Why Can’t I Join My Friend’s Minecraft World? (Causes, Fixes)

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Renowned for its immersive 3D experience, Minecraft stands tall among the most celebrated video games, offering enthusiasts the freedom to forge their own virtual realms and revel in the realm of multiplayer gaming.

Lately, a myriad of players have encountered persisting challenges when attempting to establish a connection with the server.

Come, let us delve into the root cause of the predicament and explore potential remedies.

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The main obstacle that could hinder your access to your friend’s Minecraft realm is the predicament pertaining to the multiplayer authorization within the game.

Many gamers remain oblivious to their restricted access and venture into diverse realms without altering their configurations.

Encounter a frustrating “World Connection Unavailable” alert, leaving you unable to partake in the gaming experience.

The matter of settings can arise from either your end or your friend’s, necessitating a resolution through the settings menu.

Apart from this, there exist myriad factors that could potentially trigger this predicament.

Now, let’s delve into each one meticulously, exploring their respective solutions.

1. Permission Issues

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Connectivity complications with external servers often arise due to permission conflicts, constituting a significant hurdle in establishing a successful connection.

Your account is safeguarded through the default settings, which prohibit connections from servers originating from diverse sources.

Embrace the possibility of resolving the predicament by granting access to your account across diverse servers.

If you happen to be playing the game on a Windows system, here are the recommended steps to take.

  • Access your exclusive parental account.
  • Tap the Profile Picture to enter the captivating world of the Profile Page.
  • Explore the realm of Privacy Settings by clicking on it from the fresh page.
  • Keep scrolling until you stumble upon the enticing option of Windows 10 Online Safety.
  • Embrace the possibility conveniently located next to the Let Loose in the Great Outdoors selection on the menu.
  • In the case that you happen to be engaged in Xbox gaming, make sure to embark on the subsequent actions.

  • Explore the magnificent realm of Xbox by journeying to its majestic online domain.
  • Access your personal sanctuary by logging into your account.
  • Navigate to the Privacy Settings tab located in the central hub of the Settings page.
  • Keep scrolling until you stumble upon the coveted choice of Joining Multiplayer Games.
  • Simply give the green light by tapping on the Allow button.
  • Additionally, Embrace the Opportunity to Engage in Playtime with Fellow Gamers Beyond the Realm of Xbox Live.
  • Gently touch the Submit button gracefully positioned at the end of the page.
  • Once you have successfully followed these instructions, you will unlock the ability to seamlessly connect with a myriad of captivating Minecraft servers.

    For those engaged in gaming on platforms other than Xbox or Windows PC, seek out the privacy settings feature and grant permissions for multiplayer and external server gameplay.

    The fundamental stages of the procedure will remain consistent across all the other devices.

    2. Windows Firewall

    The Windows Firewall option could potentially be the culprit behind connectivity glitches.

    The issue at hand involves Windows’ impending action of restricting programs’ access to networks based on their locations.

    The failure to establish connections with other servers is a prevalent issue that often leads to the malfunctioning of various programs.

    As soon as Windows encounters a connection failure with the server, the game’s attempt to load the world falters, leaving you with no choice but to face the disappointing failure notification.

    Embark on this journey towards resolving the Windows Firewall predicament by adhering to the subsequent measures.

  • Navigate to the control panel to access the Firewall Settings, or simply explore the search bar for the enchanting realm of Firewall and Network Protection.
  • Choose the App Firewall Permissions option from the menu on the left.
  • After granting access to the app through the Firewall, a fresh window will appear where you can simply tap on “Change Settings”.
  • Explore the vast realm of the Minecraft Launcher by navigating through the catalog and gently selecting both checkboxes. (In case the option eludes you, embrace the opportunity to click on Add New App and introduce the revered Minecraft application.)
  • Give the green light and bid farewell to the settings.
  • After successfully following the necessary steps, Minecraft will seamlessly link you to your friend’s server.

    Move forward to the subsequent phase in case the problem remains unresolved.

    3. Corrupt User Account

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    A corrupted user account could potentially arise as a significant factor causing complications in the server’s launch.

    Countless individuals engage in the world of Minecraft by connecting to diverse servers over the vast online realm.

    Launching a world with a corrupted server can occasionally lead to issues with the user account.

    Troubles within your Microsoft account may also serve as the catalyst for difficulties when embarking on Minecraft’s exhilarating new gaming realm.

