What Torment level are you ready for in Diablo 3?

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The commencement of Season 18 in Diablo 3 has recently unfolded, yet you’re likely embarking on a fervent journey towards reaching level 70 or even surpassing it. Undoubtedly, a few individuals swiftly soared to Paragon 300+ within the inaugural day of Season 17… Alas, the majority of us are not quite as fleet-footed. Nevertheless, we all eventually arrive at that milestone, prompting the inevitable query – what lies ahead now?

Adventure Mode has been a topic of discussion in the past, without a doubt. Indulge yourself in the everlasting realm of Diablo 3 by embarking on thrilling Bounties, akin to the captivating World Quests and Emissaries found in World of Warcraft. Additionally, prepare to immerse yourself in the exhilarating challenges that lie within Nephalem Rifts and Greater Rifts, where you have the freedom to choose the level of difficulty that suits your desires.

However, the issue we will be addressing today revolves around determining the appropriate difficulty level. It becomes quite challenging to gauge one’s readiness at a fresh level 70. Simply attempting to dive into Torment XIII and annihilate enemies for loot is out of the question. At this stage, your gear consists mostly of yellow items, if you’re fortunate, and engaging in such a high-level combat would result in a catastrophic explosion akin to a shaken bottle of cola mixed with Mentos. Therefore, the question arises: how can you accurately assess your preparedness for advancing to the next level and which level should you progress to?

What are Torment levels?

Originally, Diablo 3 featured Normal, Nightmare, Hell, and Inferno difficulties, but players found it challenging to adjust the difficulty to their liking. It often felt either too easy or too difficult once they progressed to a new level. However, with the release of Reaper of Souls, the game underwent a significant overhaul. The new difficulty system, starting from Normal and escalating to Hard, Expert, Master, and finally Torment, provided a more balanced experience. In the current version, Torment difficulty has various levels ranging from Torment 1 to Torment XVI, as seen in Season 17 and Patch 2.6.5. Each level of Torment offers increased experience gain and better loot drops. Torment XVI, or simply Torment 16 to avoid any Roman confusion, grants a remarkable 7000% gold bonus and a whopping 17,000% XP bonus. Naturally, this comes with an equally demanding increase in difficulty. Furthermore, players can look forward to exclusive legendaries that only drop on Torment 1 or higher, with the chance of obtaining these powerful items increasing with each subsequent Torment level.

Should you choose to forgo the arduous task of clicking a link, fear not, as the official site has graciously provided a comprehensive breakdown of every conceivable level of difficulty.

Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment (Blue Tracker / Official Post).Output: Authored by Blizzard Entertainment (Blue Tracker / Official Post).

  • Optimal condition: Full health and maximum damage, devoid of any additional gold or XP bonus.
  • Intense: Double the Health, Enhanced Damage by 30%, Enjoy a generous 75% boost in gold rewards, and an exhilarating 75% surge in XP gains.
  • Proficient: A staggering 320% boost in vitality, a formidable 189% increase in strength, a generous 100% bonus in gold acquisition, and an enticing 100% bonus in experience points.
  • Overlord: Amplified vitality by 512%, intensified strength by 273%, bestowed a lavish 200% surplus of golden rewards, and bestowed an abundant 200% surge in experience points.
  • The First Torment: A whopping 819% increase in Health, a mighty 396% boost in Damage, a remarkable 300% bonus in gold acquisition, and an extraordinary 300% surge in XP accumulation.
  • Torment II: With a staggering 1311% increase in health and a whopping 575% boost in damage, prepare to embark on an epic adventure filled with unimaginable challenges. Brace yourself for a treasure trove of riches, as this difficulty level offers a jaw-dropping 400% bonus in gold acquisition. But that’s not all, for those seeking to level up swiftly, there is also an incredible 400% extra XP bonus to aid in your ascent to greatness.
  • Torment III: A realm of agony awaits, where health is amplified by an astonishing 2097%, damage is unleashed with a fearsome 833% power, and the spoils of gold and experience are showered upon the valiant with a remarkable 550% bonus.
  • Torment IV: Inflict 3355% devastation upon your enemies, amplify your damage by 1208%, unlock the vaults to a treasure trove of 800% extra gold, and savor an 800% surge in experience points.
  • In the fifth installment of Torment, unleash the power of 5369% health and 1752% damage. Prepare to be rewarded with an astonishing 1150% bonus in gold and experience points.
  • Torment VI: Unleash the Fury – 8590% Health, 2540% Damage, a bountiful treasure trove with a 1600% extra gold boon, and an enlightening experience with a 1600% extra XP boost.
  • Torment VII: With a staggering 18985% boost in health, a formidable 3604% increase in damage, an impressive 1850% bonus in gold, and an extraordinary 1900% bonus in experience points.
  • The Eighth Torment: A Whopping 41625% Health Surge, 5097% Damage Amplification, an Incredible 2150% Bonus to Gold Acquisition, and a Mind-boggling 2425% Boost to Experience Points.
  • Torment IX: Health Amplified to Unfathomable Extremes, Damage Multiplied by Celestial Forces, Gold Bonus Enriched with Enigmatic Secrets, XP Bonus Enhanced by Mysterious Energies.
  • X Torment: Health amplified by a staggering 200082%, Damage boosted by an impressive 10194%, an abundant 2900% surplus of gold rewards, and a substantial 4000% excess of experience points.
  • Torment XI: Health boosted by an astounding 438669%, Damage amplified by a staggering 14416%, Unbelievable 3350% bonus gold, and a mind-blowing 5000% XP boost.
  • The Twelfth Torment: A monstrous 961759% Health, an astonishing 20387% Damage, a bountiful 3900% bonus to gold, and an immense 6400% boost to XP.
  • T-XIII: Health amplified by an astonishing 2108607%, Damage intensified to a staggering 28832%, a remarkable gold bonus of 4500%, and an extraordinary XP bonus of 8200%.
  • Torment XIV: A monstrous challenge awaits with a staggering health increase of 2889383%, an intimidating damage boost of 40774%, a bountiful 5200% gold bonus, and an astronomical 10500% XP bonus. Brace yourself for an epic test of strength and skill!
  • Torment XV: A Grueling Challenge with 6334823% Health, Unleashing 57664% Devastating Damage, Offering a Whopping 6050% Boost in Gold Rewards, and Showering Players with a Massive 13400% Surge in Experience Points.
  • Torment XVI: With a staggering 13888770% increase in health, unleash havoc with a mind-boggling 64725% boost in damage. Prepare to be showered with a bountiful 7000% bonus in gold and a whopping 17000% surge in XP.
  • Easy.
  • Normal.
  • Hard.
  • The Grand Magister I: Grants a remarkable 60% boost to Gold Discovery, a remarkable 60% boost to Magic Unearthing, and an extraordinary 120% amplification in Experience.
  • Rewritten Output: The Master II offers a remarkable boost in Gold Find by 70%, Magic Find by 70%, and Experience by a staggering 140%.
  • Master III: Unlock the extraordinary power of the Golden Seeker, granting an astonishing 80% increase in Gold Find, an enchanting 80% boost in Magic Find, and an exhilarating 160% surge in Experience.
  • Supreme IV: A staggering boost of +90% Gold Acquisition, +90% Magic Scavenging, and an awe-inspiring +180% Surge of Wisdom.
  • The almighty Master V grants a remarkable boost of +100% Gold Find, +100% Magic Find, and a whopping +200% Experience.
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    The Normal to Torment VI difficulties are available in the Ultimate Evil Edition for PlayStation®3 and Xbox 360, while the PlayStation®4 and Xbox One versions offer an expanded range up to Torment XVI.

