of majestic Bay Horses, adorned in contrasting attires; one donning the elegance of Elven armor, while the other radiates strength in its Steel ensemble.

    The Horse Armor Pack is an authorized download that enables you to equip your beloved horse with a set of defensive armor. Horse armor can be acquired from Snak gra-Bura at the Chestnut Handy Stables located near the Imperial City. Each set of horse armor is priced at 500 gold and is available in Elven and Steel options. These two styles purely serve aesthetic purposes, and if you wish to switch between them, you can simply revisit Snak and pay the fee once again. It’s important to note that armor can only be provided to horses that belong to you.

    In the pursuit of the related quest, players can acquire the initial armor set without any cost. In the absence of a horse, Snak gra-Bura generously provides her Old Nag at no charge, although it must be noted that this particular horse is considered the feeblest in the entire game. The act of equipping the horse with armor solely enhances its health, without offering any form of defense against harm. While the health of most horses is doubled, it caps at a maximum value of 750. Refer to the comprehensive Horses page for further details.

    Gameplay Information[edit]

  • Quest Details – Unveiling the secrets to acquiring a complimentary ensemble of equine armor, or perchance a costless steed.
  • The download unveils a magnificent assortment of 8 horse species donning exquisite armor, encompassing both Elven and Steel variations.
  • Equestrian Protection Voucher — A written document that grants the holder a complimentary ensemble of equine armor.
  • Notes[edit]

  • Horse enthusiasts have the freedom to equip horse armor on all their beloved steeds, except for the majestic Unicorn, as it eludes the realm of ownership.
  • Although Pete Hines had previously hinted at it being a DLC prior to the game’s launch, the notion of horse armor was initially intended to be incorporated into the main game, as indicated by the presence of unused content related to Tertia Viducia.
  • When you choose to equip horse armor, you are essentially transforming the majestic creature into its formidable armored version. It is crucial to keep this in mind, especially when contemplating outfitting Shadowmere with protective gear, as she will unfortunately bid farewell to any belongings you have bestowed upon her (refer to the accompanying notes).
  • In the depths of the Cursed Mine, within the Lower Galleries, lies a peculiar addition known as the Horse Armor Plans. Its presence seems devoid of any clear intention. For further details, refer to the section on bugs.
  • Upon its initial release, this particular DLC faced immense backlash due to its exorbitant price tag, despite its meager contributions to the overall gaming experience. Over time, it has transformed into a recurring punchline within the franchise, with notable instances such as the Dwarven Armored Mudcrab, Horse Armor – Elven, and Horse Armor – Steel Creations for Skyrim Special Edition, as well as the infamous Horse Armor card from Legends.
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