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Welcome to the mesmerizing Diablo 4 Whirlwind Barbarian Leveling Guide! This extraordinary creation from the Diablo series serves as an exceptional leveling strategy for Barbarians. When executed with finesse, you can effortlessly amass and annihilate hordes of monsters, swiftly progressing through the game. While initially, generating fury may pose a challenge, once overcome, this build becomes an unstoppable force capable of conquering any obstacle in its path.

Input: To facilitate Whirlwind, we utilize various conventional leveling tools. Our primary generator is the Lunging Strike, granting us an infinite dash. Additionally, we equip ourselves with two shouts: Rallying Cry, enabling us to generate Fury and enhance our movement, and War Cry, empowering us with Berserking and additional damage. Lastly, we incorporate the skill of Leap into our arsenal, not only providing us with a significant mobility advantage but also generating valuable resources. This comprehensive kit ensures a seamless and gratifying leveling experience.

Embark on an exhilarating journey with this comprehensive guide that will seamlessly navigate you to Level 50, empowering you to conquer the thrilling endgame. Brace yourself, for the adventure awaits!

Whirlwind Leveling Barbarian

Reimagined: The Artistry of Dual-Blade Mastery.

Note: Barbarians may struggle with Bosses while leveling to 50, so we recommend playing on World Tier 1 until you reach the Capstone Dungeon.

Area devastation at its finest ✔The triumphant return of the Spin To Win technique ✔Unleashing unparalleled might in team battles ✔A lightning-fast clearing speed, perfect for farming ✔

❌ Feeble Focus on One Enemy ❌ Relies on Aspects to Function ❌ Challenging to Manage Fury ❌ “Spin to Win” Grows Over Time.

Whirlwind stands tall as our primary wrecking force, an unstoppable tempest. We charge headlong into the fray, gathering our foes in a whirlpool of chaos, unleashing our empowering enchantments to escort them to their eternal rest. While it may falter against solitary adversaries, its unrivaled swiftness and expansive impact make it a master of obliterating hordes. Augmented Whirlwind becomes our ally in taming our Fury’s wild temperament.

To begin, we must allocate 2 points towards Basic Skills in order to unveil the realm of Core Skills. Opting for Lunging Strike proves to be the epitome of excellence as it not only serves as a means of swift movement with unlimited dashes but also amplifies our destructive prowess and intensifies the surge of Fury when battling agile Bosses.

Input: Level 2: Lunging StrikeLevel 3: Enhanced Lunging Strike.Level 2: Striking LeapLevel 3: Empowered Striking Leap.

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Input: The focal point of this build is the Whirlwind, a dynamic close-range maneuver that encompasses a whirl of motion around the wielder. To address our urgent requirement for Fury control, we opt for the Enhanced Whirlwind ability. Furthermore, to ensure a steady stream of damage while transitioning between groups, we incorporate the Battle Lunging Strike into our repertoire.

Level 4: Tornado FuryLevel 5: Empowered Tornado

Input: Level 6: Furious Whirlwind Level 7: Battle Lunging Strike.Unleash the Wrath: Level 6 – Whirlwind of Fury. Level 7: Strike of the Battle Lunge.

As we raise our voices, our quality of life soars. The captivating Rallying Cry not only empowers us with a surge of Fury and enhanced swiftness, but also fuels our fervor. Meanwhile, War Cry bestows upon us a potent damage amplification and the priceless Berserking aura, granting a remarkable 25% increase in damage output and a 15% boost in movement velocity, thanks to the remarkable Enhanced War Cry. We continuously unleash the power of Rallying Cry, reserving the might of War Cry exclusively for encounters with Elites and Bosses.

In order to enhance our mobility, traverse obstacles, and accumulate Fury through Power Leap, we seize the opportunity to utilize Leap. It is crucial to ensure that you land on an adversary to successfully acquire the Fury!

To enhance our damage output, we intensify the impact by maximizing Whirlwind and opting for the Battle Lunging Strike.

Input: Level 8: Rallying CryLevel 9: Enhanced Rallying CryLevel 10: Tactical Rallying CryLevels 11-14: WhirlwindLevel 15: War CryLevel 15: Place 2H Swords in your Technique Slot to apply Bleeds and Slows from Hamstring.Level 8: Shout of UnityLevel 9: Empowered Shout of UnityLevel 10: Strategic Shout of UnityLevels 11-14: Whirling StormLevel 15: Battle RoarLevel 15: Equip 2H Swords in your Technique Slot to inflict Bleeds and Slows with Hamstring.

