Flurry Rogue Endgame Build Guide for Diablo 4

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Unleashing a storm of agile strikes upon any enemy within reach, behold the Flurry Rogue, a formidable build. Embark on a thrilling journey as we delve into the art of crafting an endgame character in Diablo 4, presenting you with the ultimate blueprint for Skills, Gear, and Paragon.

Input: Flurry slices through all nearby foes with numerous strikes. To transform Flurry into a colossal circular Area of Effect (AoE) encompassing the player, one must possess the Aspect of Encircling Blades. It is advisable to either possess an extracted Aspect or have it unlocked in the Codex of Power. Extracted Aspects obtained from Legendary Items are highly recommended due to their superior potency.

Embark on a journey of chaos and destruction with the Flurry Rogue, an impeccable AoE build designed for players seeking a seamless and effortless playstyle, effortlessly obliterating hordes of enemies in your wake.

Embrace the realm of the endgame with this remarkable build guide, crafted exclusively for those valiant souls who have ascended their characters to the illustrious level of 50 and beyond. Seek not, for the aid of the Rogue Leveling Guide shall pave your path towards this grand achievement, should you require any assistance along the way.

Exciting Diablo 4 Developments: Paragon receives a stunning makeover and elevates to its ultimate form. The gear Stat Priority list underwent meticulous scrutiny and underwent further enhancements. Stay tuned as we keep this guide up to date with the evolving game and thrilling new revelations.

Interested in sharing your thoughts or seeking clarification about the guide? Feel free to hop on the livestream and direct your questions to me!



  • Packs obliterated by the devastating force of high area damage.
  • Swift Motion for Speedy Dungeon Expeditions.
  • Possesses the ability to manipulate and subdue an entire swarm of adversaries.
  • Weaknesses.

  • Diminished Impact on Individual Targets.
  • Embrace the closeness of hand-to-hand combat.
  • Procs hold the key to Crowd Control Mastery.
  • Skill Tree Points

    Presented below are the comprehensive breakdowns of Skill Points for the Flurry Rogue build, unveiling the optimal allocation strategy. The initial table showcases the crucial 48 points that serve as the building blocks of this exceptional design. Subsequently, the second table outlines the remaining 10 points, which are judiciously assigned upon acquiring all Skill Points through Renown.

    Priority Skills Cluster
    Puncture Level 1, Enhanced Puncture, Fundamental Puncture Basic Skill
    Flurry Level 5, Enhanced Flurry, Improved Flurry

    Sturdy Level 3, Siphoning Strikes Level 3

    Stutter Step Level 3
    Core Skill
    Dash Level 1, Enhanced Dash, Disciplined Dash

    Shadow Step Level 1, Enhanced Shadow Step, Methodical Shadow Step
    Agility Skill
    Poison Trap Level 1, Enhanced Poison Trap, Countering Poison Trap

    Exploit Level 3, Malice Level 3

    Agile Level 3
    Subterfuge Skill
    Poison Imbuement Level 1, Enhanced Poison Imbuement, Blended Poison Imbuement

    Deadly Venom Level 1, Debilitating Toxins Level 3
    Imbuement Skill
    Innervation Level 3 Ultimate Skill
    Close Quarters Combat Key Passives
    Remaining Renown Points Cluster
    Adrenaline Rush Level 1, Haste Level 3 Ultimate Skill
    Concussive Level 3, Trick Attacks Level 1

    Weapon Mastery Level 2
    Agility Skill

    Flurry Rogue Specialization

    The go-to specialization for Rogue farming is Combo Points, thanks to the exhilarating burst damage playstyle of Flurry Rogue. Unleash extra damage for Flurry by accumulating Combo Points with the help of Puncture.

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    Combo Points Rogue Diablo 4

    Rewritten Inner Sight, a versatile specialization, can be strategically adopted during lengthy encounters with powerful adversaries such as World Bosses. By inflicting substantial damage, you accelerate the replenishment of your Inner Sight Gauge, granting you boundless Energy for a brief period of 4 seconds. This specialization particularly favors formidable characters, enabling them to unleash a greater number of Flurries.

    Inner Sight Interface Rogue Diablo 4


    The Paragon progression system becomes accessible once reaching level 50, bestowing upon characters an immense reservoir of power. Within the Paragon Board, players can uncover a multitude of bonuses, ranging from modest enhancements found in the Magic Nodes to the awe-inspiring might of Rare Glyphs and Legendary Nodes.

