Best Diablo 3 Necromancer Builds: Season 27

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Unleash chaos upon your adversaries in Season 27 with the ultimate Diablo 3 Necromancer build, harnessing the destructive power of blood, bone, and venomous incantations. Brace yourself for a comprehensive guide on achieving absolute devastation.

Unleashed upon the game in 2017, Diablo 3’s Necromancer breathed new life into the realm of Sanctuary, beckoning loyal followers of Diablo 2’s iconic class to embark on a thrilling and slightly unconventional journey. With the awe-inspiring might of the Priests of Rathma, players could traverse every nook and cranny of Sanctuary, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.

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Although bearing resemblance to the Witch Doctor, the Necromancer diverges by lacking any form of sustained damage abilities. Instead, it grants you dominion over pets and grants the power to manipulate corpses scattered across the realm, either bending them to your will or rejuvenating your Essence.

Unleash the dark arts with this spellbinding Necromancer build, tailor-made for the thrilling season 27 of Diablo 3.

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    A screenshot showing gameplay of Diablo 3's Necromancer using DecrepifyBlizzard Entertainment

    Within the realms of Sanctuary, the Necromancer wields formidable abilities to vanquish your foes.

    Is the Necromancer for me?

    For those who embrace the allure of dark enchantments and a brooding style, the Necromancer offers solace. Embracing the trifecta of Blood & Bone, Poison, and Resurrection, their abilities manifest through malevolent hexes, an ever-expanding legion of followers, and the mastery of single or dual-bladed Scythes to vanquish adversaries.

    With the ability to replenish their vitality during battles, the Necromancer emerges as an excellent option for unleashing staggering levels of devastation while simultaneously ensuring personal survival with a protective shield.

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    If you have an affinity for charging headfirst into the chaos of battle, we highly suggest embracing the roles of either a Barbarian or a Crusader. However, if you seek a playstyle that is reminiscent of the tank but with a touch of lighter aesthetics, we invite you to explore the realms of the Witch Doctor. On the other hand, individuals who find solace in unleashing the power of traditional magical abilities will find themselves perfectly at ease with the enigmatic Wizard.

    Is the Necromancer good in Diablo Season 27?

    In the realm of Season 27 in Diablo 3, the Necromancer reigns supreme as per Maxroll.Gg’s solo tier list. This formidable class boasts an impressive array of three mighty builds residing within the prestigious S-Tier, while an additional two hold their ground in the esteemed A-Tier.

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    Artwork of Diablo 3's female Necromancer holding a flaming heart phylacteryBlizzard Entertainment

    With their proficiency in unleashing chaos through decay and desolation, the Necromancer in Diablo 3 emerges as a devoted disciple of the Priests of Rathma, leaving a trail of darkness in their wake.

    Best Diablo 3 Necromancer build: Season 27

    To maximize your destructive potential this season as a Necromancer, be sure to embrace the unparalleled power of the S-tier Trag’Oul Death Nova build.

    Transform your Necromancer into an unstoppable force of death and destruction with this innovative build, incorporating a diverse array of components to unleash the full power of the Death Nova and embark on an exhilarating journey of experience farming.

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    Active skills

    Here, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the essential skills you need to prioritize in order to assemble this exceptional build:

    Passive skills

    These are the essential passive abilities to employ in order to optimize this specific build:

  • Swift Harvesting.
  • Ignited by the embrace of Death.
  • Final Service.
  • Stand Alone.
  • Spreading Malediction.
  • Item build

    Embrace the power of the Trag’Oul Death Nova build, where the mighty Trag’Oul’s Avatar set becomes your ultimate ally. Watch as your Life quadruples and unleash a mind-blowing 10,000% damage surge to amplify the might of all Blood Skills. This becomes exceptionally handy when weaving together a build that heavily relies on the devastating force of Death Nova.

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    Set your sights on acquiring a diverse array of gear and armaments:

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    Explore the complete construction over here:

    Diablo 3 Necromancer follower

    Input: Followers play a vital role in gameplay, although they are often overlooked by many. The recent modifications in Season 23 introduced the opportunity to personalize their armor in addition to their weapon. This choice not only simplifies things for you in the future but also enhances your overall gaming experience.

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    To enhance the Necromancer’s prowess, we suggest including the Enchantress as your sole companion, as she is the only follower capable of reducing cooldowns. Nevertheless, if you require the assistance of a tank, you can also enlist the Templar, although it should be noted that your cooldown reduction will be somewhat diminished.

    Artwork of the Male necromancer in Diablo 3Blizzard Entertainment

    Having acquainted yourself with the top-notch Necromancer build, let’s delve into an array of captivating alternatives.

    Alternative Diablo 3 Necromancer builds

    Don’t fret if the resilient Corpse Explosion build doesn’t pique your interest! Fear not, for I present to you two alternative builds for Season 27, both of which are deemed top-tier S-Class builds!

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    LoD Death Nova build

    Just like the primary build we’ve selected earlier, the S-Tier LoD Death Nova build is also a superb choice for individuals who relish inflicting widespread damage from afar.

    Behold the complete construction, unveiled in its entirety at this very place.

    Rathma Army of the Dead build

    Input: If you prefer a playstyle centered around commanding minions and are willing to sacrifice your own survivability, look no further than this incredibly enjoyable build. It not only belongs to the S-Tier but is also inspired by the formidable Bones of Rathma set. Give it a go and experience a whole new level of fun!

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    Unlock the ultimate power of the Rathma Army of the Dead build right at your fingertips.

    Behold! Behold! All the wisdom you seek regarding the most sublime creation of a Diablo 3 Necromancer build for Season 27 is laid bare before you.

    Don’t miss out on our extensive guides that offer a plethora of tips and builds to empower you in conquering every obstacle that Sanctuary presents.

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