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    Amidst the rarity, anomalies persist.

    Utilizing antivirus software is the sole solution to rectify the problem.

    It is imperative that you conduct a thorough virus scan on both your gaming and personal Microsoft accounts, thereby guaranteeing the eradication of any tainted files.

    4. Antivirus Issues


    Certain antivirus programs may hinder the execution of verified applications solely due to their interaction with diverse servers.

    Unlocking the mysteries of this cutting-edge security feature may prove to be a formidable challenge when venturing into the unexplored realms of the enchanting Minecraft universe.

    To resolve the problem effortlessly, one could either examine the settings or opt for the installation of fresh antivirus software.

    When utilizing the free version, one may encounter difficulties in altering the configuration.

    Nevertheless, you have the option to examine the configurations in order to verify if the antivirus software is indeed responsible for any complications.

    5. Issues With The Friends List

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    The friend list can present significant obstacles when deciding to embrace the new world.

    Adding an excessive number of counterfeit accounts might occasionally lead to the corruption of your friend list.

    An overflowing roster of friends can also serve as the catalyst for complications within one’s social circle.

    Should any complications arise with your friend list, the game shall deny your access to any fresh server established by your comrade.

    The optimal solution to address the concerns entails meticulously curating your roster of friends.

    It is wise to cleanse your friend list of unfamiliar faces or steer clear of engaging in activities with them.

    Additionally, be sure to explore various phantom profiles lurking in your friend roster and eliminate them.

    It is strongly advised to consider re-establishing a connection with your troubled friend.

    Follow these sequential actions to accomplish this task.

  • Access your account and craft an extraordinary game in a universe of its own.
  • Unleash the power of camaraderie by simply typing /friends in the chat and behold the magical list of companions.
  • Browse through the roster and discover the compatriot you desire to eliminate.
  • Press enter after typing “/friend remove friend name” to bid farewell to a cherished friendship. (Friend name denotes the name of the friend you wish to part ways with.)
  • Return to the game’s homepage and initiate the grand launch, but hold off on unleashing the New World for now.
  • Explore the realm of companionship by tapping into the Friends Tab.
  • Embrace the novelty of adding a new companion.
  • Uncover the whereabouts of your comrade by employing their unique Gamer Tag.
  • Once you stumble upon them, make sure to validate the inclusion.
  • The process of removing or adding additional friends remains unchanged.

    6. Problems In The Server

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    The corrupted server, often overlooked, can be a major hindrance when it comes to establishing connections.

    When venturing into uncharted realms, one may encounter a myriad of obstacles hindering the connection to the unexplored realm.

    Input: Some of them include:Among the myriad options are:

  • Explore a diverse array of locations through a VPN connection to access the server.
  • The server originates from a forbidden territory within your nation’s borders.
  • The server of your pal has crashed.
  • In order to address the server glitches and ensure universal accessibility, the application must be relaunched.

    Should your comrade encounter server restrictions within your nation’s borders, circumvent the problem by utilizing either a VPS or VPN with a dependable connection to gain access.

    7. Failed App Launch

    Minecraft is a sandbox video game

    The issue may also arise as a result of application launch failure, which can be considered as one of the primary culprits.

    On certain occasions, Minecraft encounters difficulties when trying to start up and encounters server-related problems.

    Devices that are constrained by limited storage or burdened with sluggish internet often encounter this prevailing predicament.

    To resolve the issue, you may consider taking a break of about five to ten minutes before logging back into your account.

    Additionally, we suggest relaunching the application following a brief period of complete closure.

    Concluding the application necessitates its temporary closure followed by a grand reawakening.

    Should the problem persist, endeavor to reboot the device as it may encounter obstacles in launching the application flawlessly.

    8. Stored Cache


    The absence of storage space can be a significant factor preventing your application from connecting to the new realm.

    In order to unlock the game’s true potential and embark on a new server, it is crucial for your device to possess a sufficient amount of available space.

    With this enhancement, the device will effortlessly operate without encountering any glitches.

    The triumphant initiation of a fresh Minecraft realm heavily relies on the substantial contribution of both primary and secondary memory.

    It is imperative that your device possesses ample storage capacity to effectively initiate the application.

    If you happen to be playing the game on a computer, you might want to free up some room by removing a few other applications.