War Cry: Unleashed Power at Level 16.

Input: Level 17: Power War CryLevel 18: LeapLevel 19: Enhanced Leap.Unleash a mighty battle roar at Level 17 with the Power War Cry. Take your skills to new heights at Level 18 with the ability to leap gracefully. Then, brace yourself for Level 19 as your leap is further enhanced, granting you unparalleled agility and grace.

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Soar to New Heights: Level 20 Power Leaping.

Embarking on our journey towards the pinnacle of our destiny: the majestic Call of the Ancients. This awe-inspiring ability bestows upon us an immense surge of power against formidable Elites and indomitable Bosses, whilst replenishing our precious resources with remarkable swiftness. By deftly maneuvering Bosses in a graceful dance of evasion, even the most dire battles can be triumphantly conquered. For in the end, victory shall always be celebrated, regardless of the odds stacked against us.

Our build comes alive with a cluster of indispensable passives. The resonance of Booming Voice amplifies the longevity of our Shouts, while Raid Leader infuses us with extraordinary healing prowess. Prolific Fury ignites an intensified surge of Fury during our Berserking state. Additionally, Pit Fighter grants us both offensive power and invaluable damage reduction.

The utilization of Hamstring inflicts a deliberate deceleration, amplifying the damage considerably and seamlessly harmonizing with the proficient Two-Handed Sword Weapon Technique. The Technique’s hemorrhage instigates the activation of Hamstring, which consequently administers a slow-down effect, thereby functioning as an effective Crowd Control Mechanism.

Stage 21: Hamstring Strain.

Input: Level 22-23: Booming VoiceLevel 24: Raid Leader.Ascending to Level 22-23 will grant you the awe-inspiring power of the Booming Voice, allowing your words to reverberate with thunderous authority. As you further progress to Level 24, you will be hailed as the esteemed Raid Leader, guiding your comrades into epic battles with unparalleled expertise.

Level 25: Summoning the Ancient OnesLevel 26: The Supreme Summoning of the Ancient Ones.

The Ancients’ Supreme Call: Level 27.

Stage 28: Fierce Defiance.

Input: Level 29-31: Prolific FuryLevels 32-34: Pit Fighter. Level 29-31: The Unleashed WrathLevels 32-34: Arena Conqueror.

In an ideal scenario, our ultimate passive preference would be Unbridled Rage, unless our unresolved Fury problems persist, in which case Unconstrained becomes the superior option. Following that, we acquire the most exceptional passives available to enhance our resource acquisition, damage output, and defensive capabilities.

Input: Level 35: Unbridled RageLevels 36-39: Rallying CryLevel 40-41: Raid Leader Levels 42: Booming Voice.At Level 35, one can unlock the mighty power of Unbridled Rage. As you progress from Levels 36 to 39, the formidable Rallying Cry awaits to be mastered. Upon reaching Levels 40 and 41, the esteemed title of Raid Leader can be claimed. And finally, at Level 42, the resonating force of Booming Voice shall be unleashed.

Input: Level 43-45: No MercyLevel 46-48: Heavy HandedLevel 49: Pressure Point.Level 43-45: Unleashed FuryLevel 46-48: Iron FistLevel 49: Breaking Point.

Once you have collected an abundance of Renown in Diablo 4, a splendid treasure of 10 additional Skill Points is bestowed upon each of your characters. Initially, your utmost focus should be directed towards allocating these points in accordance with the aforementioned leveling progression. Once you have triumphantly traversed the journey, channel these bestowed points into the designated nodes that pave the way for the forthcoming Whirlwind Barbarian Endgame Build Guide (coming soon).

Renown 1-2: Point of TensionRenown 3-5: Visceral Roar.

Input: Renown 6-7: Thick SkinRenown 8-10: Counteroffensive.Renown 6-7: Impervious ResilienceRenown 8-10: Retaliatory Mastery.

Check out our Renown Guide to unlock all your additional rewards efficiently. 

Within the realms of the Arsenal System, Barbarians are bestowed with the ability to wield a distinct weapon for each attack skill, each bestowing its own unique set of Bonuses. Filling the Technique Slot empowers us with an extra Arsenal Power, handpicked to bolster our assaults. The underlying strategy revolves around unleashing the might of our two most formidable weapon bonuses, with the intention of obliterating our adversaries.

