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Explore the enchanting realms of Diablo Belzebub (Windows PC) and uncover a treasure trove of knowledge by venturing to its captivating Home Page.

A Review of Diablo Belzebub [Mod] for PC.

Created by tankMage in the enchanting month of September 2017.

Score: B-.


Belzebub, a highly ambitious modification of the renowned hack n’ slash game Diablo, holds immense potential. I must express my utmost admiration for this mod and how remarkable it is. Alas, it is saddening to note that Belzebub remains unfinished. The mod’s creator, in pursuit of another project called Tchernobog, which is an extensive revamp of the original Diablo, left Belzebub behind. Hopefully, Tchernobog will surpass Belzebub in terms of completion. Nonetheless, even with its flaws and absence of multiplayer, Belzebub provides an enjoyable gameplay experience and offers a plethora of captivating features.

Fresh Courses and Skills.

Belzebub introduces a trio of fresh additions to the Diablo universe, which will surely resonate with devoted fans of the franchise: the mighty Barbarian, the mystical Necromancer, and the cunning Assassin. Each class possesses its own unique set of skills, meticulously crafted to enhance gameplay. The Necromancer wields the power to summon legions of skeletons and zombies, ready to wage battle on their master’s behalf. The Barbarian, an unparalleled expert in close-quarters combat, focuses on unleashing devastating damage upon foes. Meanwhile, the elusive Assassin excels in the art of stealth, seamlessly maneuvering through the shadows and launching deadly surprise attacks. Not only do these novel classes enrich the game, but the original three classes also receive a refreshing update, boasting a plethora of new abilities. The Warrior, armed with a perfect blend of offensive and defensive techniques, possesses the ability to swiftly strike nimble adversaries with a lightning-fast charge, or bolster his defenses with an impenetrable shield. The Rogue, on the other hand, harnesses the power of specialized arrows to rain down destruction upon enemies. Lastly, the Sorcerer showcases an enhanced mana shield, rendering him impervious to enemy magic resistance and empowering him to turn the tides of battle.

Should the existing content fail to satiate your appetite, behold the magnificently enhanced magic system, now infused with the chilling allure of ice spells, captivating twists on timeless incantations, and an enigmatic array of spells known as blood magic. Naturally, magic is not limited to select characters alone, akin to the original Diablo experience, allowing the mod to truly expand the horizons of players, enticing them towards boundless exploration and uncharted possibilities.

In summary, the game has been enhanced with an impressive array of new spells, classes, and abilities. These additions have been well-crafted, offering players an extra layer of strategy and survival. However, certain skills have unfortunately been plagued by bugs, particularly the Assassin’s special attacks, which do not synergize properly with her stealth advantage. Furthermore, the game’s balance leaves something to be desired, as some classes prove to be much more challenging than others. Personally, I encountered difficulties in the later stages of the game with the necromancer, ultimately being forced to abandon the character due to the overwhelming power of enemy wizards. On the other hand, the barbarian provided a different experience, effortlessly conquering the game with their formidable abilities and inherent toughness.

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Uncharted adversaries and thrilling adventures.

I have no intention of unveiling the hidden delights that await players of this mod, thus I shall keep this section light and concise. Within this game, a plethora of fresh quests and creatures can be found, along with enticing incentives for delving into the murky depths of Tristram. Even well-known quests like The Butcher have been infused with unexpected surprises, forcing players to adjust to unfamiliar hurdles. Though I do have a slight objection regarding the abundance of novel material, is it truly a detriment?

Enhanced Assortment of Equipment and Artisanry.

The realm of equipment has witnessed an influx of novel additions. The arsenal of unique weapons and armors has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming more enticing and rewarding. Sets, comprising various equipment pieces, have been ushered in to grant players additional bonuses when worn together. Moreover, a plethora of rare items have emerged, boasting multiple enchantments that imbue them with astonishing power. To magnify the allure, the game now showcases fresh magical properties, including health regeneration, heightened item drop rates, and the chilling infliction of cold damage.

Upon completion of a special quest and the discovery of recipes, players have the ability to craft equipment. To create a new gear, one must sacrifice existing equipment to obtain the necessary components. This comes in handy, as the abundance of random drops from the RNG often leaves players with an excess of useless items. However, the crafting process can be a bit intricate, as it requires players to store the components they create using the forge and retrieve them when they wish to craft items. Additionally, there may be some faulty recipes, as I encountered difficulties in creating certain items despite having all the required components. Another challenge within the crafting system is the need to find specific recipe scrolls, which can be just as time-consuming as searching for unique or set items.

Yup, not goin’ down the crafting rabbit hole.

Despite the excitement and enjoyment that comes with using all the new equipment, the item drop system in Belzebub feels less reliable compared to the original game. In vanilla Diablo, the quality of dropped items gradually improves as you progress, adding to their usefulness. However, in Belzebub, it’s a different story, as almost anything seems to drop, making it even more challenging to find or purchase the items you actually need. For example, in vanilla Diablo, finding an item like the “Sword of the Pit” which reduces the player’s stats when equipped, was rare. But in Belzebub, gear with negative stats drops frequently. While this may add some intrigue to the game, it unnecessarily complicates the already difficult task of obtaining good gear in vanilla Diablo.