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    Nevertheless, for those who embrace Xbox and other gadgets, ponder the adoption of portable storage devices as a means to amplify the velocity of such devices.

    Once you have adeptly created ample room for the app to smoothly initiate, embark on the adventure of restarting the application prior to unveiling the wondrous realm of a brand-new Minecraft world.

    By ensuring a smooth and error-free initiation, this will facilitate the seamless functioning of the application by allocating the necessary space.

    9. Outdated Minecraft & Java

    Update progress on a high resolution LCD screen

    The issue could possibly stem from the existence of an outdated version.

    The majority of individuals tend to neglect the task of upgrading the application, ultimately resulting in the utilization of an obsolete version.

    Embark on a journey of Minecraft transformation with these guided steps.

  • Visit the esteemed Microsoft emporium.
  • Embark on a quest to explore the vast realms of Minecraft and ensure your application is up to date.
  • In case the updates are not accessible on Microsoft’s official store, you’ll need to acquire the application’s original version for updating purposes.

  • Remove the current Minecraft application from your device.
  • Explore the enchanted realms of the Minecraft universe on their majestic official website.
  • Obtain the application with a simple click on the enticing “Get Minecraft” button.
  • Execute the setup process and proceed with the installation of the application.
  • Likewise, the issue may also stem from an obsolete version of Java.

    The rapid pace of technological advancements renders the Java version obsolete within a brief timeframe.

    Stay vigilant and stay ahead by keeping an eye out for updates and promptly acquiring them.

  • Explore the splendid realm of Java by paying a visit to its majestic official website.
  • Get your hands on the most cutting-edge release of Java by simply clicking Get Java.
  • Once the download is complete, embark on a captivating journey with the setup wizard.
  • Once these measures are followed, your device will be equipped with the latest Java version, seamlessly installed.

    10. Network Driver Issues

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    The successful launch of the server heavily relies on resolving network driver complications.

    Occasionally, these drivers may become outdated, leading to potential complications within your network.

    Embark on the subsequent measures to modernize the network drivers.

  • Explore the Device Manager by either typing its name in the search bar or navigating to the folder through the control panel.
  • Explore the depths to unveil the hidden gem of the Network Adapter nestled within the mystical confines of the left menu.
  • Discover your network’s device amidst the array and give it a gentle click, be it a data device, WiFi, or even a LAN connection.
  • Give it a swift right-click and opt for the refreshing option of updating the driver from the menu.
  • Explore the vast possibilities by selecting the option of Automatically Searching for Drivers from the captivating drop-down menu.
  • The computer, in accordance with the system’s demands, shall effortlessly install the driver.
  • Give your computer a fresh start and check if the problem has been resolved.
  • Upon successfully completing these steps, you shall gain the ability to effortlessly update the application.

    11. Incompatible Windows And Minecraft Settings

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    The obsolete versions of Windows and Minecraft could potentially be another significant factor contributing to the failure of server launches.

    The occurrence of this matter is usually observed when the application continues to function on the system for a significant duration without any updates.

    In addition to triggering various gaming malfunctions like application bugs, sluggish performance, and annoying lags, the incompatibility factor can give rise to a myriad of other game-related mishaps.

    To resolve the problem, it is advisable to ensure that both Minecraft and Windows are up-to-date.

    Additionally, it is imperative to restore the storage of the application.

    By implementing this solution, all the glitches will be eradicated, ensuring seamless compatibility with the most up-to-date Windows platform.

    In order to initiate a fresh start for the application, kindly follow the subsequent instructions.

  • To access the Windows Settings, you can either utilize the search option or simply press the Windows Logo + I for direct access.
  • Explore the multitude of options and tap on the captivating Apps.
  • Explore the captivating realm of Apps & Features by navigating through the menu on the left.
  • Explore the vast collection of apps until you stumble upon the captivating realm of Minecraft.
  • Give the application a swift double click, then gently tap into the realm of Advanced Settings.
  • Simply tap on the Reset feature conveniently located at the forefront of the device.
  • After successfully resetting the application, all the data will vanish, allowing it to commence operating with its original settings.

    Follow these simple instructions to refresh your windows.

  • Explore the inner workings of the computer’s configuration.
  • Explore the left dialogue search bar to find the latest updates.
  • Click on the Check For Updates option in the fresh dialogue box.
  • Should you happen to come across any available updates, grant the device permission to carry out the necessary adjustments.
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    To fully embrace the game’s potential and ensure your safety, it is imperative to consistently update both platforms.

