Why Are Diablo 4 Queue Times So Long?

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As one of the year’s most eagerly awaited games, Diablo 4 has players buzzing with anticipation. However, they’re being greeted with exasperatingly lengthy queue times. If you find yourself facing extended waiting periods and encountering login and connectivity errors, here’s all the information you need.

How Long are Diablo 4 Queues?

diablo 4 long queue wait times

The queues for Diablo IV are excessively lengthy because of overwhelmed servers, resulting in wait times stretching from 1.5 hours to a whopping 2 hours. Should you encounter the misfortune of encountering a login error and being forcefully removed from the queue, you will find yourself thrown back into a queue that spans over 60 minutes. Currently, the most advisable course of action would be to bide your time until the peak hours in your region have subsided. Our attempt to access the beta during the morning hours, rather than at night, proved fruitful as the queue times were considerably reduced to a mere 10 minutes.

Update from Blizzard

The developers have taken to their official @Diablo Twitter handle to acknowledge the challenges affecting the initial access to the Beta version. Additionally, the team is actively addressing the server disconnections and errors that are occurring at present. Keep an eye on their Twitter account for the latest updates on reduced waiting periods.

The challenges affecting Open Beta Early Access, such as extended waiting periods and frequent server disruptions, have come to our attention.

The team is managing the rate of players entering the game until we have a full fix for the connection issues.

For more updates visit: https://t.co/FmJb8FaIjC

— Diablo (@Diablo) March 17, 2023

The response to Diablo 4 beta has been nothing short of extraordinary, prompting the game’s community manager to share an exciting update on the Blizzard forum. Take a look at it below.

Below, you will find an insightful update on the current state of queues and a glimpse into the various issues the team is diligently addressing in order to find resolutions.

  • Players are sometimes unable to join a party with other players while in-game.
  • Players that are dropped from a game receive an error that their party does not exist.
  • Rubberbanding occurring with players while transitioning between zones.
  • High RAM and GPU usage occurring on select hardware.
  • Input: Hopefully, the wait times for queues will shrink, the servers will attain stability, and gamers can swiftly dive into the enchanting realm of Diablo 4. Our Diablo IV guides section on Gamer Tweak will comprehensively explore every facet of this captivating world.

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    In the meantime, should you encounter any other problems, please refer to our troubleshooting manuals listed below:

  • Resolving the Enigma of Diablo 4’s Installation and Patching Predicament.
  • Resolve the vexing issue of system crashes and unresponsive clients.
  • Resolve the Perplexing Lag, Excessive Latency & Frequent Disconnection Problems in Diablo 4.
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