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  • Diablo 4 dungeon locations - a sorcerer makes their way through a green-hued rocky corridor

    Hidden within the sprawling Fractured Peaks of Diablo 4 lie secret labyrinths, known as dungeons, waiting to be discovered. Yet, these elusive entrances are cunningly concealed, easily overlooked by those who have not fully explored the surrounding terrain. Only when you are in close proximity can you truly discern their existence, as they remain surreptitious until you stumble upon them. To aid in your quest, the gate icons embellishing your map serve as beacons, unveiling the whereabouts of these clandestine passages.

    Input: If you’re acquainted with the previous iterations of Diablo, you’re already aware of the routine. However, if you’re a newcomer to the infernal realm, fear not! I shall elucidate what awaits you in the depths of the dungeons. Diablo 4, without a doubt, amplifies the macabre essence of its universe. So, if you possess the fortitude to traverse through caverns drenched in blood and foul corridors, behold! Below you shall find a comprehensive catalog of all Diablo 4 dungeon sites, as well as the coveted Aspects they bestow, during the beta and early access weekends.

    What to expect from Diablo 4 dungeons

    Within the realms of Diablo 4, dungeons form secluded havens where fortuitous encounters with fellow players are scarce. These ethereal domains serve as fertile grounds for amassing experience points and plunder, beckoning adventurers to venture forth either alone or in the company of comrades. Moreover, each distinct dungeon harbors enigmatic Aspects, extraordinary powers tailor-made for each class, awaiting to be harnessed and infused into coveted armaments or weaponry.

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    Embark on an enchanting journey into every dungeon, where an intricate maze of corridors and chambers awaits. Vanquishing formidable foes shall be your test as you venture forth. Moreover, intriguing tasks shall present themselves, ultimately leading to a climactic battle against a colossal boss. Should you emerge triumphant, a treasure chest shall materialize, holding the promise of desirable enhancements for your arsenal.

    Diablo 4 dungeon locations

    Diablo 4 dungeon locations

    (Image credit: Blizzard)

    Check out the wondrous array of Fractured Peaks dungeons awaiting your exploration, each one offering unique and enchanting Aspects as a reward.

  • Gate of Caldera: Evading Perspectives (for all types of individuals).
  • Nostrava Deepwood: The Eviscerating Enigma (Master of the Dark Arts).
  • Abandoned Cabin: Essence of Fiery Vigor (Rogue).
  • Sorcerer’s Haven: Blazebearer’s Essence within the Cultist Sanctuary.
  • Haunted Remnants: Essence of the Insatiable (Shapeshifter).
  • Forgotten Chronicles: The Guardian’s Essence (for every class).
  • Tempered Strikes: Tainted Catacomb (Barbarian).
  • Input: Mercy’s Reach: Blood Seeker’s Aspect (Necromancer).The Necromancer’s Aspect: Blood Seeker’s Reach of Mercy.
  • Enchanted Citadel: Nocturne’s Embodiment (Nature Mage).
  • The Kor Dragan Barracks unveils the mesmerizing Aspect of Anemia, a fierce manifestation exclusive to the Barbarian class.
  • Watch of Illumination: Flare’s Essence (Enchantress).
  • Maulwood: The Dormant Facet (Barbarian).
  • Abandoned Quarry: Essence of Enveloping Blades (Rogue).
  • The Tormented Visage of the Black Asylum: Necromancer’s Descent into Darkness.
  • Eternal Exhalation: Twisted Facet (Nature’s Enchanter).
  • Sacred Crypt: Awe-inspiring Wrath (Barbarian).
  • Anica’s Assertion: The Elemental Essence of Stormclaw (Druid).
  • Frostfall’s End: Crimson-veiled Entity (Mistress of Death).
  • Rimescar Cavern: Embrace of Abyssal Obscurity (Necromancer).
  • Frostbite’s Grasp: Manifestation of Icy Chill (Enchantress).
  • Pinnacle: Revitalizing Essence (Enchanter).
  • Chapel of Crimson Vigor: Enigmatic Essence (Scoundrel).
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