    As you embark on your journey to unveil the secrets of Glyph Sockets and Legendary Nodes, it is crucial to give precedence to unleashing the power of Damage, Dexterity, Resistance, and Life when it comes to Normal and Magic Nodes. The radius of the Glyph expands as you progress and enhance it. Hence, if you find yourself unable to meet the prerequisites for Additional Bonuses in the initial stages, it is wise to temporarily forgo allocating extra nodes.

    Here are the renowned Nodes and elusive Glyphs to incorporate into the Flurry Rogue build, arranged according to their acquisition sequence in Paragon.

    Name Effect
    CloserCloser • For every 5 Dexterity purchased within range, Cutthroat Skills deal +2% increased damage.

    • Additional Bonus (requires 40 Dexterity purchased in radius range):

    While wielding a Melee weapon, you take 10% reduced damage.
    Tricks of the Trade Your Marksman Skills grant your next Cutthroat Skill 25% increased damage. Your Cutthroat Skills grant your next Marksman Skill 25% increased damage.
    ChipChip • For every 5 Dexterity purchased within range, you deal +2% increased Physical damage.

    • Additional Bonus (requires 40 Dexterity purchased in radius range):

    Physical damage increases the damage an enemy takes from you by 1%, up to 10%, for 15 seconds.
    Exploit Weakness Whenever you deal damage to a Vulnerable enemy, they take 1% increased damage from you for 6 seconds, up to 15%.
    CombatCombat • For every 5 Intelligence purchased within range, Core Skills deal +4% increased Critical Strike Damage.

    • Additional Bonus (requires 40 Intelligence purchased in radius range):

    Skills that Critically Strike restore 12% of their Energy cost.
    Deadly Ambush You deal 22.5% increased Critical Strike Damage to enemies affected by your Trap Skills.
    ExploitExploit • For every 5 Strength purchased within range, you deal + [3.85%] increased damage to Vulnerable targets.

    • Additional Bonus (requires 25 Strength purchased in radius range):

    When an enemy is damaged by you, they become Vulnerable for 3 seconds. This cannot happen more than once every 20 seconds per enemy.

    Starting Board

  • Path to the first Glyph Socket along the right side of the first Paragon Board and insert CloserCloser. Purchase all Dexterity nodes in radius range for the Additional Bonus.
  • Acquire a Lawless in close proximity.
  • Acquire nearby expertise and procure 3 enchanting Energy Centers that bestow destructive power.
  • Proceed along the path on the left, until you reach Resilience, where you can acquire two neighboring Magic Nodes that grant you an abundance of Maximum Life.
  • Input: Ascend along the left path of the initial Paragon Board towards your inaugural Board Attachment Gate. Fasten Tricks of the Trade by giving the board a twirl in a clockwise direction, not once but twice.
  • Tricks of the Trade (2nd Board)

  • Input: Ascend and veer to the left towards Brawler, acquiring the enchanting aura of all five neighboring Magic Nodes.
  • Ascend further, veer to the right, and then ascend again towards the enigmatic realm of Tricks of the Trade.
  • Input: Take the path that leads right and downwards from Brawler to Tricks of the Trade, and discover the hidden realm of Shadow Resilience. Acquire a pair of enchanting Magic Nodes that enhance your life force to its fullest potential.
  • Travel along the scenic path connecting Brawler and Tricks of the Trade, leading you to the enchanting realm of Lawless. Acquire a trio of mystical Nodes imbued with protective powers, bestowing you with formidable Armor.
  • Continue up to the Glyph Socket. Insert ChipChip and purchase all Dexterity nodes in radius range.
  • Obtain a concentrated stance in close proximity and acquire 3 mystical orbs that bestow enhanced power against elite adversaries.
  • Embark on a journey from the Glyph Socket, taking a leftward and upward path towards Havoc. Acquire all the enchanting Magic Nodes that encompass the vicinity.
  • Input: Ascend unswervingly from Focused and make your way towards the Board Attachment Gate perched at the summit. Once there, unleash the power of Exploit Weakness following a single clockwise rotation of the board.
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    Exploit Weakness (3rd Board)

