Renown Requirement Calculations for Diablo 4 Season 1

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Following the recent announcement that players must adopt new characters in order to fully partake in the upcoming season, the topic of the Renown grind has sparked intense interest. Apart from the actual process of leveling up, it appears that acquiring Renown once again will require the greatest investment of time for players venturing into the new season. Consequently, we are now delving into the specific actions you will need to undertake in order to attain the coveted Paragon point rewards (and much more).

Accompanied by the recent revelation that every Altar of Lillith and map disclosure shall seamlessly transition from Eternal personas to seasonal ones, gamers have engaged in a meticulous estimation of the considerable Renown that will demand our attention as Season 1 commences.

What Do We Get at the Start?

Prior to delving into the precise figures, it is crucial to mention that our seasonal personas will commence their journey with two levels of Renown rewards accessible in every region. By accumulating Renown from altars, zones, and hub town waypoints, we will surpass the 500-point threshold required to acquire valuable skill points and potion charges. However, this feat can only be accomplished if we have already unlocked the Altars and fully explored all the zones with our Eternal characters.

The Seasonal Math

Firstly, the pixelists have diligently calculated the numbers for each unique zone. In order to access these numbers listed below, you must have successfully discovered all waypoints and completed all strongholds within the particular zone using your seasonal character. This requirement also encompasses the task of uncovering all the Altars and map zones, whether it be on your Eternal or seasonal characters. Once you have achieved all of these accomplishments, the image below will provide you with the necessary information.

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In order to attain the highest level of fame, Season 1 demands completion of 12 dungeons and approximately 30 side quests.

Additionally, we possess a comprehensive assessment of the Renown requirements curated by Jaradis. This evaluation considers the cumulative Renown count without any zone-based breakdown. Nevertheless, it encompasses an exhaustive inventory of all the means through which Renown can be acquired.

Input: Whether it appears excessive or a fair quantity to obtain is entirely subjective! Blizzard has expressed their intention to evaluate the Renown progression in upcoming seasons, thus only time will reveal the outcome of this inaugural endeavor.

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