10 Games To Play While Waiting For Diablo 4

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  • As the curtains fall on Diablo 4’s beta phase, a vast expanse of time stretches before us until the game’s official release. Fear not, for I present to you a captivating array of dungeon crawlers that will engulf you in their immersive worlds, ensuring that your waiting period remains brimming with excitement and thrill.

    A split image showing characters and a demon from Diablo 4 largest in the center; on either side are characters from Minecraft Dungeons and Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2.

    The anticipation surrounding Diablo 4 has reached new heights after players got a sneak peek into the thrilling world of dungeon crawling during the beta weekends. As fans eagerly await the official release this summer, some may find themselves pondering how to occupy their time in the interim. While the Diablo series has undeniably shaped and influenced the dungeon crawler genre, it is important to note that they were not the pioneers. Nonetheless, Blizzard’s action-packed RPG series, Diablo, has rightfully earned its place as one of the finest in the genre. However, for those seeking alternative adventures, there are still numerous other captivating options available to indulge in right away.

    With Diablo 4 slated to launch on June 6, gamers are left with a delightful void to fill in their gaming schedules. In the past few years, numerous game developers have risen to the occasion and crafted captivating dungeon crawlers, some of which exude a clear Diablo-inspired essence. However, there are also those that have ventured down distinct paths within the genre, offering unique experiences that warrant exploration and admiration. To aid you in your quest for enthralling dungeon adventures, here are a handful of recommendations for the upcoming months.

    10 Curse Of The Dead Gods

    Combat in the game Curse of the Dead Gods, showing a player shooting what looks like a beam of fire or light towards monsters in a top down dungeon

    Embark on a treacherous journey through the labyrinthine depths of the accursed temple in Curse of the Dead Gods, where cunningly laid traps and swarms of adversaries await intrepid players. Despite the ominous and malevolent setting, the art style exudes a whimsical charm reminiscent of cartoons. This captivating game presents a roguelike adventure, enticing players to persistently strive for progress with each daring endeavor, all while accumulating valuable currencies that hold significance in subsequent runs. While the core gameplay mechanics in Curse of the Dead Gods cater to novices, attaining mastery proves to be an arduous feat.

    9 Book Of Demons

    Book of Demons Review Dungeon Crawling, a player is encircled with a purple magical shield while several enemies surround them in a dungeon

    Book of Demons bears a striking resemblance to Diablo and presents a remarkably unconventional twist to the genre. Its gameplay immerses players in a captivating pop-up book world, incorporating a unique deck-building mechanic into combat. This game diverges significantly from typical dungeon crawlers, yet manages to retain an inviting and distinctive charm, providing an extraordinary spin on the classic dungeon crawl experience.

    8 Diablo 3

    The Sekeleton King in Diablo 3, the player is surrounded by hordes of skeletons while the Skeleton King is about to be struck by the players attack

    Rewrite: Naturally, in order to get ready for Diablo 4, one could opt for revisiting its predecessor. Diablo 3 still provides players with a plethora of activities even after completing the game, and its seasons serve as a great incentive to return time and again. As of now, during the second to last season, Season 28 presents exciting Journey Rewards and enticing cosmetics for anyone up for the challenge. Moreover, those who haven’t experienced Diablo 3 might find it enjoyable to delve into Diablo’s backstory before the release of Diablo 4.

    7 Children Of Morta

    Key art for Children of Mortal: Complete Edition, showing a party of adventurers surrounded by encroaching enemies.

    Children of Morta is an enchanting RPG filled with thrilling hack-and-slash action and captivating roguelike features, all intricately woven into a tapestry of a mesmerizing narrative. Within the depths of each dungeon, players are offered the freedom to venture forth with any of the six remarkable characters hailing from the legendary Bergson lineage, with the added delight of online co-op camaraderie. As the tale unfolds, each family member unveils their own extraordinary class and distinct abilities, ensuring a diverse array of skills that prove invaluable in tackling the unique challenges presented by various dungeons. Prepare to be enthralled by the ever-shifting, procedurally-generated labyrinths of Mount Morta, demanding constant vigilance and adaptability from those who dare to explore its treacherous depths.

