7 Ways on How to Get Gunpowder in Minecraft

7 ways on how to get gunpowder in minecraft 425756

Within the game, there are numerous methods to acquire gunpowder. Regrettably, gunpowder cannot be created through crafting. Gunpowder serves as a useful resource which can be utilized for crafting diverse items in Minecraft, including Potions, Rockets, and TNT.

From killing creepers to building extensive farms, this guide will give you the detailed process of gathering as much gunpowder in Minecraft.

Killing Creepers

By eliminating Creepers, one can acquire at least a single unit of gunpowder before their explosive demise. These silent and alarming creatures have the ability to approach you from behind and detonate, instilling fear. The most convenient method of obtaining gunpowder in Minecraft is through the elimination of Creepers.


It is best to remember that Creepers will not drop any gunpowder if you have a weapon enchanted with Looting, as you can get more than one gunpowder when you kill them.

Killing Ghasts

Ghasts, found in the Nether, also drop gunpowder in the same ratio as the Creeper. Similarly, if you use the looting enchantment, the maximum loot Ghasts can drop increases up to five.ghast

Killing Witches

Witches can yield a maximum of 15 gunpowder if they perish due to your actions. Eliminating them can result in a potential drop of six gunpowder. Furthermore, possessing the looting enchantment can increase the potential drop to 15 gunpowder.

Looting Chests

The chests in Minecraft contain gunpowder in various locations. Please refer to the list below to find the specific places where you can find these chests.

  • Desert Temples have a 57.8% chance of having gunpowder in them. You can find 1-8 gunpowder in the chests located here.desert pyramid
  • Shipwrecks also offer you 1-5 gunpowder in their storage chests. The probability of its appearance is 20.8%.
  • Woodland mansions have a 57.8% chance of getting gunpowder in the chests. The chests can have up to eight gunpowder in them.
  • Within the chests, there lies the possibility of acquiring a maximum of eight explosive powder. Dungeons (Spawners) further offer a 57.8% chance of uncovering gunpowder.
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    Trading with Wandering Traders

    Although the chances of a Wandering Trader selling you gunpowder is only ⅙, you can exchange it with emerald if you find a trader that sells you the item.wandering trader

    Building a Gunpowder Farm

    The most efficient and best way to gather gunpowder on a farm known as Creeper Farm, which commonly uses dark settings and trapdoors, is by building a lot of trapdoors.

    Let’s examine the procedure of building an automated Creeper farm, allowing you to gather a plentiful amount of gunpowder based on your needs.

    The farm construction can be divided into three components: the foundation, the building, and the enclosure.

    Building the Farm Base

    Firstly, if you want a more aesthetic-looking building, you can use tinted glass or colored cement blocks, or even concrete grey blocks. We are using concrete grey blocks to build the tutorial in the farm. Additionally, if you find it easy to gather, you can also use stone or cobblestone blocks to build some solid parts of the structure.

  • The focal point of the construction will be the excavation. To establish the farm, excavate a 3×2 cavity on a relatively flat terrain.
  • The columns must be arranged in a 4-block square and two blocks tall. Construct columns on both sides of the 2-block wide opening.
  • Place three blocks at a diagonal angle, starting from the corner of the column and extending outward. Add five more blocks in a straight line, beginning from the third block.
  • Duplicate the identical design on the opposing side. Subsequently, connect the two extremities.
  • Repeat steps three and four on the other side of the pillar. Add one more layer of the concrete block on the wall you build. Your base should look like the picture below.creeper farm base
  • Building the Structure

    Now that we have our foundation, we can begin constructing the framework where Creepers can generate.

  • First, place a trapdoor in the middle of the longest side on the bottom part of the second layer. Do the same on the other side as well. These will be the platform for cats.cat platform
  • Create a roof of trapdoors that covers the whole area. The trapdoors make the room smaller so that only creepers can spawn.
  • It is best to remember that you cannot place a trapdoor above the cat platform we made in the first step. Hence, you will see two holes on either side of the roof, as in the picture.trapdoor roof
  • Before we move to the next step, it is best to light up the inside of the farm, as nothing can spawn while we are working.
  • Placing trapdoors above the blocks is an important step in completely lighting the block. Place the concrete roof trapdoor above the blocks.
  • You can also increase the level of the structure so that more creepers can spawn, resulting in more gunpowder. multiple levels You can repeat the same building process on top of the concrete roof to add multiple levels. The only difference you need to make will be to remove the blocks from the middle so that Creepers can fall inside. Light up the roof so that nothing can spawn on the top.
  • Now, use a lead and place the cat on the platform we made earlier. It is best to feed the cat some raw salmon and train them. Training them lets us make them sit and not despawn in the creeper chamber.cat
  • Go inside the building, and place carpets on every third block. You will end up using six carpets on each side. This is to prevent the spiders from spawning inside.carpet
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    It is important to place cats inside the chambers. Cats scare the Creepers, making them run away and fall inside our trap.

    Building the Trap

    Now that our construction is finished, we can begin crafting the snares for the creepers.

  • Dig an additional four blocks deeper into the central cavity that we initially excavated.
  • Position trapdoors on the upper part of the opening entrance.
  • Now, excavate a tunnel spanning nine or ten blocks through the space that is two blocks wide.
  • Place a bucket of water at the beginning of the tunnel, similar to the picture.trapdoor bottom
  • We need to dig further to block the flow of water, as water has only been traveling up to the eighth block. Let’s start counting from the beginning block and dig down to the first block.
  • Excavate a new tunnel commencing at the identical location where you dug in the preceding stage.
  • Just prior to the hoppers, ensure that the water ceases and excavate a two-space wide block downwards, then position the hoppers within it. Determine the location where the water concludes.
  • Dig and make a small room behind the hoppers. You can also create an exit from there as this will be the collection room that looks like the picture below upon completion.final trap
  • Next to the hoppers, excavate and position a storage container. Ensure that the hoppers are oriented towards the chest. If they are not aligned correctly, dismantle them and relocate them adjacent to the chest in the identical location. In the same vicinity, position them next to the chest and dismantle them if their orientation is incorrect. Direct the hoppers towards the chest and place a storage container next to the excavation site.
  • Place the two smallest glass blocks on top of the chest and in front of the hoppers, opposite the water blocks, at a high elevation.
  • Now, place a sign on the wall above the hopper and the glass above the chest. Go one up and put another sign on each side. Your trap should look like the picture below by the end of this step.trap
  • Now it is essential to finish your trap. Place hoppers on top of the upper glass block to collect lava. Ensure that there are two signs between which the lava flows to prevent it from spilling. Finally, place the glass block above the lava.
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    Run the Farm

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