    As you observe the chart, it becomes evident that you won’t effortlessly conquer Torment 16 with your freshly acquired level 70 gear, just as you won’t effortlessly tackle Greater Rift 90. However, determining your suitable Torment level may surprise you, as you are likely prepared for a higher difficulty than anticipated. In fact, you might have been prepared for Torment 1 through 3 even before reaching level 70, even during a Seasonal playthrough with limited resources.

    Finding your way through trial and error

    Discovering your proficiency in Diablo 3 can be effortlessly achieved through experimentation. Instead of providing a detailed analysis of how the Damage, Toughness, and Recovery stats on your character sheet determine your suitability for a particular Torment level or how the extraordinary Might of the Earth set amplifies your Seismic Slam by an astonishing 20,000% damage, the simplest and most effective approach is to immerse yourself in the challenge and experience it firsthand.

    Assuming you’re not engaged in Hardcore mode, where death equals permanent character loss, dying a couple of times in Diablo 3 is really not a major concern. In fact, it presents an excellent opportunity to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current build, as well as identify any shortcomings in your gear for the chosen difficulty level.

    Absolutely despising the act of perishing within a virtual realm may be a common sentiment. However, it is within those fleeting moments of overwhelming dread, on the precipice of impending demise, that one can glean invaluable knowledge regarding the optimal utilization of their unique skills and gain profound understanding on the areas requiring improvement in their overall strategy. As we find ourselves deeply immersed in the chaos of Season 17, allow me to offer some sagacious counsel that ought to be held close to heart.

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  • The realm of Legendaries unveils its enchantments as their numbers multiply, heralding the rise of greater challenges. An unwritten code I often embrace is this: for every pair of legendary treasures that supplant your existing gear, ascend the ladder of adversity by one rung. Hence, if you currently reside in the realm of Masters and fortune bestows upon you two legendary artifacts to don, let the winds of destiny carry you towards Torment 1.
  • Haedrig’s Gift – As you acquire an additional pair of set pieces from Haedrig’s Gift, ascend to a higher Torment level. Upon fully obtaining the Haedrig’s Gift set, strive to reach Torment V or VI, as you must conquer a solo Greater Rift at level 20 and eliminate the four Keywardens, Gnomb, and Zoltan Kulle at Torment IV to obtain the complete set.
  • Enhance Your Arsenal – Once you trade in a weapon for a superior version, such as upgrading from Rare to Legendary, why not amplify the challenge level by a notch? Acquire an Ancient Legendary to replace your existing Legendary? Elevate the difficulty further. Of course, you can always revert back if you sense the odds are against you.
  • The concept of Paragon Levels intrigues me, as I believe that with each ascent of ten levels, one should dare to venture into a higher Torment level. Although success is not guaranteed, the allure of this option is ever-present.
  • Are you obliterating everything in your path? Are you reducing every enemy to a pulverized state? Do bosses perish the moment they appear, while you effortlessly breeze through your Bounties? It’s time to elevate your game and challenge yourself by increasing the Torment level. Take a step further and witness the substantial impact it can make.
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    Never forget, if the challenge becomes overwhelming, feel free to lower the difficulty and don’t hesitate to try new things. It’s possible that the Torment level may prove to be too much for you, but fear not, reducing it is a straightforward process and soon enough, you’ll be annihilating hordes of demons once again. Most importantly, don’t shy away from the Torment system; it exists to keep the game enjoyable and present an engaging trial. Embrace it wholeheartedly and embark on an exciting journey of progression towards obliterating every obstacle.

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