Armorer Minecraft: Everything You Need to Know

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This article was last revised on July 1, 2023.

Armorers are a distinct category of Minecraft villager who, amusingly, trade in armor – quite logical, isn’t it?

These individuals are one of the simplest methods to obtain high-level, enchanted diamond armor, so it’s worthwhile to have one in your possession.

Take a look at this guide to discover how to acquire an armorer in your village!

What Do Armorer Villagers Do?

Armorers provide players with a unique opportunity for trade, enabling them to engage in the exchange of emeralds for a diverse range of armor and other valuable items.

Simply click the armorer with your right mouse button to initiate trading with them.

What an Armorer Buys

  • Coal.
  • Iron ingots.
  • Lava buckets.
  • Diamond.
  • What an Armorer Sells

  • Iron boots.
  • Iron leggings.
  • Iron breastplate.
  • Bell.
  • Chainmail Leggings.
  • Chainmail boots.
  • Chainmail breastplate
  • Chainmail helmet.
  • Shield.
  • Enchanted leggings
  • Magical diamond boots.
  • Enchanted diamond breastplate
  • Magical diamond helmet.
  • The emerald price of these depends on the level of the villager’s profession, and the quantity of items you want to buy.

    Armorer Profession Levels

    Armorers, alongside other villagers with various professions, are rewarded with experience points upon completing trades. This enables them to progress to higher levels, which in turn grants them access to superior items, enhanced trade options, and more favorable prices.

    There are five levels of professions:

  • Beginner = 0 experience points
  • Novice = 10 experience
  • Journeyman = 70 experience
  • Expert = 150 Experience Points
  • Master = 250 experience points
  • Engaging in a transaction with an armorer grants a rewarding range of 2 to 10 XP, allowing for a diverse array of experiences. The realm of trade harbors certain exchanges that prove to be remarkably economical in terms of resources. Interestingly, the XP pool of armorers transcends the actions of fellow players within your server, regardless of whether they have engaged in the procurement or sale of items from said armorer.

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    villager XP Bar

    What is a Minecraft Armorer Villager?

    In the enchanting realm of Minecraft, a formidable armorer villager emerges, adorned with the distinctive profession of “armorer”. These remarkable NPCs possess an innate ability to procure an array of protective gear and all things attuned to the art of defense.

    Trading with an Armorer

    How to Create an Armorer in Minecraft

    The procedure for creating armorer villagers is quite simple, all you require is a blast furnace and an ordinary villager.

    Follow these instructions to create armorer villagers.

  • Construct a blast furnace (recipe for a blast furnace).
  • Position the blast furnace in a rural area near an ordinary resident.
  • As the furnace awaits the arrival of an inexperienced villager, vibrant green particles materialize, forming an enchanting connection between the villager and this block, signifying their newfound occupation.
  • Hooray, you now have a blacksmith
  • To construct a blast furnace, you require:.

  • 3 stones.
  • 5 iron bars
  • 1 regular furnace
  • Arrange these items in your crafting table following the pattern provided below:

    Blast Furnace Recipe in Minecraft

    Using Commands

    Should you find yourself immersed in the realm of boundless imagination, or have granted yourself the power of cheats within your survival odyssey, the art of summoning villagers becomes a mere trifle. Akin to a maestro conducting the symphony of creation, you may effortlessly bring forth these denizens of the pixelated realm, utilizing the command line or a masterfully crafted command block.

    You can summon blacksmith villagers by entering the following command in the chat box:.

    “/Summon Villager X Y Z {Profession

    The coordinates for spawning the armorer will be X Y Z. Discover your coordinates by pressing F3 to reveal the debug screen and observing the top left corner of the data display.

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    In the realm of Minecraft, armorers serve as a splendid avenue to unearth remarkable armor artifacts. By nurturing the skills of village inhabitants and assigning them specific trades, one can effortlessly procure the finest implements and attire within the game. It is crucial to bear in mind that the currency for such valuable acquisitions is none other than illustrious emeralds, thus it is prudent to amass as many of these precious gems as possible.

    Take a look at our additional guides to explore a wider range of professional categories!


    How Do You Get an Armorer in Minecraft?

    To acquire an armorer in Minecraft, one must strategically position a blast furnace in close proximity to an untutored villager. This will establish a connection between the villager and the furnace, thus transforming the villager into a skilled armorer. Alternatively, the summon armorer command, mentioned earlier, can also be utilized.

    What Block Does an Armorer use?

    An armorer’s choice of block type is the mighty blast furnace, painstakingly crafted from 5 iron ingots, 3 stones, and 1 trusty regular furnace.

    What Do Armorers Trade in Minecraft?

    The skilled artisans of Minecraft present a splendid array of offerings in exchange for precious emerald ore – behold the stalwart iron armor, the ornate chainmail armor, the enchanting diamond armor, and the sturdy shields. These armorers, with their discerning taste, seek to acquire a variety of valuable commodities: the dark coal, the gleaming iron bars, the fiery lava buckets, and the sparkling diamonds.

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