  • Ascend the path towards the impregnable fortress of Unassailable, while acquiring all five enchanting Magic Nodes that encompass it.
  • Journey forward until the moment of capitalizing on vulnerabilities.
  • From the route between Unassailable and Exploit Weakness, path left to ExploitExploit. Purchase all 5 surrounding Magic Nodes.
  • Continue up to the Glyph Socket. Insert CombatCombat and purchase all Intelligence nodes in radius range.
  • Input: Find Artifice in close proximity and acquire 3 Magic Nodes that offer enhanced Vulnerable Damage.
  • Input: Find the nearest dosage and buy three magical nodes that offer healing potions.
  • Embark on the journey leading from Unassailable to Exploit Weakness, and veer towards the right path that leads to Cold Resilience. There, acquire 2 mystical nodes that grant the utmost vitality, maximizing your life force.
  • Ascend and reclaim the path towards the Hunter Killer, obtaining the ethereal essence of all five adjacent Enchanted Nexus points.
  • Choose the most direct path to the Board Attachment Gate located on the left side of the board. Execute a cunning maneuver by affixing Deadly Ambush following two clockwise rotations of the board.
  • Deadly Ambush (4th Board)

  • Traverse the trail towards Poison Resilience by taking a leftward and upward direction. Acquire two adjacent Magic Nodes that encompass Maximum Life.
  • Input: Continue onwards, veering to the left and ascending towards the treacherous realm of Deadly Ambush.
  • Continue down to the Glyph Socket. Insert ExploitExploit and purchase all Strength nodes in radius range.
  • Find Engineering in close proximity and acquire 3 Magic Nodes that grant increased damage to enemies who are affected by trap skills.
  • Acquire nearby shrewdness and procure 3 enchanted nodes that grant diminished harm from adversaries influenced by trap-based abilities.
  • Embark on a treacherous journey, evade the lethal ambush, and venture towards the Trapper’s lair. Acquire a pair of mystical nodes that bestow devastating power upon trap skills, causing harm to any foes ensnared within their grasp.
  • Explore the boundless beauty of the Paragon page on the planner by simply clicking this captivating link, and behold the splendid visualization of the entire tree.

    Mechanics and Playstyle

    Playing the Flurry Rogue build is a delightful breeze. Flurry evolves into a mighty sweeping technique, particularly when combined with the enchanting Aspect of Encircling Blades, transforming it into a mesmerizing whirlwind that engulfs the player’s surroundings.

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    The potency of destruction escalates exponentially when engaging in Close Quarters Combat, harnessing the force of Concussive impact, mastering various weapons, skillfully exploiting vulnerabilities, and embracing the essence of Malice.

    Life’s sustenance is achieved by harnessing the power of Agile, Robust, and Crippling Poisons, while revitalizing vitality with Siphoning Strikes and Empowered Frenzy.

    At long last, the Stutter Step and Haste abilities enhance mobility, allowing for swift farming. The battlefield is effortlessly traversed with the aid of two dynamic skills: Dash and Shadow Step.

    Given Flurry’s abundance of AoE devastation to swiftly eliminate groups, the choice of Poison Imbuement surpasses that of Shadow Imbuement, as it amplifies the potential for inflicting substantial single target harm.

    The Poison Trap ability is not solely focused on causing damage; rather, it possesses the power to induce a Knockdown effect when coupled with the Enhanced Poison Trap enhancement. Employ a strategic rotation between Poison Trap and Poison Imbuement to continuously afflict adversaries with the venomous effects.

    Status Effects

    The Flurry Rogue employs a multitude of status effects to subdue adversaries. With a single Basic attack, Fundamental Puncture effortlessly inflicts Vulnerable upon a targeted foe. Subsequently, executing Improved Flurry disseminates Vulnerable to all adversaries within the area of effect. When engaging in group dynamics, ensure that this debuff is imposed upon entire clusters of enemies, enabling your comrades to unleash 20% more devastating damage!

    When adversaries become vulnerable, the Mangler’s Aspect possesses a fortuitous opportunity to bewilder them with a Lucky Hit. Delivering critical blows to dazed foes results in their swift downfall through cunning Trick Attacks, thereby triggering the activation of Concussive for an amplified likelihood of Critical Strikes.

    Inflict amplified damage upon afflicted foes who are poisoned, vulnerable, dazed, stunned, or under your control by equipping gear and utilizing the Paragon Board, thus enhancing the potency of your attacks.

