How to Repair a Bow in Minecraft (The Easy Way)

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Bows are a useful weapon when it comes to long-range combat in Minecraft. They’re my favorite choice of weapon for farming Creepers or exploring the Nether with a Powder Gun.

When combined with specific enchantments for the bow, it becomes one of the top advantages in your possession.

However, if you have become skilled at crafting swords in Minecraft, you will surely understand that no tool or weapon remains usable indefinitely.

If you want to know how to keep and repair it, if you have a Bow equipped, like really, Enchantments with you.

Minecraft Bow Recipe

  • 3 String.
  • 3 Sticks.
  • Crafting a Bow is a relatively simple skill to acquire. It is similar to fishing with a rod, where you just need to be patient. In order to harvest spiders, you will require Rope and Sticks, which are all necessary. The image below displays how to arrange them in a Crafting Table, resembling a Table Crafting.

    Bow craft

    Minecraft Arrow Recipe

  • 1 Flint.
  • 1 Stick.
  • 1 Feather.
  • Once you have your Bow you will need to stock up on Arrows. To make Arrows you need Sticks, Feathers, and Flint.

    Arrow Craft

    How to Repair a Bow

    The procedure of fixing or repairing a standard bow is identical to that of any tool or weapon in the game.

    Non-magical objects in Minecraft can be fixed either on an anvil or on a crafting table.

    Fix Bow

    If you don’t have an enchanted bow, feel free to use this technique where you will need another bow that is equal to or more durable than the two put together on the grid.

    Their strength will merge with an additional 5% included.

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    However, in order to repair an Enchanted Bow, an Anvil is necessary.

    Repair Bow

    When you combine items at the Anvil, it will keep any enchantments you have on them, fixing it at the cost of experience levels.

    If you have two Bows with different sets of Enchantments, it also means that the Anvil will combine them, increasing their durability as well.

    Dealing with Enchanted Items is always a better option when using an Anvil. You can also give your special Items a unique name with it.

    How to Craft and Use an Anvil

    In order to craft an Anvil, you will need a fairly significant amount of Iron, specifically 31 Iron Ingots and 3 Iron Blocks, along with 4 Iron Ingots.


    If a player is not trapped inside multiple blocks, damage will definitely occur when an Anvil falls on them. An Anvil, similar to Sand or Gravel, is a gravity-affected block.

    The durability of the Anvil itself will vary with each use (repairing, renaming, or Enchanting). The fact that it gradually diminishes over time is another distinctive characteristic of the Anvil.

    It usually cannot be repaired and typically lasts for a total of 25 uses. Before it becomes destroyed, there are three different stages to an Anvil.

    The progression of the Anvil’s durability decline includes: Anvil (in pristine condition), Chipped Anvil, and Damaged Anvil.

    Enchanting a Bow

    If you think you will miss the shot, it’s a good idea to aim the Bow down to the ground and shoot the Arrow into a solid Block. It will be a good move when you hit a Mob with the Arrow.

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    You cannot retrieve Arrows from Skeletons or other individuals that are trapped in blocks.

    The Enchantment of Infinity allows you to fire an endless number of Arrows from at least one Bow in your inventory. Of course, there are ways to get around this and obtain more Arrows.

    The Arrows do not get exhausted

    To imbue any tool or weapon within the game, you will need an Enchanting Table, Lapis Lazuli, and a set of Bookshelves.


    The Enchanting Table is the place where you will perform all your Enchanting activities. In order to obtain Enchantments, you will require Lapis Lazuli as a form of currency, in addition to your Experience Levels. You will be engaging in Enchanting, while also utilizing Enchantments and Lapis Lazuli as a means of payment, at The Enchanting Table.

    The higher the number of bookshelves you have (maximum of 50 bookshelves), the better the enchantments will be. The bookshelves, which are placed around the enchanting table, help in empowering the enchanting table. The bookshelves are placed around the enchanting table to help empower the enchanting table.

    These locations are typically most suitable for constructing libraries and similar structures, enabling you to collect your captivating books.

    This will enhance your opportunity to acquire some of the finest Bow Enchantments in Minecraft.

    For the endless Arrows you will want to keep your eye out on the Infinity Enchantment.

    What to do Next

    Repairing will incur additional expenses, especially for specific items that require enchantments. It will cost you experience levels when using an anvil, as mentioned earlier.

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    Frequently engage in farming and mining to gather the necessary expertise. An automated fishing facility can greatly assist you in enhancing and fixing your belongings. It is beneficial to possess a sufficient number of experience points.

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