5 Best Ways to Fix ”Failed to Download File, the File Contents Differ” Error in Minecraft

5 best ways to fix failed to download file the file contents differ error in minecraft 879238

Although Minecraft generally runs smoothly, on rare occasions, a handful of glitches may arise. Among these is the occurrence of an error message stating, “Failed to download file, the file contents deviate from the expected.”

If you find yourself grappling with this pesky bug, you’ve arrived at the perfect destination. Within this piece, we shall delve into the root causes of this issue and present you with an array of 5 effective solutions to rectify it.

Occasionally, the Minecraft Launcher on a Windows PC surprises you with an unwelcome “Failed to download file” error message. Just as the launcher eagerly attempts to bring Minecraft up to date, an obstructive message abruptly emerges, hindering your gaming experience.

Just like any glitch, there exists a multitude of factors that could potentially be held accountable, necessitating thorough troubleshooting to pinpoint the precise root cause. Some potential culprits encompass:

  • A relic of the past, the Minecraft Launcher application is the gateway to the Java Edition of the beloved Minecraft video game. Should this launcher fall behind the times or suffer from corrupted files, it might impede the smooth sailing of the download process.
  • Discordant Minecraft modifications. This recurrent Minecraft anomaly manifests itself upon mod installation. It could result from an erroneous installation process, disharmony with the Minecraft version, or mod files that succumbed to corruption whilst being installed.
  • Firewall constraints. The purpose of the firewall is to safeguard your system against dubious network activities. Regrettably, it may occasionally misclassify genuine applications as malicious. In the case of the Minecraft Launcher, this leads to the occurrence of the “Failed to download file” error message.
  • Here are six methods to resolve the “Failed to download file” bug.

    1. Manually Download the Missing File

    The simplest method to resolve Minecraft after encountering this issue is to adhere to the guidelines provided in the error message itself.

    The error message “File Download Unsuccessful” includes the name of the absent file (beside “Disk Filename”), a downloadable URL for acquiring the file, and the specific destination on your drive where it should reside.

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    To manually retrieve the file:

  • Copy the URL from the error statement and insert it into the address bar of your internet browser.
  • Allow the file to download automatically.
  • Explore the designated path mentioned in the error message by navigating through File Explorer. To accomplish this, launch File Explorer and effortlessly transfer the path to the address bar using the copy-paste method.
  • Move the file from your Downloads directory to the location in File Explorer, substituting the previous file if needed.
  • Give the Minecraft Launcher a fresh start and check if the error has been resolved. In case it persists, keep the new file as it is and proceed with attempting the subsequent solutions.
  • Delete Corrupted Modifications
  • Given that corrupt Minecraft modifications are a prominent catalyst behind this predicament, it would be prudent to eliminate this possibility. In order to accomplish this:

  • Go to the .Minecraft directory situated at the specified path: C:\Users\%username%\
  • Extract the mods folder from the .Minecraft directory, granting it freedom from confinement. Should you wish to preserve your cherished modpacks, be sure to safeguard it in a distinct abode.
  • Launch the Minecraft Launcher and check if it functions properly.
  • In case it proves effective, one of your modifications may be the culprit behind the error message. To identify the problematic one, you can reintegrate each modification individually and observe the outcomes.
  • Note: We suggest beginning with the latest modification, as it is the one that is most likely responsible for the malfunction.

    2. Uninstall Non-Vanilla Minecraft Launchers

    If you opt for a Minecraft Launcher that deviates from the usual vanilla version, it could potentially disrupt the downloading process. To investigate this possibility, consider uninstalling the non-vanilla launcher entirely (or alternatively, locate and manually delete all the installed files).

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    Once the other launcher has been removed, open the official Minecraft Launcher and check if it functions properly.

    3. Reinstall Minecraft

    In case all the previous methods have failed to solve the issue, it is highly probable that the error is due to a corrupted Minecraft installation. As it is no longer possible to perform a forced update, the simplest solution is to reinstall the game, guaranteeing that the files are accurate and current. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Press Start and enter “Add or remove programs.” Choose it from the menu.
  • Scroll down and select Minecraft Launcher, then choose Uninstall. Wait for the procedure to finish.
  • Perform the identical action for Minecraft.
  • Explore the path to the Minecraft directory on your computer: C:/Users/%username%\AppData\Roaming\. Once you’ve found it, boldly remove the .Minecraft folder. But beware, if you wish to preserve your beloved game files, remember to safeguard your Save folder through a backup process.
  • Download and install Minecraft from the official webpage of Minecraft.Net.
  • Launch the program and verify if the error notification still shows up.
  • Note: There are instances where users encounter the “Minecraft Native Launcher update issue.” In the event that you come across this, it may be necessary to address and resolve the error before proceeding further.

    4. Allow Minecraft Launcher Through Microsoft Defender

    In addition to hindering the downloading process of files, the Windows Firewall may also pose an obstacle to the Minecraft Launcher. To investigate if this firewall is the culprit behind the error, you can temporarily deactivate it using the following method:

  • To access the Settings, simply right
  • Click on the Update & Security
  • Click on Windows Security
  • Choose Firewall & network security
  • Select Private Network.
  • Disable Microsoft Defender Firewall, then verify if the Minecraft Launcher is functioning properly.
  • If the Launcher works properly, Defender is at fault. The next step is to whitelist the Minecraft Launcher in the app’s settings:.

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  • To access the Settings, simply right
  • Click on the Update & Security
  • Click on Windows Security
  • Choose Firewall & network security
  • Click on “Allow” to permit an application to pass through
  • Choose Modify settings.
  • Click the option to authorize another
  • Click on the Browse button, locate and choose the Minecraft Launcher, and then click on the Add
  • Select the box adjacent to Private and then click OK.
  • Attempt to start Minecraft and check if it can successfully retrieve files.
  • Note: In case you’re relying on an antivirus other than Windows Defender, simply right-click on its icon in the system tray and opt for the “disable” choice. Afterwards, give the launcher a whirl to check if it functions smoothly. If it does, it’s probable that the third-party antivirus is obstructing Minecraft’s ability to fetch fresh files.

    5. Ensure Java is Set Up Correctly

    Minecraft heavily relies on the Java runtime environment in order to access and execute .JAR files, ensuring smooth gameplay. Every now and then, Java encounters hiccups, causing the opening preferences to be misconfigured. To rectify this:

  • Go to C:\
  • To view the Properties, simply right-click on a file with the extension .JAR.
  • Click on Change right next to “Opens With”.
  • Choose either Java, Java(™) Platform SE Binary, or OpenJDK Platform Binary, based on the version you have. You might need to explore More Apps to locate them.
  • Verify if the launcher can download files again.
  • Time to Get Back to Mining

    With the aid of this guide, may your journey to resolve the Minecraft failed-to-download file error be triumphant, enabling you to seamlessly resume your adventures within this extraordinary sandbox universe. Should you possess any additional remedies to combat this error, kindly share them in the comment section below.

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