All Hawezar Altar of Lilith Statue Locations in Diablo 4

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Are you curious about uncovering the secretive spots where the Altar of Lilith Statues reside in the mystical realm of Hawezar within Diablo 4? These enigmatic Statues are discreetly scattered across the expansive map, bestowing everlasting enhancements upon intrepid players fortunate enough to stumble upon them. It is undeniably advantageous to embark on a quest to unveil each and every one of these elusive treasures, thereby unlocking the full potential of your valiant character. Without further ado, let us embark on an enchanting journey to explore the hidden corners of the Hawezar region, where the Altar of Lilith Statues silently await in Diablo 4.

Diablo 4: All Altar of Lilith Statue Locations in Hawezar

Hawezar Altar of Lilith Statue Map Locations

Captured from the realm of Blizzard Entertainment, this mesmerizing creation is sourced from Map Genie’s screenshot.

In the mystical realm of Diablo 4, the enchanting Hawezar region boasts an impressive collection of 34 Altars of Lilith Statues. Behold! The above map reveals the precise locations of every single Altar of Lilith Statue nestled within the Hawezar region. Prepare to delve into the secrets of this sacred land as we unveil the complete list of Altar of Lilith Statues below.

1. Umir Plateau (4 Statues)

Diablo 4 boasts a quartet of exquisite Lilith Statues, gracing the realm with their mystical prowess. These magnificent Altars bestow upon adventurers an array of empowering enhancements, encompassing the realms of Willpower, Strength, Intelligence, and Dexterity. Embodied in the ethereal realms of Savage Precipice, The Fallow Tillage, Faith’s Edge, and Nymyr Highlands, these sacred monuments beckon the brave and the curious alike.

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2. Crusaders Monument (1 Statue)

Nestled amidst the northern expanse of the region, concealed behind the protective embrace of a majestic tree, stands this resplendent Statue. It graciously bestows upon you a bountiful +2 Willpower, fortifying your inner strength and resilience.

3. Dismal Foothill (4 Statues)

The magnificent Statues grant Max Murmuring Obols, Intelligence, and Strength in abundance. Discover these remarkable Statues nestled southeast of the enchanting Light’s Refuge dungeon, adjacent to the mystical Heathen’s Keep dungeon, northwest and to the north of the captivating Ruins of Rakhat, and concealed within the ancient walls of Rakhat Keep.

4. The Writhing Mire (4 Statues)

The mystical Altar of Lilith Statues found within Diablo 4 bestow upon players the divine gifts of agility, might, intellect, and a multitude of enigmatic Murmuring Obols. These ethereal statues are scattered throughout treacherous locales such as The Swamp of Vanished Souls, the Venom-Drenched Path, Tszava’s Slough, and the enigmatic depths of the Misshapen Labyrinth.

5. Eriman’s Pyre (1 Statue)

Upon activation, this magnificent Statue bestows an additional +2 to one’s Intelligence attribute. Nestled within the fiery depths of Eriman’s Pyre, it emanates an aura of wisdom and knowledge.

6. Rotspill Delta (3 Statues)

In Diablo 4, amidst the enchanting landscapes of Bosun’s Woe, Revenant’s Roam, and the southern coast, you can stumble upon the mystical Altars of Lilith Statues, known as the Rotspill Delta trio. These remarkable statues offer a bountiful reward, granting you the coveted Max Murmuring Obols, enhancing your Dexterity, and empowering your Willpower. Keep your senses sharp and embark on a thrilling quest to discover these hidden treasures.

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7. Forsaken Coast (3 Statues)

Discover the enchanting sculptures nestled within Back Guard Bog, The Rust Wash, and Mangrove Snarl. These exquisite statues bestow upon you the ethereal Murmuring Obols, unwavering Willpower, and boundless Intelligence.

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8. Toxic Fens (4 Statues)

Input: The Statues in the Toxic Fens region can be found at Ottivik Travail, The Molting Shore, Reach of Adulation, and nestled among the enchanting grove of small trees in the southern expanse. These magnificent structures bestow a range of empowering effects including Murmuring Obols, heightened Willpower, amplified Intelligence, and enhanced Dexterity.

9. Fethis Wetlands (4 Statues)

In the realm’s expanse, the enigmatic Altars of Lilith Statues in Diablo 4 reveal themselves amidst the vast Plains of Attrition, nestled amidst the contorted embrace of ancient tree boughs. They can be discovered to the south of the formidable Blind Burrows dungeon and also grace the presence of a mystical Windpest tree. Within this mystical realm, these statues bestow upon the weary adventurers a medley of empowering boons, including the ethereal Murmuring Obols, the indomitable force of Willpower, and the unwavering might of Strength.

10. Bright Marsh (4 Statues)

In the vast expanse of Bright Marsh, there lie four magnificent statues, each standing proudly in different cardinal directions. To the east, they guard the entrance to the foreboding Serpent’s Lair dungeon, while to the west, they watch over the tranquil Quiet Clearing dungeon. Journeying towards the northeastern part of the Corpsewail Deluge, one will be met by another of these statues, and finally, in the northwestern reaches of Blightmarsh, the last one stands tall. These statues bestow upon the fortunate seekers the coveted treasures of Murmuring Obols, Willpower, Dexterity, and Strength.

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11. Ruins of Rakhat Keep (1 Statue)

Deep within the ruins of Rakhat Keep lies a magnificent statue that bestows upon you the enchanting gift of +5 Max Murmuring Obols.

12.Vyeresz ( 1 Statue)

Discover this magnificent Statue nestled within the enigmatic Temple Ruins, bestowing upon you the extraordinary gift of +2 Dexterity.

As you gaze upon the vast expanse, the Altars of Lilith Statues in Diablo 4 reveal themselves, scattered across the globe in far-flung corners. Each of these captivating Statues possesses the power to bestow extraordinary buffs upon your character, propelling them towards greatness within the game. Whether it be the enchanting whispers of Murmuring Obols, the unwavering determination of Willpower, the sharp intellect of Intelligence, or the indomitable might of Strength, these revered Statues hold something valuable for every intrepid explorer. To effortlessly conquer more arduous trials and triumph over formidable obstacles, embark upon a pilgrimage to all the sacred sites meticulously outlined in the mystical realm of Hawezar. And fear not, for if your path becomes hazy, the ethereal video below, crafted by the LunarGaming conclave, shall illuminate the way.

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