All Your Hard Work Won’t Matter When Diablo 4 Season 1 Starts

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  • Blizzard’s announcement about the upcoming Diablo 4 season model has sparked anticipation, promising a wave of fresh and thrilling content. Nevertheless, not all individuals share the same level of enthusiasm, expressing discontent with the stipulations imposed.

    A close-up of Lilith on the right side of the frame, blended into an image of a Necromancer commanding undead pawns on the left.

    Ever since Diablo 4 made its grand entrance in early June, a plethora of players have been eagerly inquiring about the possibility of accessing the game’s forthcoming seasonal content with their existing characters from launch day and preseason. This has sparked a debate as to whether a distinct seasonal character is necessary. While Blizzard has refrained from disclosing an official release date for Diablo 4 Season 1, speculations indicate that it will kick off sometime in July. As the first season’s launch looms near, the burning question regarding seasonal characters has finally been answered, but the response has left many disheartened.

    The journey of completing the epic tale, gathering an arsenal of elusive and mighty artifacts, and pushing to the ultimate level cap in Diablo 4 demands an immense investment of time. It requires approximately 150 hours and a staggering 487 million XP to attain the coveted level 100. Hence, it is hardly astonishing that numerous players who have already devoted such substantial time and effort would find little enthusiasm in embarking on a fresh character and reliving not only the game but also the arduous leveling process. Regrettably, though, the hard-earned hours spent in the preseason may hold little significance once the inaugural adventure of Diablo 4 Season 1 commences.

    Diablo 4 Will Require Players To Create A New Character Every Season

    Diablo 4 Necromancer Class with Skeleton Minions from Class Trailer

    In a tweet on June 19, Rod Fergusson, the producer of Diablo 4, revealed an intriguing requirement for players to fully immerse themselves in the game’s ever-evolving world. To truly delve into the captivating seasonal questline, mechanics, season journey, and battle pass, it is now necessary for adventurers to embark on a thrilling journey of character creation each season. This revelation also confirms that beloved launch day and preseason characters will find solace in the Eternal Realm, a realm rooted in the core game experience, yet devoid of all the exciting new seasonal content, enthralling side quests, and innovative features.

    The unexpected absence of preseason characters in the seasonal content has caught many newcomers to the action role-playing game franchise off guard. Nevertheless, this identical seasonal approach was utilized in the previous installment of the series, Diablo 3, and numerous experienced Diablo players were anticipating its reappearance. Blizzard’s rationale for mandating players to create seasonal characters in order to partake in the battle passes seems to stem from its ability to maintain game equilibrium and guide players towards rediscovering the gratifying feeling of character progression.

    Blizzard has officially stated that to fully immerse oneself in the forthcoming seasonal adventures of Diablo 4 Season 1, players will be required to fashion a fresh character for each new season. Nevertheless, they have also unveiled that certain laborious elements of the game, like the mystical Altars of Lilith and the intricate process of uncovering the map, will seamlessly transcend from the Eternal Realm to every subsequent seasonal odyssey. Consequently, adventurers need not fret about embarking on a quest to rediscover the elusive 160 Altars of Lilith or tirelessly retrace their steps across the expansive realm.

    Seasonal Character Requirement Announced To Mixed Reception

    A render of Elias takes up the left side of the screen as he stares up at Lilith. The right side of the screen shows him bowing at Lilith's feet.

    In a subsequent tweet within the thread, Fergusson was queried about the strategy for new players in relation to the seasonal content, in order to avoid starting from scratch when the upcoming seasonal material is released. In reply, Rod asserted that players have the option to bypass the campaign once the season commences and confirmed that the campaign only requires completion once. While skipping the story mode will undoubtedly hasten the leveling process, granting access to lucrative activities like side quests and dungeons, it will still demand extensive hours of grinding to reach the same level as seasonal characters.

    The announcement of the requirement for players to create a fresh character in order to fully experience the captivating seasonal quests, unique features, and innovative mechanics has sparked a diverse range of reactions among Diablo 4 players. Numerous individuals have taken to Twitter to express their frustration in response to Fergusson’s confirmation. One keen Twitter user, miketheitguy, expressed skepticism by stating, “This idea won’t sit well with the majority of the player base. It’s crucial to have a backup plan if we witness a 90% decline in monthly active users.” Another dissatisfied user, Avalanchian71, shared their thoughts by saying, “To be honest, I will create a new character for the first season since I paid for it, but beyond that, I’m calling it quits.”

    On the flip side, numerous Twitter users promptly highlighted that the game’s seasonal framework is a long-standing tradition within the franchise, and furthermore, it is not exclusive to the Diablo series. Titles such as Fortnite also employ a similar approach by resetting players’ levels to zero in their seasonal Battle Passes, albeit many acknowledge that drawing a direct parallel between the two is flawed due to their vast dissimilarities. Moreover, the action role-playing game (ARPG) essence of Diablo 4 demands a considerably greater dedication of time.

    Diablo 4 DLC Will Be Separate From The Upcoming Seasonal Content

    Diablo 4's Wandering Death World Boss

    Diablo 4 is a colossal game that demands a significant time commitment, spanning from 80 to 150 hours to conquer. Consequently, it comes as no surprise that newcomers to the franchise might feel disheartened or outright displeased when they learn that accessing the battle pass and seasonal content necessitates investing even more time in crafting a new seasonal character. While Blizzard has not yet disclosed an exact release date, the first season is anticipated to commence somewhere between mid to late July, granting players ample time to ponder whether they will engage in the seasons or opt to wait for DLC.

    Despite some hesitation towards investing an additional 100+ hours into forging a fresh character and embarking on a replay of the game, Blizzard has made an exciting revelation regarding story-driven Diablo 4 DLC expansions. While an official release date for the forthcoming Diablo 4 DLC remains undisclosed, the developer has validated the existence of two expansions currently being crafted. Notably, Blizzard has further affirmed that while the seasonal quests and battle passes may not affect the game’s lore, the upcoming Diablo 4 DLC expansions will undeniably leave a lasting impact.

    According to various sources like Rod Fergusson on Twitter, miketheitguy on Twitter, and Avalanchian71 on Twitter, the information provided can be rewritten in a more creative manner.

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