5 reasons why Diablo 4 is the ideal entry for franchise newcomers

5 reasons why diablo 4 is the ideal entry for franchise newcomers 602182

Don’t allow the mere numerical representation in the title of Diablo 4 to dissuade you from immersing yourself in this Game of the Year contender.

A closeup screenshot of Lilith, the villain of Diablo 4

A captivating image showcasing the dynamic world of Activision Blizzard.

The long-awaited arrival of Diablo 4 has finally graced us, offering an ideal gateway for those unacquainted with the franchise, eager to unleash infernal chaos.

With the release of Diablo 4 just around the corner, the anticipation has been building for what feels like an eternity. But rest assured, the wait has not been in vain. Activision Blizzard has taken their iconic dungeon crawling series to new depths with a darker and grittier approach, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary. In our review of Diablo 4, we couldn’t help but label it as an “intrinsically addictive reinvention of hell”. And while some may be hesitant to jump in due to it being the fourth installment, we urge newcomers to embrace the opportunity instead.

For those who find themselves teetering on the edge of curiosity regarding Diablo 4, whether due to a lack of acquaintance with the series or uncertainty about its captivating gameplay loop, we stand ready to provide elucidation on why it merits exploration. Embrace these five compelling rationales that make Diablo 4 the perfect initiation into the franchise for newcomers.

You don’t need to have played Diablo 3

Alongside the debut of Diablo 3 nearly a decade ago, Diablo 4 takes a bold step in distancing itself from its predecessor’s storyline. This new installment whisks players away to an evolved version of Sanctuary, a remarkable 50 years into the future. As a result, newcomers are not burdened with the need for prior familiarity with Diablo 3’s narrative events. Instead, they can effortlessly immerse themselves in Diablo 4, indulging in a captivating and self-contained tale that brims with novelty.

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Lorath and other beloved characters from past Diablo games make their appearance, guiding the player on their epic journey. Surprisingly, they are portrayed as fresh NPCs, hardly referencing their previous roles. At the heart of Diablo 4’s captivating storyline lies the captivating conflict between Lilith and Inarius, a tale that captivates both long-time enthusiasts and newcomers alike.

Five great starter classes to make your own

In Diablo 4, players are greeted with a bountiful array of character classes right from the start. Each of the five classes possesses a distinct set of skills, abilities, and specialties, encouraging players to indulge in their creative experimentation. Take the Necromancer, for example, a formidable character adept at fighting at a moderate range. Armed with a mighty scythe for close combat, the Necromancer also wields devastating skills like the Blood Spear and Corpse Explosion, perfect for obliterating weaker adversaries from afar.

For those players seeking to engage in close combat, characters such as the Barbarian and Rogue prove to be ideal choices. With strategic point allocation, the Barbarian class can become a formidable force at close quarters, particularly when utilizing a Whirlwind build. On the other hand, the Sorcerer class offers great adaptability to those who prefer ranged attacks, while the Druid’s ability to shape-shift into various beasts introduces a plethora of unique and imaginative battle scenarios.

Newbie friendly skill system

The distinction between Diablo 3 and Diablo 4 lies predominantly in their approach to skill distribution. In the previous installment, players had minimal influence over the skills they acquired while leveling up. However, Diablo 4 introduces a novel system by adopting a skill tree composed of diverse nodes. This system not only accommodates new players but also empowers individuals to customize their character class to an even greater extent.

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In addition to offering various combat abilities that can be assigned to a button prompt, players have the option to invest skill points into enhancements. This allows players, such as myself, who primarily play as Necromancers, to expand the radius of their Reap attack by simply allocating a skill point, rather than having to unlock an entirely new skill. Diablo 4’s revamped skill tree system is designed to be less aggravating, making it ideal for newcomers.

A truly open world uninterrupted by load screens

In an unprecedented move for the franchise, Diablo enthusiasts can now anticipate a seamlessly connected rendition of Sanctuary, where traversing from the highest peak of Scosglen to the murky depths of Hawezar’s swamps is a seamless journey without any disruptive loading screens. This groundbreaking feature in Diablo 4 creates an authentic open-world experience, captivating both seasoned players and newcomers alike, immersing them so deeply in the game’s universe that it becomes difficult to tear themselves away.

In the realm of gaming, Diablo has gained renown for its labyrinthine dungeons, where a momentary stillness ensues upon each entrance. Yet, fear not, for these interludes do not impede the thrill of the adventure; rather, they seamlessly meld into the seamless tapestry of the boundless world known as Sanctuary. Behold, Diablo 4 emerges with a plethora of captivating quests and tales, beckoning you to traverse the vast overworld, delving into the depths of its dungeons and cellars only when your heart desires.

The presentation and art style has never been better

Despite its slightly outdated appearance in comparison to modern standards, Diablo 3 is overshadowed by the extensive development time that Diablo 4 has undergone, resulting in a visually stunning and intricately designed presentation style reminiscent of the dark aesthetic found in the first two games. Can one then assume that every area and location you explore will possess a gloomy and somber ambiance? Indeed, but hidden within the inherent darkness lies an unparalleled level of meticulousness and refinement that surpasses anything previously witnessed in the game.

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From a purely narrative perspective, the camera now zooms in closely on your player-created character, adding a new level of immersion. Additionally, the cutscenes have never looked more stunning, captivating players for hours on end. With a runtime of approximately 30 hours, newcomers can easily become invested in the story before reaching the endgame. Unlike previous Diablo games, which relied heavily on text, this installment features voice acting for almost every NPC, enhancing the overall experience alongside the impressive graphics.

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