The Arsenal System will effortlessly unlock once you hit Level 5. By accessing the Expertise tab (Shift + C), you can explore a myriad of weapon types and the perks they offer. The coveted Technique Slot, on the other hand, becomes accessible at Level 15 through the Masters of Battle quest in the Dry Steppes, a task that proves to be a breeze. All you have to do is venture northeast of town, dispatch a few foes, and make your way westward to a cave where you must vanquish a fearsome creature. Upon your triumphant return to town, the Technique Slot will be bestowed upon you, ready for your use!

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In all honesty, the current iteration of the Arsenal System holds little significance when it comes to leveling, owing to its underwhelming bonuses. One could haphazardly select a Weapon and Technique Power and hardly discern any variation during the leveling process. Nevertheless, the recommended configuration for this leveling guide remains steadfast.

Unleash the might of your most formidable Two-Handed Weapon! Harness its power, which evolves as you ascend in levels and uncover novel treasures. Prioritize selecting a weapon based on its impressive damage per second and exceptional attributes, disregarding any influence from the Arsenal System Power during your leveling journey.

Mastering the Art – The unyielding allure of the Two-Handed Sword power beckons us, as it ensures that every strike inflicts a grievous Bleed upon our foes. To compound our dominance, the Hamstring passive magnifies each attack, bestowing upon them the additional effect of a debilitating Slow. We now possess the opportunity to exploit our adversaries’ weakened state, capitalizing on attributes such as Damage to Slowed, Damage to Bleeding, and Damage to those under our control. With this newfound prowess, we unlock pathways to further devastation, such as the No Mercy passive, which amplifies our destructive potential to unprecedented heights.

Progressing in Diablo 4 shares similarities with other ARPGs and MMOs, as our advancement relies on the items we obtain. Typically, this entails swapping out Rares for superior Rares until reaching level 50. However, discovering Legendaries or Uniques, if fortune favors us, can bestow a substantial increase in power (which will be explored in subsequent sections). In the absence of such fortunate finds, let us delve into the essential attributes to seek during our journey.

Input: Here’s a hint for you: If you press the SHIFT key while hovering over an item, you can compare it to what you are currently wearing! Unlock a secret! Unleash your curiosity! By simply pressing the SHIFT key, you can explore the enchanting world of comparisons. Hover your way through items and discover how they measure up to what adorns you!

Given Whirlwind’s requirement for a Slashing weapon, its effectiveness heavily relies on the DPS of that particular slot. Consequently, all other weapons merely serve as vessels for enhancing its potency. The key statistics to keep an eye on are:

  • Input: 1-H Weapons: Critical Strike Damage, Damage to Close, Damage to Slowed, Sockets.Single-handed weapons boast enhanced Critical Strike Damage, increased Damage to nearby foes, amplified Damage to Slowed targets, and the inclusion of Sockets.
  • Input: 2-Handed Weapons: Damage per Second (Slashing exclusively), Damage from Core Skills, Damage from Critical Strikes, and Slots. Mighty Two-Handed Weapons: Unleash the power of DPS through fierce slashing, amplify the devastation caused by core skills, unleash critical strike damage, and harness the potential of enchanting slots.
  • Input: Simply enhance the weapon you wield for the mighty Whirlwind at the Blacksmith and embellish it with captivating Sapphires.

    When it comes to armor pieces, they usually bestow upon us the mighty powers of Defense and Utility, with one exception – the Gloves. These magnificent hand coverings unleash a relentless surge of pure Offense. Now, let’s unveil the crucial statistics to keep an eye out for:

  • Helm: Enhancing Skill Mastery, Time Warp, Unleashed Might.
  • Shields: Vitality, Might, Protection.
  • Rewritten Enchanted Gauntlets: Amplify Whirlwind’s Power and Enhance Critical Strike Opportunities.
  • Trousers: Embodiment of Vitality and Resilience.
  • Boots enhance your agility and fortitude, granting you swiftness and increased power.
  • The exquisite world of jewelry bestows formidable Offensive attributes, serving as a boon during our adventurous quest for leveling. Be vigilant when assessing the rolls, as higher-tiered items may not always surpass their lower-tiered counterparts.

  • Rewritten Protective Talisman: Mastery in Defensive Abilities, Reduction in Fury Expenditure, Amplified Damage, Enhanced Swiftness.
  • Rings: Chance of Devastating Strikes, Amplified Critical Damage, Unleashed Physical Force, Annihilation of Sluggish Foes.
  • Avoid enhancing your Armor or Jewelry during the leveling process. Instead, infuse your Armor with vibrant Rubys and adorn your Jewelry with mysterious Skulls.

