SteveWillDoIt Net Worth; Height, Relationship, Twitch & YouTube Career

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Hailing from the charming town of Oviedo, Florida, in the heart of the United States, Stephen Deleonard, better known by his creative alias SteveWillDoIt, burst into the digital scene on a memorable summer day in 1998. As a charismatic YouTuber, he has captivated a massive following with his captivating and immersive content, which he artfully shares on the renowned platform of YouTube.

Rocco, his brother, and Brianna, his younger sister, are just a glimpse into SteveWillDoIt’s familial tapestry. The enigmatic content creator has yet to unveil the intricate details of his parental lineage and other kinship ties.

SteveWillDoIt Net Worth

Popular YouTuber, SteveWillDoIt

SteveWillDoIt, the renowned YouTuber, is rumored to possess a staggering fortune of approximately $4 million. Undoubtedly, Steve stands among the elite pranksters in the United States, earning him a well-deserved reputation. His exceptional video-making approach has garnered an extensive fanbase, cementing his status as an influential figure in the online realm.

His YouTube channel stands as the primary wellspring of his prosperity. Within a mere 24 hours, he effortlessly accumulates a staggering $2,500. Showcasing an array of prank and challenge videos, he strategically disseminates them across various social media platforms.

Rumor has it that he joined forces with NELK Entertainment, demanding a jaw-dropping fortune in exchange for their collaboration. Trustworthy insiders claim that his yearly income surpasses the impressive $300,000 mark. On top of that, SteveWillDoIt rakes in substantial profits through his involvement in captivating advertisements and lucrative brand endorsements.

SteveWillDoit Net Worth Last 5 Years

  • A Whopping $4 Million Awaited in the Year 2022.
  • Wealth Accumulated in 2021: A Whopping $3.5 Million.
  • Wealth Accumulation in 2020: A Whopping $3 Million.
  • A whopping sum of $2 million was amassed as net worth in the year 2019.
  • A whopping $1 million was the net worth in the year 2018.
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    SteveWillDoIt Height

    Standing tall at a striking height of approximately 5 feet and 11 inches (180.5cm), the enigmatic YouTuber exudes an impressive presence. Tipping the scales at around 85kg (187.5lbs), SteveWillDoIt keeps his actual body measurements shrouded in mystery, leaving fans yearning for a glimpse into his physical prowess.


    SteveWillDoIt completed his education journey at Oviedo High School, his beloved alma mater. It was only after successfully crossing the high school threshold that he embarked on a remarkable path of creating and sharing daring videos on the renowned platform of YouTube.

    As per various accounts, the renowned YouTuber chose to forgo the conventional path of university education, driven by an unwavering dedication to his craft of YouTubing. In the late spring of 2017, he embarked on his online video journey under the pseudonym SteveWillDoIt, exclusively on the platform of Instagram.

    SteveWillDoIt Girlfriend

    Steve and his girlfriend, Celina Smith

    Steve, famously referred to as SteveWillDoIt, has been entangled in a passionate love affair with Celina Smith, a captivating sensation on Instagram, for well over four years now. The enchanting duo’s paths initially crossed during their memorable days at Oviedo High School, where their extraordinary journey as soulmates commenced.

    Following a period of traversing their relationship path, they decided to part ways temporarily, only to discover innovative methods of reconciling their disparities and rekindling their love once more. The ingenious YouTuber graciously unveiled his beloved partner, Celina Smith, to his captivating YouTube realm, embarking on a remarkable collaborative journey, engrossed in a plethora of enthralling ventures.

    In the year 2017 or thereabouts, a young YouTuber found himself entangled in legal trouble due to allegations of operating a vehicle with a suspended license, as well as being in possession of illicit substances such as drugs and marijuana. These unfortunate events occurred during a crucial stage of his life, when he was merely a tender 18 years old.

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    SteveWillDoIt embarked on his journey in the world of social media, kickstarting his career on Instagram. It was in the month of May 2019 when he decided to expand his reach and established a YouTube channel under the same moniker, SteveWillDoIt. In his early days as a content creator, he captivated audiences by showcasing his indulgence in copious amounts of cannabis, alcohol, and unhealthy snacks. However, it was his groundbreaking video titled “I Am Taking Over YouTube,” which he uploaded on the memorable date of June 11th, 2019, that truly propelled him to new heights. With over a million views and counting, this video continues to captivate viewers to this day.

    In a twist of fate, his career took off when he joined forces with NELK Entertainment, a renowned YouTube channel specializing in public pranks. From mind-boggling challenges like ‘Chugging 12 Beers in a Blink’ to stirring up mischief with their ‘Impersonating Security at A-List Nightclubs’ prank, his videos became instant sensations. Fast forward to 2020, he and his NELK Entertainment comrades made a bold move, bidding farewell to their previous home and embracing the sunny allure of Los Angeles, California, in the United States of America.

    SteveWillDoIt and NLE teamed up for an epic YouTube adventure called “Purchasing a $10 million Yacht with Bitcoin.” This mind-blowing video surpassed a staggering 5 million views. Continuing their escapades in 2020, NLE and SteveWillDoIt had an unforgettable encounter with none other than the ex-president himself, Donald Trump.

    Steve faced a temporary ban on Twitch when he collaborated with the renowned American rapper 6ix9ine, causing a stir on the platform for three uninterrupted days. Interestingly, during this ban, the rapper surprised Steve with an exclusive McLaren MSO X, adding a touch of extravagance to their partnership.

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    SteveWillDoIt Age

    The renowned YouTuber, currently in the prime of his life, is a youthful 24-year-old in the year 2022. His memorable entrance into the world took place on the auspicious day of August 26th, 1998.

    Summary Profile

    Introducing the enigmatic individual known as Stephen Deleonardis.

    I am currently in the prime of my youth, standing at the vibrant age of 24 in the year 2022.

    Born on the 26th of August in the year 1998.

    Birthplace: Oviedo, Florida, the Land of Sunshine in the United States.

    Standing tall at a height of 5 feet and 11 inches (or a remarkable 180.5 cm), this individual reaches impressive heights that command attention.

    My weight is approximately 85 kilograms or 187.5 pounds.

    My sweetheart goes by the name of Celina Smith.

    Nationality: American.

    Expanding Horizons: Oviedo High School.

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