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Recently, I’ve been indulging in the joy of playing tvOS games by pairing my Xbox One controller with the Apple TV. As an added bonus, I decided to enhance my gaming experience by installing the Steam Link tvOS app, allowing me to enjoy PC games from Steam on the same platform. Unfortunately, I encountered a perplexing dilemma when it came to configuring the controller’s buttons, and finding a straightforward solution proved to be quite elusive.

It appears that the Steam Link app restricts the use of only one input device at any given time. Therefore, I encountered difficulties in utilizing my Apple TV remote while my controller was connected to the Apple TV. Additionally, my Logitech Harmony remote failed to serve as an alternative. This predicament posed a significant obstacle.

Out of sheer curiosity, I ventured into the depths of the controller settings on the Steam Link and stumbled upon the mystical realm of the Setup Controller screen. Little did I know, this would initiate a mesmerizing dance of button configuration, leaving me entranced with no escape. In a desperate attempt to break free, I dared to wield the controller itself as my guiding compass, only to find that the very buttons I used for navigation were transformed into servants of other controller functions. Alas, my once trusty controller became a mere relic, useless in the realm of Steam Link.

Controller Settings screen for Steam Link on tvOS. Do not enter the Setup Controller screen from here!
Entering the Setup Controller screen in the Steam Link app on tvOS immediately starts the button configuration process. You must complete it to navigate away from that screen because the Apple TV remote is not usable within the app to navigate back out of the screen.

Despite my attempts to forcefully quit and restart the app, the app stubbornly clung onto its chaotic controller settings. It is worth mentioning that these settings were perfectly fine in tvOS. In a desperate endeavor to rectify the situation, I embarked on the button configuration process once more in Steam Link, only to exacerbate the already dire situation.

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The Fix

In the end, I decided to bid farewell to the Steam Link app, uninstalling it with a sense of renewal. To begin anew, I embarked on the journey of reinstalling it and reconnecting it with my trusty desktop PC (a task easily accomplished). Since then, I have gracefully evaded the treacherous realm of the controller settings screen!

The Steam Link application functions adequately, yet there are undeniably certain aspects that could benefit from further refinement. It would be advantageous if the Apple TV remote and controller could be utilized to engage with the app.

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