    12. ISP Issues

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    Server issues rarely coincide with internet service provider problems.

    Nevertheless, they may occasionally confront you.

    If you encounter difficulties when connecting to the new Minecraft realm, it’s advisable to assess the internet’s velocity.

    To determine the speed, you have a variety of options at your disposal. Explore platforms such as Speed Test or simply conduct a Google search for “Check Internet Speed.”

    Quite frequently, various internet service providers tend to obstruct servers originating from diverse geographical regions.

    Should such a scenario arise, it is advisable to connect through a VPN for enhanced accessibility.

    Ensure that your VPN encompasses these essential attributes.

  • Unwavering connectivity.
  • Fast speed.
  • Unrestricted entry to a single destination.
  • Proxy connections are strictly forbidden.
  • Should your VPN lack any of the aforementioned attributes, launching the application successfully could become a challenging endeavor.

    If the problem persists even after using a VPN, opting for a VPS can prove to be a viable alternative.

    Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are exclusive servers that can be accessed from a solitary point of access.

    Their exceptional performance makes them ideal for server launches, regardless of whether it’s for gaming or other purposes.

    13. Outdated User Account

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    Launching a different server on Minecraft may encounter occasional challenges with Microsoft user accounts.

    Individuals commonly employ Microsoft accounts across a multitude of websites and social platforms.

    The potential for a corrupted account looms, threatening to dismantle your game account in the process.

    Embark on an exciting journey of establishing a fresh gaming PC account by embracing the following instructions.

  • Unlock the supreme overseer account and delve into the realm of configurations by embarking on a quest through the mystical portal of the Windows bar.
  • Explore the realm of Accounts by simply tapping on its enticing presence in the left menu.
  • Discover the intriguing array of options on the left menu: Add, Edit, or Remove Other Users.
  • Opt for the option of “Unfamiliar with User’s Login Details” from the fresh dialog box, where Windows graciously presents an opportunity to fashion a brand-new account.
  • Embark on your digital journey by handpicking a fresh email address and completing the account setup process.
  • Once the account is successfully created, kindly submit it to your computer.
  • Accessing the official Microsoft website opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to effortlessly fashion or append a fresh email address.

    Nevertheless, mastering that procedure can prove to be quite challenging for the majority of users, potentially leading to the inadvertent destruction of the preexisting account.

    After setting up the account, ensure its seamless compatibility with various applications.

    Embark on an extraordinary adventure by initiating Minecraft and crafting an innovative account with impeccably precise particulars, only if it operates seamlessly.

    To indulge in the game, you must reconnect with your comrades through this fresh account and reassemble your entire circle of friends.

    14. Internet Explorer Issues

    Gamer Girl At Desktop Computer Playing Online Shooter Games

    The Internet Explorer and browser glitches can also be held accountable for the account failure.

    Enhance your browsing experience by effortlessly updating your browser, allowing seamless compatibility with various applications.

    In the event that your device encounters difficulties with the internet explorer, embark on the following measures to resolve the issue.

  • Press the magical combination of Windows + R to unveil the mystical Run dialogue box.
  • Input: Type the command Inetcpl.Cpl and hit Enter. (Executing this command will unveil the enchanting realm of internet properties.)
  • Simply tap on the exquisite Advanced Settings located at the pinnacle of the dialogue box, and behold as a new realm of possibilities unveils before your very eyes. Prepare to be enchanted by a plethora of advanced internet explorer settings, awaiting your exploration in a brand new dialogue box.
  • Tap on the Reset option located at the lower part of the dialog box.
  • Tap OK.
  • After completing the necessary actions, your device’s Internet Explorer configurations will undergo a refreshing reset.

    Nevertheless, in order to attain an uninterrupted gaming experience, you must still utilize an upgraded web browser to access the application.


    Minecraft has gained immense popularity across the globe due to its exceptional and innovative features, making it a widely acclaimed gaming application.

    Occasionally, it may introduce a handful of trivial glitches that can be effortlessly rectified by adhering to the fundamental procedures for troubleshooting a network server.

    Should you find yourself in a bind with any of the steps, feel free to reach out to the support team of Minecraft or Microsoft.

    Their response time is impressively swift, and they promptly resolve any problems that arise.

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