What is a Necromancer in Diablo 4? Necromancer Overview

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Delve into the mystical realm of the Necromancer, an enigmatic and powerful character who resides among the five diverse playable classes within the captivating world of Diablo 4.

Whether you’re embarking on a thrilling journey or mastering the final stages, our exceptional Necromancer Build awaits, tailored to your needs.

Official Class Description

Necromancers, masters of dark summoning, skillfully call forth vengeful legions of the deceased. Their very essence channels into three formidable fortresses: Bone, Blood, or Shadow, all poised to decimate their adversaries.

Resources – Essence and Corpses

The practitioners of necromancy possess a pair of distinct sources: Essence and lifeless bodies.

The essence, akin to the fundamental resource of other classes, serves as the quintessential asset. It gradually replenishes itself with time, while also capable of being restored through the application of certain fundamental abilities and unique talents. Utilizing the essence empowers the casting of exceptionally formidable skills.


Corpses, the secondary resource of the Necromancer, are derived from vanquished adversaries, serving as malleable vessels that can either be reanimated as loyal minions or triggered to explode in a dazzling display.

Unique Class Mechanic

Unveiled at Level 5, the mesmerizing class feature of Necromancers goes by the name of The Book of the Dead. This mystical tome holds the key to unlocking the boundless potential of these sorcerers, granting them the power to curate their legion as per their whims and fancies. With the ability to handpick their summoned minions and dictate their combat behavior, Necromancers can weave an army that dances to the tune of their desires.

Within the vast realm of customization, three intriguing minions await: the formidable Skeletal Warriors, the enigmatic Skeletal Mages, and the mighty Golems.

Unlocking the mystical realms of the Book shall commence with the emergence of the Skeletal Warriors. Ascending the levels of mastery shall subsequently bestow the coveted powers of the Skeletal Mages, whereas the elusive Golems shall only be attainable upon triumphant completion of a paramount quest at the pinnacle of Level 25.

Skeletal Warriors

The choice of specialization for Skeletal Warriors is vast, with three captivating options: Skirmishers, Defenders, or Reapers.

Skirmishers, the valiant fighters, possess the ability to unleash devastation with a remarkable 30% boost in their offensive might, albeit at the cost of a 15% decrease in their vitality. On the other hand, Defenders, the stalwart guardians, don sturdy shields and enjoy a fortified existence with a 15% augmentation to their life force. Enter the Reapers, masters of strategic warfare, who impede assailants with their sweeping scythe strikes that affect a wide radius, leaving foes sluggish in their wake. Moreover, they possess an awe-inspiring wind-up technique, capable of inflicting formidable damage at regular intervals of 10 seconds.

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Skeletal Mages

There are three different kinds of Skeletal Mages: Shadow Skeletal Mages, Cold Skeletal Mages, and Bone Skeletal Mages.

Frosty Skeleton Sorcerers ice and frost foes, while Shadowy Skeleton Sorcerers inflict extra Shadowy harm. Bone-wielding Skeleton Sorcerers hurl their very own skeletal fragments, bringing forth powerful Physical devastation while sacrificing a portion of their vitality.


Within the realm of necromancy, practitioners possess the capability to choose from a trinity of distinct golems: the formidable Bone Golems, the enigmatic Blood Golems, and the indomitable Iron Golems.

Input: Bone Golems provoke adversaries within a vast vicinity. Blood Golems siphon vitality from foes in their vicinity. Iron Golems dash towards enemies, forcefully colliding with the ground, causing a stunning effect.

Secondary Class Mechanics


Necromancers have the ability to bolster their strength momentarily by offering up their minions as sacrifices. As an illustration, when a Blood Golem is sacrificed, the Necromancer’s maximum Life is elevated for a brief duration. Nevertheless, summoning additional Golems becomes an unattainable feat during this time.


With their formidable abilities such as Iron Maiden and Decrepify, Necromancers possess the uncanny skill of casting malevolent Curses upon their adversaries. These curses, though fleeting in nature, bestow potent debuffs upon their targets, each characterized by its own distinctive and extraordinary effects.

Weapons and Restrictions

Reaper’s Scythe, an exclusive weapon category exclusive to the Necromancer class, holds an unrivaled distinction. Yet, in the event of immediate inaccessibility to a Scythe, Necromancers have a plethora of alternatives at their disposal, such as Swords, Daggers, and Wands. Additionally, they can equip an offhand Focus or Shield, further expanding their arsenal.

Necromancer Skills and Passives

Delve into the mystical realm of the Necromancer class and uncover a comprehensive glimpse into the diverse skill categories that define their enigmatic abilities.

Delve into the profound realms of Necromancer skills and talents by exploring the meticulously crafted pages provided, offering a comprehensive and intricate compilation.

Necromancer Skills Categories

In the realm of classes, there exist three distinctive categories: Basic, Core, and Ultimate Skills. However, the enigmatic Necromancers possess a wholly different set of abilities, namely Macabre, Curse, and Corpse Skills.

Basic Skills

The art of Basic Skills lies in their ability to replenish Essence, making them an invaluable tool in combat. Though not particularly potent, they serve well in dispatching weaker foes or bridging the gap until more formidable abilities become accessible. Moreover, they possess the potential to yield a bountiful harvest of Corpses, adding to their versatility.

