What blocks can you use to put under a beacon?

I possess a survival realm, and I am unsure about the blocks that are suitable to be placed beneath a beacon.

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From the Wikipedia page, emphasis added:


To activate a beacon, it is necessary for the beacon to comply with the following prerequisites.

  • Beacons require an unobstructed view of the sky, though bedrock and transparent blocks (including water, lava, slime, and other beacon blocks) will not count as obstruction.
  • The beacon is on top of a pyramid constructed from iron blocks, gold blocks, emerald blocks, and/or diamond blocks.
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    You need to activate a beacon by using all of them [blocks Emerald or blocks Gold, blocks Diamond, blocks iron of a pyramid] to make a pyramid of blocks Emerald, blocks Gold, blocks Diamond, and blocks iron in the middle of the top 3 by 3 square and then let it glow.

    This is what it should look like at any size: Beacon

    But wait, don’t leave! [WARNING!

    If you put a stained glass block on the beacon block, the glow will change color depending what color the stained glass block is. You can blend the colors too!

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    With the latest update, you can also utilize Netherite.

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    A signal should not be squandered on highly precious Gold, Diamond, Emerald (since 1.14), and particularly the novel Netherite. There is no justification to employ any alternative if Iron is the most economical choice, as the impact relies on the number of tiers, not on the worth of the substance. I fail to comprehend why one would opt for any pyramid material apart from Iron.

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    Gold has various uses such as:

  • Golden Carrots (top-notch sustenance in the game).

  • Golden Apples (incredible rejuven

  • Crafting Netherite Ingots (optimal substance in the game
  • Diamond has multiple uses including:

  • Diamond Tools and Weapons (the second finest substance, capable of being transformed into the finest substance).
  • Jukebox (pointless
  • Emeralds can be utilized for trading with Villagers, and their trades can actually be beneficial since version 1.14.

    And Netherite is simply overpowered.

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    You can utilize Iron, Gold(perhaps), Diamond, and Emerald blocks.

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    Iron bricks, gold bricks, emerald bricks, and diamond bricks.

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