    Damage Rotation

    Maximize your DPS by implementing the subsequent rotation.

  • (Optional) Employ the art of Shadow Step to astound an elite adversary or Dash nimbly to tactically maneuver amidst foes.
  • Employ a strategic rotation of Poison Trap and Poison Imbuement to incessantly afflict adversaries with the venomous effects of poison.
  • Utilize the Puncture ability, casting it anywhere between one to three instances, in order to amass a collection of Combo Points.
  • Unleash a tempest amidst the hordes of foes.
  • Keep the rotation spinning in a never-ending loop. Ensure that you seamlessly switch between the chaotic Flurry and the precise Puncture, unleashing the full potential of Close Quarters Combat, Aspect of the Expectant, and Tricks of the Trade Legendary Paragon Node.
  • Gear Choice and Stat Priority in the Endgame

    When you’re out there farming with the Flurry Rogue, don’t forget to grab all those Rare Item drops that could potentially boost your gear. As for those truly extraordinary Legendary Items, store them away safely in your stash. They possess valuable qualities that can be extracted and imprinted onto exceptionally rolled Rare Items at a later time.

    When it comes to weapons of comparable item levels, the choice leans towards Swords over Daggers for their heightened impact and the inherent prowess of Critical Strike Damage. Should one opt for the mighty Condemnation, it is imperative to wield a Legendary Sword alongside it. As for ranged weapons, the measure of DPS becomes inconsequential, thus emphasizing the significance of affix values. In this regard, Crossbows take precedence over Bows, owing to their remarkable proficiency in dealing Vulnerable Damage.

    Stat Priority List

    Here are the affixes you should focus on when selecting gear for Flurry Rogues. The affixes for each gear slot are ranked in terms of their significance. The stats that are highlighted in bold are not only crucial but also essential for the build to operate effectively.

    Gear Slot Important Affixes
    Swords + DPS value

    + Vulnerable Damage

    + Critical Strike Damage

    + Core Skill Damage

    + Damage to Close, Injured, Poisoned, Trapped, Crowd Controlled, Dazed or Stunned Enemies

    + Dexterity
    Crossbow + Vulnerable Damage

    + Critical Strike Damage

    + Core Skill Damage

    + Damage to Close, Injured, Poisoned, Trapped, Crowd Controlled, Dazed or Stunned Enemies

    + Dexterity
    Helm + Basic Attack Speed

    + Cooldown Reduction

    + Maximum Energy

    + Crowd Control Duration

    + Maximum Life

    + Armor

    + Dexterity
    Chest + Damage Reduction, DR from Close, or Distant Enemies

    + Damage with Dual-Wielded Weapons, Cutthroat Skill Damage, Damage, Physical Damage

    + Maximum Life

    + Armor

    + Dexterity
    Gloves + Ranks of Flurry

    + Attack Speed

    + Critical Strike Chance, CSC Against Injured Enemies

    + Reduces the Arm Time of Your Trap Skills

    + Trap Cooldown Reduction

    + Lucky Hit Chance and LHC to Restore Primary Resource

    + Damage to Injured Enemies

    + Dexterity
    Pants + Damage Reduction, DR Close or Distant Enemies

    + Dodge Chance and DC Against Close Enemies

    + Maximum Life

    + Armor

    + Dexterity
    Boots + Movement Speed

    + Energy Cost Reduction

    + Ranks of Dash or Shadow Step

    + Dodge Chance and DC Against Distant Enemies

    + Damage Reduction while Injured

    + Armor

    + Dexterity
    Amulet + Cooldown Reduction

    + Energy Cost Reduction

    + Ranks of Malice, Exploit or Weapon Mastery Passive

    + Critical Strike Chance Against Injured Enemies

    + Damage Reduction, DR from Poisoned, Distant, Close Enemies, or while Injured

    + Movement Speed

    + % Dexterity

    + Crowd Control Duration

    + Trap Cooldown Reduction

    + Damage, Cutthroat Skill Damage, Damage with Dual-Wielded Weapons

    + Armor
    Rings + Resource Generation

    + Critical Strike Chance and Damage

    + Vulnerable Damage

    + Maximum Energy

    + Lucky Hit Chance

    + Physical Damage

    + Damage to Poisoned, Close, Dazed, Injured, Crowd Controlled, or Stunned Enemies

    + Maximum Life

    Legendary Aspects and Codex of Power

    Behold, behold! I present to you the crème de la crème of Aspects, those that reign supreme and hold significance in the majestic realm of the Flurry Rogue build. Should the coveted Legendary drops elude your grasp, fret not, for the Codex of Power shall offer its Aspects, albeit with diminished might. Seek out the lower echelons of Legendary Items, for within them lie hidden gems waiting to be extracted and imprinted onto Rare Items of superior quality, adorned with the desired stats.

