All Minecraft cheats and commands to control your world

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    To enable and use useful commands in Minecraft, both for Bedrock and Java editions, we have everything you need to know about Minecraft cheats and commands. These cheat features are available for both PC and consoles, so you can even use commands on the console versions of the game. If you want to make changes to your world, such as teleporting, enchanting gear, or changing the time of day, you can start by entering commands in the chat box with cheats enabled in your world. Commands and cheats can be used to make things easier and alter the features of your Minecraft world.

    How to use Minecraft commands and cheats in Java Edition

    To utilize cheats in Minecraft Java Edition, follow these steps:.

  • Begin by selecting to generate a fresh Minecraft realm.
  • On the ‘Create New World’ page, click on “Enable Cheats” so that it is switched on.
  • Create and step into the universe.
  • The conversation menu with a forward slash already in the text box is available for you to press the forward slash key (/) once you have loaded in.
  • You can use the arrow keys to scroll through previous commands, both up and down. Additionally, you can run a command by typing it and pressing the enter key.
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    To enable cheats in the Minecraft world, make sure to follow these steps. Please note that by enabling cheats, you will have the ability to cheat in the game and it may disrupt your gameplay.

    How to use Minecraft commands and cheats in Bedrock Edition

    To utilize cheats in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, even on gaming consoles, adhere to the following instructions:

  • Generate a fresh solo-player realm.
  • Enable the Cheat function and navigate to the Cheats section within the ‘Create New World’ menu. It is important to note that once you activate cheats, even if you disable them afterwards, the ability to earn achievements in Bedrock Edition will be permanently deactivated.
  • Create and step into the universe.
  • Once you’ve entered, press the right button on the D-pad of your controller.
  • Start typing instructions – ensure that you commence each one with a ‘/’ or access the on-screen keyboard and select a Minecraft command from the options by clicking the ‘/’ icon.
  • After inputting the command – indicated at the bottom of the screen – just press the ‘X’ key to carry out the command.
  • Minecraft cheats toggle when creating a new world

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    If you’re playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition using a keyboard, you can enter and execute commands in the text box by typing a slash (/) followed by the desired command. When you enable cheats in a world, the chat menu will already be brought up by pressing ‘/’. Similarly, in Java Edition, you can enter and execute commands in the text box by typing a slash (/) followed by the desired command.

    If you have already started a game and want to enable cheats, you can do this by scrolling down to ‘Activate Cheats’ in the ‘Game’ menu, then scrolling down to the ‘Settings’ menu and disabling the cheats that will not enable achievements, so that you are aware of them.

    Minecraft cheats and commands list bedrock edition

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    Minecraft player cheats and commands

  • /Kill [player] Eliminate yourself (or specified player
  • /Tp [player] Transport yourself (or specified player) to the provided coordinates.
  • /Effect [duration].
  • /Effect clear [effect] Remove all effects, or optionally only the specified effect, from the player or entity.
  • /Enchant [level].
  • Add the specified amount of experience points to the designated player. Instead, include experience levels by appending the word “levels” at the end.
  • Whether you’re playing Minecraft Java Edition or Bedrock Edition, you can quickly select specific targets by using these shortcuts for commands and cheats.

  • @P = the player closest to you.
  • @R = a arbitrary player.
  • @A = every player worldwide.
  • @E = all entities in the world.@E =
  • I’m sorry, but I
  • Minecraft world and environment cheats and commands

    The blocks that are positioned behind are 5, there are no blocks above (at the same height), and there are 5 blocks to the left would be denoted as ^5 ^ ^-5. The blocks situated in the northern direction are 5, there are no blocks at the same height (with the sea level being 62), and there are 5 blocks towards the east would be represented as ~5 ~ ~-5. The absence of any displacement is indicated by ~0 or ^0, using the notation itself. The altitude ranges from -64 to 320, where 62 corresponds to the sea level. The northward (+) or southward (-) distance from the reference point is referred to as z, the westward (+) or eastward (-) distance from the reference point is denoted as x, and the distance from -64 to 320 is represented as y. The coordinates are expressed as x, y, z, indicating the distance west (+) or east (-) from the reference point, the distance north (+) or south (-) from the reference point, and the altitude within the range of -64 to 320.

  • /Seed Generates a seed code that allows you to recreate your world at a later time.
  • /Setworldspawn [x y z] Adjust the world spawn point to the player’s present location, or optionally input the specified coordinates.
  • /Gamemode [player] Adjusts the type of game mode (choose between survival, creative, adventure, or spectator) for either yourself or an optional player.
  • This is a compilation of regulation codes. Modify it in case an optional value is provided, or inquire about the value of a game rule by utilizing /gamerule [value].
  • /Difficulty Determines the level of challenge (choose peaceful, easy, normal, or hard).
  • /Time set Sets the world game time, use 0 (Dawn), 1000 (Morning), 6000 (Midday), 12000 (Dusk), or 18000 (Night) as the value.
  • /Gamerule doDaylightCycle false Disable the day/night cycle, replace false with true to enable it again.
  • /Weather [duration] Configures the weather condition (choose clear, rain, or thunder) for an optional period of time in seconds.
  • To disable weather changes, set the gamerule doWeatherCycle to false. If you want to reactivate it, replace
  • /Clone Duplicates the blocks within the area bounded by coordinates and , and then positions them at coordinates in the southwest corner.
  • Minecraft commands

    Minecraft Item and Mob cheats and commands

  • /Give [quantity].
  • /Gamerule keepInventory false Retain your inventory items after you die, replace false with true to revert.
  • /Summon [x y
  • If you need any additional assistance, simply type [command] /help to receive guidance and more information. Those who cheat in Minecraft should be considered as more than just content creators, as they can create chaos in your worlds and disrupt the harmony of your heart.

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