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Just as mentioned before, this mod remains unfinished, eternally in its beta stage. Although the game offers great playability and enjoyment, players will inevitably come across countless opportunities for enhancement or even elements that are completely absent. This is particularly evident when it comes to multiplayer interactions and the elusive conclusion that remains elusive.

Diablo gained fame for its exhilarating and dynamic online multiplayer gameplay, a true innovation during the mid-nineties. The prospect of embarking on a Diablo Belzebub adventure alongside a companion sounds incredibly appealing, doesn’t it? However, it’s important not to raise your expectations too high, as Belzebub never incorporated multiplayer functionality. Let me play the role of devil’s advocate (apologies for the pun) and defend the developers to some extent, as adapting a game originally designed for battlenet (Blizzard’s multiplayer server) involves far more than simply cobbling together a few lines of code. It’s reasonable to assume that the mod’s creator encountered unforeseen challenges when attempting to create or modify the netcode, resulting in the abandonment of the multiplayer concept. Nevertheless, cooperative play remains an integral part of the Diablo experience, and those desiring to enjoy the game with a friend will undoubtedly feel its absence; otherwise, it may not pose much of a concern.

**If you want to steer clear of spoilers about the original game and the mod, it’s best to skip reading the upcoming paragraph**.

Seasoned Diablo players will be quick to spot a thrilling addition to the game: a fresh cutscene for the Butcher quest. However, they will also observe the conspicuous absence of the concluding cutscene. This deliberate choice by the developers can be attributed to the fact that Diablo now grants loot upon its demise. It appears that the developer was contemplating the best timing to introduce the final movie before discontinuing work on Belzebub. While the lack of a final cutscene may not be a major concern in the grand scheme of things, it does create a slightly underwhelming feeling. Furthermore, the abundance of new content in Diablo Belzebub raises curiosity about what the developer had planned for the ending.

Enhanced User Experience

Belzebub’s interface takes inspiration from the iconic layout of Diablo II, presenting shops with a visually appealing design. It showcases a range of purchasable items, complemented by clickable icons for repairs and various services. While this aesthetic upgrade is generally commendable, I must admit that Diablo’s original list format proves to be more convenient in certain situations. In Belzebub, one must hover over items to uncover their properties before making a purchase, which can be a slight drawback. Nevertheless, the Diablo II style interface excels when it comes to effortlessly selling items and repairing gear.

The new shop system brings both advantages and disadvantages, but this mod introduces numerous enhancements to the user interface that prove to be highly advantageous. Players now have the ability to zoom the camera in or out to a significant extent, gradually increase their movement speed within town, store a vast number of items in a massive stash, and utilize a specially designed chest for trading loot. Additionally, the spell book has undergone an upgrade, offering more detailed descriptions for magic and skills. Moreover, the belt has been modified to accommodate a greater number of potions and scrolls; however, acquiring or purchasing belts is necessary in order to benefit from this feature.

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At long last, the game has incorporated a remarkable waypoint system that greatly simplifies resuming your adventure after a thrilling spelunking session. Remarkably, this feature stands as one of the most exceptional enhancements to the game, enabling you to access every alternate level instead of being restricted to the initial section of an area, which previously occurred only every five levels in Diablo. Moreover, given the abundance of exciting new content, this feature proves immensely beneficial.

Graphical Improvements.

Belzebub prides itself as a mod that embraces high-definition and certainly lives up to its claim… For the most part. The original Diablo was designed for tube monitors from the late ’90s, and it doesn’t quite shine on modern screens. However, with its extensive range of resolution options for both windowed and fullscreen modes, a camera that can be zoomed in and out, and a few unexpected surprises, Belzebub transports the classic Diablo into the modern era. Regrettably, I have come across some screen tearing problems during the CG cutscenes on two different computers, which greatly hampers the immersive experience when playing in widescreen. Despite that setback, the HD mod performs admirably and significantly enhances Diablo’s visual presentation while maintaining the essence and atmosphere of the game.

Muh Firewall.

Added Challenge.

Belzebub presents a formidable challenge compared to vanilla Diablo, requiring players to meticulously develop their characters. Although the original classes have been enhanced and the new characters possess potent abilities, the monsters have also been strengthened. Additionally, numerous new or substantially altered adversaries lurk, concealing unpleasant surprises. Consequently, possessing suitable equipment and devising a sound strategy are crucial in Belzebub. Undoubtedly, certain players will delight in the heightened difficulty, while others may encounter frustration.

Final Thoughts.

Diablo Belzebub had the potential to become one of the most remarkable mods ever created had it been completed. However, despite its unfinished state, what we currently have is truly impressive. Each corner of this mod held a delightful surprise, and its creator, Noktis, skillfully preserved the essence of the original game. Although I was let down by the absence of multiplayer and unresolved bugs, I still had an exhilarating experience exploring new areas, utilizing fresh abilities, and conquering the obstacles presented by this mod. Moreover, Belzebub is available for free, provided you possess the original Diablo Hellfire, and it’s hard to surpass that value.


For those who found delight in the original Diablo, the enchanting allure of Belzebub is sure to captivate your senses. I wholeheartedly urge all aficionados of timeless hack and slash RPGs to embark on this exhilarating journey.

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