Quick Charge Minecraft: Everything You need to know

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In the world of Minecraft, the Crossbow. emerges as a formidable ranged weapon, offering players the ability to swiftly eliminate distant mobs. However, its reloading speed pales in comparison to that of a bow, diminishing its effectiveness—particularly when confronted with hordes of multiple adversaries simultaneously.

Unlock the potential of a swift charge enchantment, capable of drastically reducing reload times based on the enchantment level outlined in the following table. Prepare to delve into the depths of quick charge enchantment as we unravel its intricacies and bestow upon you a comprehensive comprehension of its powers.

Normal Crossbow. Reloading Time 1.25 second
Crossbow. with Quick Charge 1 1 second
Crossbow. with Quick Charge 2 0.75 second
Crossbow. with Quick Charge 3 0.5 second

Below, we unveil the two primary techniques to bestow the swift charging enchantment upon a crossbow.

  • Enchanting Table. Unleashes Lightning-Fast Charging Enchantment.
  • Anvil-powered Swift Enchantment.
  • In the upcoming section, we shall delve into the intricate details of these two enchantments.

    Applying Quick Charge Enchantment on a Crossbow. using Enchanting Table.

    Below, you will find a list of the three essential items required to execute this enchantment.

  • Enchanting Table.
  • Crossbow.
  • Lapis Lazuli.
  • Once you have acquired these three essentials, simply position the crossbow alongside the appropriate quantity of lapis lazuli within the enchanting table.

    The image above reveals that in order to perform this enchantment, you will require level 2 of enchanting levels and 2 lapis lazuli. Additionally, the number 12 displayed in the center indicates that the player’s level should be 12 or higher. There are a total of 3 levels of the quick charge enchantment book available, and you can obtain any of them by meeting the necessary criteria. Finally, simply click on the quick charge enchantment and apply it to the crossbow, which can be collected from the left side.

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    Applying Quick Charge Enchantment on a Crossbow. using an Anvil

    Unlike the previous approach, this method necessitates your quest for the elusive quick charge enchantment book, and it offers various avenues for achieving this, which are elucidated in the following sections.

    Getting Quick Charge Enchantment Book by Trading with the Librarian

    In the realm of the village biome, one may encounter the elusive Librarian. However, if this scholarly figure proves to be elusive, fear not! Seek out any idle villager and grace them with a lectern nearby, thus bestowing upon them the prestigious role of a librarian.

    As you click on the librarian, a plethora of trading options unfold, urging you to persist in your trading endeavors until you unearth the coveted item. The librarian’s expertise escalates with each level, granting you access to an expanding array of tradeable treasures.

    Getting Quick Charge Enchantment Book through Fishing

    Discovering an enchanted book while fishing holds a mere 0.8 percent probability, thus rendering this approach less advisable.

    In order to explore vast expanses of water and maximize your chances, equip yourself with a fishing rod and a boat. To increase the likelihood of obtaining a Quick Charge Enchantment book, consider enchanting your fishing rod with the luck of the sea.

    Getting Quick Charge Enchantment Book through Treasure or Looting Chest

    During your Minecraft adventures, a plethora of chests await your discovery, each holding valuable treasures. However, be aware that not all chests are created equal, as some possess exceedingly rare items. Seek out these elusive chests hidden within the depths of buried treasures, shipwrecks, mineshafts, woodland mansions, temples, and remnants. As you embark on these explorations, your likelihood of stumbling upon the coveted quick charge enchantment book increases substantially.

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    Once you’ve acquired the coveted Quick Charge enchantment book, simply position it alongside your trusty crossbow within the anvil’s grasp to unlock its enchanting powers.


    One of the greatest ranged weapons that you can get in the Minecraft game is a Crossbow.. But it has one disadvantage which is its slow reloading time of 1.25 seconds. But the good part is that you can reduce it by applying the quick charge enchantment and everything about it have been discussed in this article in detail.

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