Diablo 3: What is Rebirth and should you use it? – Explained

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Diablo Iii Rebirth Explained Rebirth Warning

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Diablo 3’s introduction of Seasons sparked a division among player characters, with players opting to create either a Seasonal or non-Seasonal character. Seasonal characters revel in the exclusive Seasonal content, such as the thrilling Season Journey and the intriguing mechanics of Season 28’s Altar of Rites. On the other hand, non-Seasonal characters indulge in the core game experience without any additional frills. As each Season draws to a close, Seasonal characters seamlessly transition into the non-Seasonal realm. Fortunately, there exists a mystical method to reverse this process: Rebirth. Yet, undertaking a character Rebirth entails a unique set of regulations and conditions. Within this discourse, we shall delve into the intricacies of Rebirth in the realm of Diablo 3.

Through the power of Rebirth, you have the opportunity to breathe new life into one of your existing characters, transforming it into a Seasonal champion. This transformative process resets the character to level one and removes all of their equipment. But fear not, for the game generously sends your character’s gear to your other non-Seasonal comrades via mail. However, be aware that this gear can only be reclaimed within a 30-day timeframe from the moment it was sent. Furthermore, any achievements, crafting recipes, artisan levels, and stash tabs that you have attained will be reset to that of a fresh character. Essentially, you embark on a new journey with a revitalized character, while still preserving your name and the time you have invested.

Diablo Iii Rebirth Explained Rebirth Option

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Should you have a profound fondness for a certain character from a past Season, breathe new life into them for the upcoming Season.

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Can you undo a Rebirth?

Unfortunately, the answer remains negative: Reversing Rebirths is simply impossible. Exercise utmost caution when contemplating a Rebirth as Blizzard Customer Support lacks the ability to assist in rectifying any regrettable Rebirth decisions.

How many Rebirths per Diablo 3 Season?

The Season allows a maximum of three characters to undergo Rebirth. Should you desire additional Rebirths, patience until the following Season is advised. Alternatively, one can eagerly await the arrival of Diablo IV.

Which characters are not eligible for Rebirth?

Rebirth cannot be granted to deceased Hardcore characters under any circumstances.

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