Step-by-step guide on creating a Bubble Elevator in Minecraft

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Despite its deceptively simple appearance, Minecraft is far from being just a child’s game – it’s a highly creative and intellectually stimulating sandbox that challenges players to think outside the block. That’s why there’s an abundance of online tutorials and guides dedicated to showcasing the game’s potential for complex problem-solving and artistic expression. But if you’re looking for a fun and practical challenge to take on, look no further than building your very own bubble or water elevator in Minecraft. With the following steps, you’ll be able to effortlessly transport yourself vertically and impress your fellow players with your ingenuity.

Key Highlights.

  • The Bubble/Water Elevator is a speed demon, whisking you up or down in a flash.
  • Crafting a Bubble Elevator requires a Water Bucket, Blocks of your preference, Kelp., and a Door..
  • The ultimate element of the Elevator’s functionality, the base, hinges on your desired direction of travel – ascending or descending.
  • Climb to higher elevations with Soul Sand or descend to lower depths with Magma Block.
  • Venture to the depths of the Ocean to gather Kelp., expertly fashion a Bucket and imbue it with crystal-clear water, and then exercise your creativity by constructing a Door. of your
  • The fiery depths of the Nether hold treasures such as Magma Blocks and Soul Sand, but only the brave and cunning can access them by crafting a portal
  • After acquiring all the necessary items, fashion Four Columns with a solitary Block vacancy at the center. On one end, create an ingress using the Door..
  • Start by flooding the elevator with water from the highest point and then layer the bottom with Kelp..
  • Swap out the foundation block with either Soul Sand or Magma Block, depending on your desired outcome.
  • To add some variety, why not try crafting an inverse Bubble Elevator? To illustrate, if you’ve created a Soul Sand contraption for ascending, consider fashioning a Magma Block elevator alongside it for the purpose of descending.
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    The Minecraft community often uses the terms “bubble elevator” and “water elevator” interchangeably, so it’s important to keep that in mind. To craft your own elevator in Minecraft, you’ll need to assemble the necessary components yourself. Unfortunately, there’s no easy pre-built option available, so players must get creative and construct their bubble or water elevator from scratch using the parts listed below.

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  • Water bucket.
  • Consider utilizing glass to add a touch of elegance when constructing columns.
  • Door.
  • Kelp.
  • Ascend with the aid of Soul
  • Descend with the Magma Block
  • Gather Blocks

    When embarking on the task of building a bubble elevator in Minecraft, the initial step involves procuring the necessary blocks to construct the columns. The quantity of blocks required is entirely dependent on the desired height of the elevator. For those aiming to achieve greater vertical limits, it is recommended to gather an ample supply of blocks.

    Multiply the elevator’s height by four to determine the number of blocks required for construction. Consider using glass when creating a bubble elevator in Minecraft, as it is a popular and visually appealing material choice. While alternative materials may be used, glass is the go-to option in everyday life and offers a sense of familiarity.

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    Get A Water Bucket

    Walter Bucket

    Crafting a bucket and gathering water with it may seem like a simple task, but it is a crucial component in creating a bubble elevator in Minecraft. This process may not require any complex scientific knowledge, but taking small steps like this is essential in laying the foundation for a grander vision.

    Finding A Kelp.


    While you are going to collect water from the ocean, remember not to leave the place immediately. Kelp. is found in oceans, so you should dive into the water and find the item. Collecting the water and the kelp can be done in a single process. You can always divide both steps to complete individually, however, a better approach while gathering water would be to find and get kelp as well. Otherwise, you will find yourself running back and forth from the ocean to the elevator site. 

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    Go To The Nether


    Embark on an otherworldly journey to the realm of the nether, where elusive treasures await. The fiery magma block and the eerie soul sand are said to manifest in various locations throughout this mysterious domain, beckoning the intrepid explorer to venture forth and discover their secrets. Braving the unknown, you must navigate the treacherous landscape and

    These blocks are the key components of the bubble elevator in Minecraft. Their absence would render the creation of a water or bubble elevator nearly impossible. So if you’ve been struggling to design an elevator within the game, look no further – this is the solution you’ve been searching for.

    Build Four Columns

    With all the necessary materials at your disposal, it’s time to embark on the first stage of your construction journey. Begin by erecting four columns, each positioned diagonally from the other. Don’t forget to leave a hollow block at the very center of the columns. To enable easy access, carve out a two-block opening on one side of the columns.

    Making water elevator Minecraft
    Minecraft Water Elevator

    Placing The Door.

    Crafting a bubble elevator in Minecraft requires a crucial step. To prevent water leakage, the entrance of the elevator demands a door. Traverse the elevator and pivot towards the entrance, with your posterior facing the lift. Steadfastly lock the door in the vacant area.

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    Filling Up The Elevator

    With the framework in place, the moment has arrived to infuse life into the elevator. Ascend to the summit of the column and release the water into the core. Allow the fluid to cascade downwards in a graceful descent.

    Filling The Water With Kelp.

    The kelp proves to be a useful aid in this scenario. Descend to the depths of the elevator and carefully position the kelp. Pile the kelp high atop the column’s peak. This simple maneuver will transform every flowing water block into an unyielding source.

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    Replacing The Middle Bottom Block

    As a final step, journey to the lowest point of the elevator and swap out the foundation block that currently houses the kelp with either soul sand or a magma block. Opting for soul sand will cause the elevator to propel you towards the heavens, while a magma block will drive you towards the depths below.

    Repeat The Building Process

    To achieve a bubble elevator that can transport you both up and down, you must follow a repetitive process. For instance, if you utilized soul sand in your initial creation, you must replicate the same steps using a magma block. By doing so, you will have two sets of four columns erected: one with the soul sand foundation and the other with the magma block base.

    Reach heights using lifts
    Minecraft Bubble Elevator


    By perusing this guide, it is our hope that you have grasped the fundamental procedures involved in constructing a bubble elevator within the confines of Minecraft. Elevators, as you may know, are ingenious and resourceful modes of transportation that enable you to swiftly ascend or descend. In the event that you’ve fashioned a covert lair, an elevator would be your go-to option for speedy descent. In contrast, a ladder would require a considerable amount of time and a minecart could potentially expose your whereabouts.

    Minecraft Bubble Elevator – FAQs

    What is the variety of lifts available in Minecraft?

    In the world of Minecraft, players can encounter two distinct elevator types- one that utilizes bubbles or water and another that relies on the power of Redstone.

    What is the maximum elevation that the elevator can reach

    With the presence of soul sand and magma block at the base of your lift, the possibilities of a bubble elevator are boundless, reaching heights beyond your imagination.

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