    The Book of Mastery encompasses a myriad of Mythical Essences that can be inscribed onto Rare or Legendary artifacts at the Occultist’s lair. These extraordinary abilities are unleashed upon conquering particular Sanctuaries scattered throughout the realm. To expedite our progress, there exist a handful of potent forces that can greatly aid us, granted we possess the necessary resources to imprint them.

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    1. Offensive Aspect of the Dire Whirlwind Garan Hold

    2. Offensive Aspect of the Expectant Underroot

    3. Edgemaster’s Offensive Aspect Oldstones


    Caution: Refrain from engraving your Weapons, as they are frequently substituted during the leveling process. Instead, adorn your Amulet, Rings, or Gloves with Offensive Attributes.

    Should fortune favor you in stumbling upon a Legendary amidst your leveling endeavors, it is highly probable that said artifact shall serve as a commendable enhancement, warranting immediate utilization. Alas, the realm of Legendaries is not without disparities, for a select few possess the potential to propel your odyssey to unprecedented heights. Together, let us explore the quintessential quintet of powers that await discovery, along with the optimal techniques to harness their boundless potential.

  • The Bold Chieftain’s Resource Aspect is like hitting the jackpot for this build! It grants you boundless shouts, making leveling a breeze. Once you stumble upon it, swap out Leap for the thrilling Challenging Shout.
  • The Offensive Dimension of Boundless Fury serves as a splendid ability to harness the fury you unleash.
  • The Resource Aspect of Echoing Fury grants us a continuous flow of Fury as long as a shout remains active. Even a modest roll can have a profound impact on a Barbarian’s Fury control.
  • The Protector’s defensive aspect gifts us with an impenetrable shield that significantly enhances our chances of survival.
  • The Conceited Offensive Aspect grants us an amplified damage increase when a Barrier is in effect.
  • Leveling Tips and Tricks

    As we conclude this leveling guide, let’s delve into a treasure trove of general tips and clever maneuvers that shall forever linger in the minds of adventurers, regardless of their chosen class or specialization!

    Embrace Our Campaign Manual. There’s nothing quite like immersing yourself in the live experience of the game (Coming Soon!).

    Enhance Your Elixir Mastery. Numerous gamers remain oblivious to the fact that gathering resources is crucial for advancing their character’s magic potion. Ensure that you acquire all the necessary ingredients while traversing the mystical realm of Sanctuary, with special emphasis on the elusive Gallowvine, a prized component in countless concoctions!

    Alchemist location in Kyovashad

    Input: Compare your Items… Literally. Press Shift over an item in your inventory to compare it to what you’re wearing. This makes it easy to determine what is and isn’t an upgrade.Unleash the power of item comparison! Simply hold down the Shift key while hovering over an item in your inventory to witness a magical transformation. Behold the clarity it brings, effortlessly distinguishing between upgrades and mere trinkets.

    Input: Renown, a loyal companion. As you venture through diverse territories, embrace the opportunity to amass Renown on your path. Its advantages extend far beyond your account, encompassing additional points for skills and paragon, as well as bolstering your potion arsenal. Unleash the power of Renown by triggering Waypoints, discovering the sacred Altars of Lilith, conquering Side Quests/Dungeons, and liberating Strongholds.

    Input: Exercise Caution with Gold. Numerous late-stage procedures, such as acquiring and engraving Mythical Attributes, can be exorbitantly pricey for a novice protagonist. Refrain from squandering all your Gold during your journey!

    Input: Don’t Engrave Your Weapon. The weapon holds utmost importance when advancing in levels, as it is frequently substituted. Consequently, imprinting a Legendary Aspect on it becomes a futile expenditure of resources. Rather, allocate your most formidable offensive Aspect to your Amulet, which can endure for an extended duration.

  • Diablo 4 offers an awe-inspiring leveling build called the Whirlwind Barbarian, which is nothing short of extraordinary.
  • Harness the power of Fury by combining the mighty Rallying Cry, the daring Leap, and the swift Lunging Strike, culminating in an awe-inspiring display of Whirlwind devastation that knows no bounds, be it against hordes of enemies, formidable Elites, or even the most imposing Bosses.
  • Preserve the Summoning of the Timeless Beings exclusively for esteemed adversaries and formidable bosses. If necessary, lure them in a circular dance until their rejuvenation period has elapsed.
  • Whirlwind’s destructive power is dictated by the might of your Two-Handed Slashing weapon, while the remaining weapons take on the role of enhancing your stats.
  • Keep an eye out for the invaluable Legendary Powers concealed within the mystical Codex of Power.
  • Crafted by the ingenious mind of Aristotelian and polished by the discerning eye of Raxxanterax.

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