Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV Review: BMW R 1200 RS Tested

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Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV Review: Price

Embracing the graceful twists and turns of the majestic mountains, I am left astounded by the remarkable and delightful sensation of the fresh Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires beneath me, as I cruise on my BMW R 1200 RS. Previously, I had been thoroughly satisfied with the Michelin Pilot Road 4 GT tires, but this newfound experience has completely altered my perspective.

Despite my careful consideration of the dual-sport tires I equipped my adventure bike with, I made the (regrettable) assumption that there would be minimal disparity in sensation compared to the top-notch road tires. Naturally, this assumption was based on my transition from the versatile Michelin sport-touring tires, suitable for any weather condition, to the exceptionally high-performing Pirellis that are akin to those found on a supersport motorcycle.

The R 1200 RS undeniably meets Pirelli’s criteria for the Rosso IV’s usage: “The perfect option for…Enthusiastic riders of versatile bikes, embarking on moderate to extensive journeys, unwilling to compromise their spirited riding approach on the most twisting parts of the road.” This tire boasts complete silica construction with a two-component blend in the front and a three-component blend in the rear (two-component for smaller rear sizes).

Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV Review: MSRP

Cruising on my BMW R 1200 RS, adorned with its second set of Michelins, I found immense satisfaction in their exceptional performance across diverse terrains. A delightful observation caught my attention – the bike’s remarkable eagerness to gracefully maneuver, especially when navigating through sluggish and moderate speeds. On occasion, this eagerness bordered on excessive, a characteristic I had wrongly assigned to the motorcycle itself instead of acknowledging the contribution of these remarkable tires.

Embarking on the fresh Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires, I swiftly discerned a remarkable dissimilarity. The act of turning felt remarkably organic and consistent, accentuating the bike’s stability and foreseeability. Furthermore, the tires exuded a distinct solidity—not in an abrasive manner, but rather enhancing stability. Ultimately, whereas the Michelins exhibited a slight slipperiness during acceleration and intense maneuvers, the Pirellis evoked a stronger connection with the road.

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Pirelli characterizes the Rosso IVs as road-ready supersport tires, an unexpected choice for sport-touring motorcycles. Nevertheless, motorcycles with high-torque engines, like the BMW boxer, rapidly unleash substantial power to the rear tires. Consequently, the Michelin tires felt somewhat unstable when accelerating, whereas the Rosso IVs offered a stronger connection to the road, effectively managing the transfer of power to the rear wheel.

Pirelli claims that the enchanting sorcery responsible for the firm and seamless handling is a result of heightened cord rigidity and the manipulation of stiffness based on the angle of lean. Moreover, the tire’s shape and design aim to enhance the shift from leaning to upright positions, as well as facilitate swift alterations in direction.

Riding alongside me on numerous occasions, my trusty companion Alex has relished the chance to experience the thrill of my motorcycle with both the older tires and the fresh set of Rossos. Let us now delve into his expert evaluation:

Similar to Freeman, I embarked on a daring journey atop the magnificent BMW R 1200 RS, traversing the terrain with both the previous tire set and the remarkable Rosso IVs. However, unlike Freeman, I lack profound expertise when it comes to the intricate realm of tires. Being a novice rider, every adventure I embark upon is an exhilarating and somewhat perilous experience. Thus, I wholeheartedly welcome any features a motorcycle can present to enhance my safety and provide a sense of utmost security during my rides.

The tires I had before seemed to fulfill their purpose perfectly, ensuring my stability on a remarkably swift 125 horsepower sport-touring motorcycle. Initially, my encounter with the mighty boxer engine leaned more towards the sporty side rather than the touring aspect. However, since then, I have covered approximately 1500 miles on the RS, devoting an almost equal duration to both sets of tires.

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The Diablo Rosso IVs have elevated my riding prowess to new heights. While spending more time on a bike undoubtedly breeds familiarity and cultivates confidence, the Pirellis have also played a monumental role. They have effortlessly kept me grounded on pristine, freshly laid highway asphalt, precarious cracked and patched city streets, and undulating backroads adorned with scattered pebbles. Moreover, they have proven instrumental in conquering the deceptively perilous rain grooves that line my nearby interstate. The Diablo Rossi IVs exhibited exceptional performance on all of these diverse terrains, enabling me to solely concentrate on honing my riding skills.

In the previous week, I embarked on an exhilarating adventure through the majestic Sierra Nevadas, a haven for awe-inspiring winding roads and challenging hairpin bends. The Diablo Rossi IV tires truly proved their worth. With sheer determination, I applied intense braking as I approached each turn, only to swiftly accelerate upon exiting. These remarkable tires instilled unwavering confidence in me, enabling me to maintain high speeds throughout lengthy and sweeping bends. Even when faced with loose dirt resulting from rockslides, the Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV tires effortlessly conquered the terrain. Their unwavering commitment to enjoyment was evident, allowing me to push the limits and even graze the pegs on several occasions.

The tires are equipped with a well-thought-out tread pattern design and carefully selected compounds that aim to enhance wear resistance and provide excellent traction in a wide range of conditions. Unfortunately, due to limitations in our initial testing, we were unable to evaluate these specific attributes. Nonetheless, upon closely examining the tread patterns and depth, it appeared that the wet weather performance and lifespan might not match those of tires designed specifically for touring purposes. Nevertheless, it’s important to remember that looks can be deceiving. As we continue to rack up more miles, we will have a better opportunity to thoroughly assess the longevity and wet weather performance of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV. Rest assured, we will keep you updated with our findings as we gather more data.

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Unleash the Power: Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV Sizes

Every single tire is of ZR-rating, unless stated otherwise.


  • The dimensions of the tire are 110/70 x 17, with a rating of R and ZR.
  • The product of 120 divided by 60, multiplied by 17.
  • The product of 120 divided by 70, multiplied by 17.
  • Rear:.

  • Seventeen times the ratio of 140 divided by 70, exclusively for R.
  • Seventeen (R and ZR rated) multiplied by 150 divided by 60.
  • A mathematical expression of 160 divided by 60, multiplied by 17.
  • A mathematical equation can be formed by multiplying 180 by 55 and then dividing the result by 17.
  • The product of 180 divided by 60 and multiplied by 17.
  • The dimensions of the object are 190 units in height, 50 units in width, and 17 units in depth.
  • A tire size of 190/55 x 17.
  • The result of multiplying 200 by 55 and then dividing it by 17 is what we seek.
  • With a ratio of 200 to 60, multiplied by 17.
  • Exemplary Pricing Instances of the Pirelli Diablo Rosso IV.

  • The product of 120 divided by 70, multiplied by 17.: $191 MSRP
  • A tire size of 190/55 x 17.: $297 MSRP
  • Please take note that tires are often subject to substantial discounts.

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