Who is Tyrael in Diablo 4? Answered

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The gates of Heaven have shut, forsaking humanity to face their battles alone. In the realm of Diablo 4, this reality has been affirmed by the Blizzard development team during the Blizzcon Lore panel. Now, we find ourselves pondering the roles of the celestial beings, with one angel capturing our attention: Tyrael. This enigmatic figure, who has fallen, been reinstated, and fallen again, has become a central figure in the ever-evolving Diablo mythology. However, the question remains: Does Tyrael exist in Diablo 4, and if so, what role does he play?

Tyrael, a celestial being from the divine realm, stands as a formidable member of the sacred Aegis Council, entrusted with safeguarding the sanctity of Heaven against the malevolent forces of the underworld. In the treacherous realm of Diablo, Tyrael valiantly battles against the formidable Lilith and her demonic minions. Initially embodying the principles of Justice, Tyrael’s illustrious persona eventually embraces the humble mantle of Wisdom. Yet, deep within his celestial heart, a profound conflict ensues as he grapples with the duality of his celestial existence and his profound affection for the mortal denizens of Sanctuary.

Diablo 2

Tyrael Diablo 4 2

Captured by Blizzard, behold the mighty screenshot.

Despite the fact that humanity is the offspring of Lilith and Inarius, Tyrael has always found goodness within them and consistently extended his aid. He firmly holds the belief that they hold the key to resolving the everlasting battle between heaven and hell. While he actively aids them in triumphing over the three prime evils in Diablo 2, he is forbidden from assisting in their ultimate war against Diablo. This decision leads to the removal of his wings, rendering him mortal and forcing him to reside among the very humanity he selflessly sacrificed to protect.

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Diablo 3

In the realm of Sanctuary, Diablo 3 unfolds with Tyrael’s affliction of amnesia. With the aid of the Nephalim, his memories gradually resurface, reigniting his determination to confront Diablo in battle. As the forces of Hell launch a relentless assault on Heaven, Tyrael successfully convinces the Angels to unite with humans in the war effort. Together, they valiantly repel the demonic armies and ultimately vanquish Diablo. Despite being offered a return to his angelic status and a place in heaven, Tyrael defiantly declines, opting instead to embrace the embodiment of Wisdom in addition to Justice.

In Diablo 4, Tyrael makes a triumphant return to Sanctuary, embracing the company of humans as he valiantly battles the malevolent forces lurking within their midst.

Where is Tyrael in Diablo 4?

Now that Diablo 4 has arrived, the enigmatic absence of Tyrael in its storyline has sparked numerous intriguing theories. Heaven, once a bastion of order, now lies in ruins and its gates have been sealed shut. One prevailing hypothesis suggests that Tyrael’s conspicuous absence is a result of him grappling with the chaos unfolding in heaven. However, this theory contradicts his solemn pledge to stand by humanity in Sanctuary. Given the havoc unleashed by Lilith, the urgency for Tyrael’s presence in Diablo 4 has never been greater. It seems utterly incongruous for him to not align himself with the humans in this dire situation.

In the realm of conjecture, it is debated whether Tyrael meets his demise in the realm of Diablo 4. Being a mere mortal, the passage of time and the inevitable arrival of death cannot be evaded. This seemingly simplistic resolution appears as a rather convenient escape for one of the cherished personalities within the franchise. The illustrious Tyrael, however, merits a more profound treatment than a mere fleeting suggestion of a burial site within the captivating cinematics of Diablo 4.

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