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Unveiling the Fundamental Abilities of the Necromancer:

Core Skills

Amongst various builds, these Necromancer skills reign supreme, serving as the quintessential catalyst for inflicting damage. Yet, despite their unrelenting power, the Core Skills lack a cooldown mechanism, amplifying their vulnerability due to the relentless Essence expenditure they demand.

Unleashing the Dark Arts, the Necromancer possesses an arsenal of Core Skills, including:

Corpse Skills

The eerie talents of Macabre Skills enhance the defensive prowess of the Necromancer, while also offering formidable choices for offensive maneuvers.

Behold, the mystical arts of the Necromancer embrace a realm of macabre skills:

Curse Skills

Within the realm of Curse Skills lies a collection of Necromancer abilities that bestow Curses or Corruption upon foes. These malevolent enchantments not only gradually wear down adversaries but also amplify the harm inflicted upon those who have fallen under the curse’s sway.

Unleashing the forbidden arts, the Necromancer possesses an arsenal of cursed skills:

Macabre Skills

Harnessing these formidable skills, Necromancers not only amplify their own destructive power but also beckon forth a legion of terrors, unleashing an unparalleled onslaught of devastation.

The Grave Abilities for the Sorcerer of Death are:

Ultimate Skills

Unleashing their immense power, Ultimate Skills possess an extended cooldown period. To harness their true potential, careful planning and strategic selection of a single Ultimate Skill are essential.

Behold, the Necromancer possesses a repertoire of unparalleled abilities: the epitome of dark arts.

Dismount Skill

As the Necromancer takes charge of their mount, an extraordinary ability awaits them – the Dismount Skill. With a daring leap, they separate from their trusted steed, crashing down with a resounding impact. In that very moment, a magnificent burst of mystical bones radiates in a sweeping arc, inflicting harm upon any foes that dare cross its path. A foe’s ruthless strike disrupts the harmony, causing the unfortunate rider to dismount, leaving them disarmed of their own Dismount Skill’s power.

Necromancer Attributes

Each of the five classes experiences unique advantages from the four core attributes. Let’s explore how these attributes specifically enhance the Necromancer’s abilities.

Attribute Effect 1 Effect 2 Effect 3
Strength 1 Armor per point
Intelligence* 10% Skill Damage per 100 points 5% All Resistances per 100 points
Willpower 10% Resource Generation per 100 points 10% Healing Received per 100 points 25% Overpower Damage per 100 points
Dexterity 2% Critical Strike Chance per 100 points 2.5% Dodge Chance per 100 points

Necromancers greatly value intelligence as their supreme attribute, for it amplifies the potency of all their destructive abilities.

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Legendary Aspects

The realm of Legendary Aspects unveils extraordinary powers capable of being infused into various objects, bestowing upon them formidable and unmistakable enhancements. While certain ethereal forces are reserved exclusively for a particular class, others transcend boundaries and can be harnessed by all classes.

Explore the depths of knowledge regarding Legendary Aspects and the mighty Codex of Power by delving into our comprehensive guide provided below.

Herein lies a compilation of the renowned Legendary Aspects exclusive to the Necromancer, categorized for your perusal. It is worth mentioning that although numerous Aspects exist, this inventory solely encompasses those tailored exclusively for the Necromancer class.

In the event that a category is absent, it signifies the absence of a class-specific element for this particular portion of the codex at present.

Offensive Legendary Aspects

Offensive Legendary Aspects have the power to be engraved exclusively onto a range of exceptional item types, including Gloves, Focus, Ring, Amulet, One-Handed Weapon, and Two-Handed Weapon.

  • The Cursed Countenance – Hawezar’s Embrace, Akkhan’s Clasp.
  • Frost-veiled Visage – Shattered Heights, Crimson Carnage.
  • The Aspect of Blood Seeker – Mercy’s Embrace, Shattered Summits.
  • Bursting Bones – The Blind’s Journey through the Arid Steppes.
  • The Damned’s Facet – Uldur’s Hollow, the Land of Kehjistan.
  • The Enigmatic Power of the Reaper Unleashed – Submerged Depths, Scosglen.
  • Embracing the Essence – Tainted Cave within the Mystical Kehjistan.
  • The Reanimation Aspect in Aldurwood, Scosglen, holds an intriguing aura.
  • The Eerie Remnants – Hawezar’s Desolated Eridu.
  • Shattering Facade – Guulrahn Slums, Arid Plains.
  • The Enigmatic Swelling Curse – Hive, Scosglen, Unveiled.
  • Indomitable Commander’s Essence – Veiled Sanctuary, Hawezar.
  • Plunge into the depths of the enigmatic shadows within Rimescar Cavern, nestled amidst the rugged peaks that bear the scars of time’s relentless fractures.
  • Resource Legendary Aspects

    Only Helms, Rings, and Amulets have the privilege of being graced by the legendary essence of Resources.

    Utility Legendary Aspects

    The enchanting charms of Utility Legendary Aspects can exclusively be etched onto a select array of item types, including Helm, Chest Armor, Boots, Gloves, and Amulet.

  • The Agonizing Facet – Abandoned Underpass, Kehjistan.
  • Unique Items

    Diablo 4 boasts the presence of extraordinary artifacts, which stand proudly as the pinnacle of rarity. Obtaining them is an arduous feat, but once acquired, they are destined to become the coveted treasures of choice for every class.

    The forthcoming update will bring an exciting array of newly discovered Necromancer Uniques to our ever-growing list.

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