    6 Grim Dawn

    A player fights giant earwigs and fanged worms in Grim Dawn

    Immersed in a dystopian realm of fantasy, Grim Dawn unveils a remarkably profound reservoir of lore and narrative for one to relish. While the gameplay adheres to the conventional dungeon crawling style reminiscent of Diablo, Grim Dawn’s class system sets it apart. Players are bestowed with the ability to forge hybrids by merging two distinctive classes, and then sculpting their hybrid class even further through the utilization of skills and items. The significance of choices is amplified in the realm of questing within this action role-playing game, as the player’s character’s rapport with various factions can determine the unveiling of additional quest lines, contingent upon the affability or animosity engendered by said choices.

    5 Path Of Exile

    Artwork of three magic wielding sorceresses in Path of Exile, all three commanding blue lightning magic.

    Path of Exile stands as a magnificent alternative to Diablo, offering an immersive dungeon-crawling experience that will undoubtedly satisfy your cravings. Within this game, players are bestowed with the power to personalize their heroes and construct mesmerizing hideouts, all while indulging in the exceptional gameplay that defines the essence of a true dungeon crawler. This remarkable online-only RPG is not only equipped with thrilling PvP multiplayer, but it is also completely free to play. A plethora of classes await your selection, be it the valiant Duelist, mystical Witch, agile Ranger, devout Templar, formidable Marauder, elusive Shadow, or the enigmatic Scion, each offering unique adventures to embark upon. Countless missions are at your disposal, ensuring endless exploration and excitement. Furthermore, the game has been enriched with numerous free expansions to heighten the overall experience, with an eagerly anticipated sequel currently in progress.

    4 Torchlight 2

    Key Art for Torchlight 2, showing a party of characters fighting off surrounding undead enemies.

    Despite the recent release of Torchlight 3, Torchlight 2 continues to captivate players as their ultimate series favorite. This action role-playing game immerses adventurers in a vibrant world, seamlessly blending captivating dungeons and an intricately woven storyline. The franchise entices players with an abundance of valuable treasures to seize, hordes of adversaries to conquer, and an enthralling narrative that guarantees an enjoyable journey.

    3 Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance & Dark Alliance 2

    Baldur's Gate Dark Alliance 2, characters being attacked by goblins on wolves

    Rewritten Set in the mystical realm of Forgotten Realms, the DnD-inspired ARPGs, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance and its sequel, transport players into a captivating world where they can embark on thrilling quests and conquer treacherous dungeons within the realm of video games. Whether playing solo or with friends, these games seamlessly blend the essence of Diablo and DnD, providing an exhilarating and immersive adventure for enthusiasts. With its enchanting fantasy landscapes and exhilarating hack-and-slash gameplay, these games offer a captivating alternative escapade while eagerly anticipating the arrival of Diablo 4.

    2 Minecraft Dungeons

    Minecraft characters sitting around a table playing Dungeons and Dragons with pizza boxes and sodas on the table

    Embark on a whimsical and radiant journey with Minecraft Dungeons, where players can venture alone or join forces in teams of four to embark on a thrilling quest filled with abundant treasures. Set on overthrowing the nefarious Arch-Illager, this game stands in stark contrast to the gloominess prevalent in its genre, notably Diablo 4, while delivering an entertaining escapade.

    1 Diablo 2: Resurrected

    Diablo 2 Resurrected - Sorceress - Cold Attacks, shooting ice beams in a circle around the character towards a mob of monsters

    Ultimately, for those seeking a gaming experience akin to Diablo 4, the optimal selection would be Diablo 2: Resurrected. The essence and ambiance of Diablo 2: Resurrected align more closely with the direction in which Diablo 4 is headed during its creation, and it is widely regarded as the pinnacle of the series. The gameplay mechanics and overall atmosphere of the game triumphantly accomplish what Diablo 3 failed to fully attain, while the narrative journey in Diablo 2: Resurrected excels at delivering an engaging and intimately immersive storyline.

    The realm of dungeon crawling is an endless abyss of exhilarating encounters with legions of adversaries, offering a profound sense of fulfillment. The eagerly anticipated arrival of Diablo 4 has been foretold through its captivating open beta weekends, and in the meantime, these ingenious game recommendations shall captivate and engage players until its grand unveiling.

    Disclaimer: The California Department of Fair Employment and Housing has recently taken legal action against Activision Blizzard, claiming that the company has subjected its female staff to mistreatment, prejudice, and retribution. Activision Blizzard vehemently refutes these accusations. We will continue to provide comprehensive updates on the unfolding Activision Blizzard lawsuit (trigger warning: sensitive content including rape, suicide, abuse, and harassment) as fresh insights emerge.

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