    Gear Slot Aspect Name Aspect Power
    Ranged Weapon (+100% bonus effect) Aspect of Encircling Blades Flurry damages enemies in a circle around you and deals [8 – 15%] increased damage.
    Amulet (+50 bonus effect) Edgemaster’s Aspect Skills deal up to [10 – 20%] increased damage based on your available Primary Resource when cast, receiving the maximum benefit while you have full Primary Resource.
    Dual-Wield Weapons, Rings or Gloves Aspect of Retribution Distant enemies have a 8% chance to be Stunned for 2 seconds when they hit you. You deal [20 – 40%] increased damage to Stunned enemies.
    Dual-Wield Weapons, Rings or Gloves Aspect of the Expectant Attacking enemies with a Basic Skill increases the damage of your next Core Skill cast by [5 – 10%], up to 30%.
    Dual-Wield Weapons, Rings or Gloves Rapid Aspect Basic Skills gain [15 – 30%] Attack Speed.
    Dual-Wield Weapons, Rings or Gloves Accelerating Aspect Critical Strikes with Core Skills increase your Attack Speed by [15 – 25%] for 3 seconds.
    Dual-Wielded Weapons (replaced by Condemnation) Vengeful Aspect Lucky Hit: Making an enemy Vulnerable has up to a [30 – 50%] chance to grant 3% increased Critical Strike Chance for 3 seconds, up to 9%.
    Helm or Chest Exploiter’s Aspect You have 20% increased Crowd Control Duration. While enemies are Unstoppable, you deal [20 – 50%] increased damage to them.
    Helm or Chest Mangler’s Aspect Lucky Hit: Dealing direct damage to a Vulnerable enemy has up to a [25 – 45%] chance to Daze them for 2 seconds.
    Pants Aspect of Might Basic Skills grant 20% Damage Reduction for [2 – 6] seconds
    Boots Ravager’s Aspect Shadow Step has an additional Charge. Killing an enemy with Shadow Step refunds a Charge and increases the damage of Shadow Step by [1 – 6%] for 2 seconds, up to [5 – 30%].

    Unique Items


    Rewritten Singular Blame Enhancement – Unleash the full potential of your Core Skills with a remarkable [20 – 40%] boost in damage whenever you expend 3 Combo Points. Harnessing the power of this weapon, your Skills possess a 30% probability of generating 3 Combo Points.

    The extraordinary Dagger seamlessly harmonizes with the Combo Points build, amplifying the damage multiplier to staggering heights.


    Unveiling the most splendid Gems to elegantly embed into various gear slots specifically designed for the Flurry Rogue build.

  • The Emerald Weapon: Unleashing Devastating Critical Strikes on Vulnerable Foes.
  • Life’s Guardian: Unleash the Power of Ruby to Enhance Vitality.
  • Armor Adorned: Skulls as Gems.
  • Elixirs and Health Potions

    Embark on a quest to encounter the Alchemist residing in bustling towns, where the art of concocting potent Elixirs awaits. These magical potions hold the power to amplify your abilities and expedite your journey towards greatness, granting a 30-minute surge of enhanced stats and accelerated experience acquisition. As you traverse the vast landscapes, keep a keen eye out for the elusive flora and gather the essential ingredients required for crafting. These valuable resources materialize unpredictably across the realm, beckoning your resourcefulness. Whether it is fortifying your defenses with a Resistance Elixir tailored to your needs or bolstering your swiftness with the dynamic Assault Elixir, which augments your Attack Speed by 7%, the Alchemist’s creations are poised to elevate your prowess to new heights.

    Make your way back to the Alchemist as you hit Level 20, 30, 45, 60, 70, 80, and 90, in order to enhance your potion. The added rejuvenation is crucial for your very existence.

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