What You Can Expect from Diablo IV’s Post-Launch Experiences

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Throughout the past several months, we have delved into the realms of customization, Endgame possibilities, immersive gameplay, and granted players an exclusive glimpse of Sanctuary in Act I during our exciting Early Access and Open Beta Weekends. However, let’s now turn our attention to the thrilling post-launch journey and explore our strategies to intensify the excitement.

We will provide insights into our innovative strategy for Seasons, Season Journeys, Battle Pass, and the Shop, showcasing how they harmoniously collaborate to enrich and enliven the thrilling campaign and Endgame experiences provided to players upon release. Additionally, a Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream was conducted today, delving deeper into the previously mentioned aspects—make sure to tune in to this captivating broadcast once you finish reading this blog.


Exploring Diablo IV’s Post-Launch Experiences

Stoking the Flames of Hell: Seasons

Seasons are like a breath of fresh air in the gaming world, bringing in new gameplay features, exciting questlines with familiar and new characters, Battle Passes, powerful Legendary Items, and even improvements to class balance and overall quality of life. Each season is a chance for the world of Sanctuary to evolve, offering unique concepts and ideas that will captivate adventurers. Most importantly, Seasons are meant to be joyous occasions, something to eagerly anticipate and savor alongside your friends and fellow members of the passionate Diablo community.

The commencement of Season 1 is set for the middle to end of July, and in order to venture into this upcoming phase, the prerequisite is to successfully accomplish the Campaign. Hence, it is highly advisable to commence your quest for Lilith ahead of time, enabling you to promptly dive into the inaugural Season as soon as it becomes accessible.

Progressing Through the Season Journey and Earning Rewards

If the night’s sky represents Seasons, then the Season Journey serves as the North Star, illuminating your path. Players can rely on the Season Journey to discover the exciting new content that awaits them. This invaluable tool will assist you in swiftly progressing through your Battle Pass, achieved by conquering a series of Objectives within each Chapter. By completing all Objectives in a Chapter, you will unlock a variety of Seasonal rewards, including valuable Crafting Materials and awe-inspiring Legendary Aspects for your Codex of Power.

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Every objective grants a measure of Favor, the valuable currency that propels advancement across the Tiers of the Battle Pass. Acquiring Favor is not limited to objectives alone; it can also be earned by conquering quests, vanquishing formidable monsters, engaging in thrilling events, and much more.

Injecting Variety with the Optional Battle Pass

Every Season brings forth a fresh Battle Pass, brimming with opportunities to reap rewards. Within its depths lie 27 Free Tiers and 63 Premium Tiers, waiting to be unlocked. As you embark on your demon-slaying quests, the Free Tiers generously bestow upon you Cosmetics and Smoldering Ashes. These embers hold great value, for they can be exchanged for Season Blessings, which enhance your ability to amass XP, Gold, or Obols, depending on the Blessings you choose. Multiple Season Blessings can be active simultaneously, and by utilizing additional Ashes, you can amplify the benefits they bestow. However, it’s essential to note that these Blessings are ephemeral, vanishing once the Season concludes. To ensure a fair playing field, Smoldering Ashes can only be obtained by meeting specific Character Level requirements, guaranteeing their acquisition through gameplay achievements rather than through the purchase of Tier Skips.

In order to obtain rewards from the Premium Tiers, players are required to buy the Premium Battle Pass. While this enhanced version of the Battle Pass doesn’t grant any in-game advantages, it does grant access to exclusive Season-specific Cosmetics and the valuable Platinum currency. By spending Platinum in the Shop, players can acquire transformative Cosmetics that help shape their desired wanderer persona or save it for future Battle Pass purchases. It’s important to note that acquiring Platinum can only be done through real currency, such as USD.

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In total, there exist three variations of the Battle Pass up for grabs. The initial one is the Free Battle Pass, referred to simply as Battle Pass. Then we have the Premium Battle Pass, which comes with a price tag of 1,000 Platinum (equivalent to $9.99 USD). Lastly, there’s the Accelerated Battle Pass, boasting all the perks of the Premium version along with 20 Tier Skips, a unique Cosmetic, and a price of 2,800 Platinum (equivalent to $24.99 USD).

Reinforcing Your Character’s Fantasy: The Shop

By vanquishing demons throughout the realm of Sanctuary, you have the opportunity to acquire a multitude of transmogs, weapons, and armor pieces. This includes an extensive collection of armor sets, all readily available to players upon launch. The purpose of the Shop Cosmetics is to expand the range of customization options, enabling you to fully embrace the fantasy of personal choice for your character. It is important to note that the Cosmetics sold in the Shop are purely for aesthetic purposes and do not offer any additional advantages. In line with the dark and gritty nature of Diablo, the purchasable Cosmetics serve to enhance this thematic experience. In contrast to the Class-agnostic Cosmetics obtained through the Battle Pass, the Shop Cosmetics are designed to reinforce class-specific fantasies, resulting in unique options tailored to each Class. The Shop serves as a platform for our players to express themselves, allowing them to engage with it as much or as little as they desire while traversing the realms of Sanctuary.

The Shop’s inventory of Cosmetics undergoes constant rotation, requiring purchases to be made with Platinum. Once a Cosmetic is obtained for a specific Class, it becomes accessible for all characters of that Class within your account. In addition, Diablo IV offers a cross-purchase feature that links any Platinum or Platinum-acquired items to your Battle.Net account, granting access across multiple platforms. The Shop prioritizes transparency by providing a Preview function, allowing thorough examination of potential purchases to ensure a satisfactory choice. Furthermore, our intelligent Shop utilizes your playstyle and aesthetic preferences to recommend Cosmetics that align with your desired persona as a wanderer.

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*Majestic Armor acquired through immersive gameplay (left) versus Exquisite Armor Cosmetics procured from the Shop (right).

Catch Up on the Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream

Although our most recent Diablo IV Developer Update Livestream has come to an end, you can delve deeper into the post-launch journey by watching the aforementioned video on demand.

Today, our gathering welcomed the presence of Rod Fergusson, the mastermind behind Diablo as the general manager, Joseph Piepiora, the visionary associate game director, Kegan Clark, the director of product management, and lastly, Adam Fletcher, the associate director of community. In unison, these illustrious Diablo connoisseurs meticulously outlined the forthcoming adventures that await in Diablo IV during its post-launch phase. Moreover, they generously shared their wisdom and insights with the fervent players through an exciting live Q&A session, leaving no stone unturned.

Help Us Prepare for Launch During Server Slam

Join the epic battle of Server Slam, commencing on May 12 at noon and lasting until May 14 at noon PDT. Embrace the opportunity to engage in fierce combat against the formidable armies of the Burning Hells, as we push the boundaries of our server’s resilience on Windows PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, and PlayStation 4. Delight in the camaraderie of couch co-op on consoles, and revel in the seamless cross-play and cross-progression experience across all platforms.

To discover the abundant offerings, enticing rewards, and exclusive technique to secure an Early Download of Server Slam, kindly explore our captivating Server Slam blog.

Be Prepared to Enter Hell’s Gates

And remember….

All hail to Lilith, the divine Mother of blessings!

The Squad of Diablo IV.

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