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The Altars of Lilith in Diablo 4 serve as captivating collectibles that bestow valuable enhancements upon your characters. These mystical altars, with their subtle yet profound effects, elevate your attributes and bestow Paragon Points. Unleashing the full potential of your build necessitates the collection of all Altars of Lilith. Although there are a multitude of these altars scattered throughout the game, the arduous task of locating them need only be accomplished once, as their influence transcends seasons.

Prepare to embark on an adventure through the vast expanse of The Dry Steppes, where a staggering 33 Altars of Lilith lie in wait for intrepid players to discover. These treasured altars are cunningly concealed, nestled within secretive nooks and crannies, evading the casual observer’s gaze. Fear not, for this exceptional guide shall unveil the precise whereabouts of each and every Altar of Lilith within this realm, providing intricate maps and expert guidance, ensuring that you navigate this terrain with utmost haste, securing victory at every turn.

Dry Steppes Altar Of Lilith Map

Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altar Of Lilith Map

Total Altars: 33

The Accursed Wastes

2 Altars

Chambatar Ridge

3 Altars

Dindai Flats

3 Altars

Fields Of Hatred

1 Altar

Jakha Basin

3 Altars

Khargai Crags

4 Altars

Kotama Grasslands

4 Altars

The Scarred Coast

4 Altars


3 Altars

Tusmaa Rift

2 Altars

Untamed Scraps

4 Altars

Within the vast expanse of the Dry Steppes, adventurers can embark on a quest to discover 33 sacred Altars of Lilith. Scattered throughout the various zones, these altars are plentiful, with each zone housing between two to four of them. However, it is important to note that Strongholds, being unique in nature, only harbor a solitary altar in their midst. To embark on this arduous journey, it is strongly advised to first acquire a trusty steed, for traversing this expansive region on foot would be an endeavor of epic proportions. Additionally, honing a swift movement skill would prove invaluable in this endeavor.

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Kotama Grasslands Altar Locations

Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altars Of Lilith Locations Kotama Grasslands

Embark on an exhilarating quest in the vast expanse of Kotama Grasslands, where the elusive Altars of Lilith await your discovery. To ensure a seamless adventure, it is strongly advised to procure a majestic steed before embarking on your endeavor to claim these sacred altars.

  • 2 Dexterity: Discover this hidden gem nestled on the fringes of the zone. Unveiled within the secret enclave, where the paths to Scosglan diverge, lies its elusive charm.
  • Enhance your Intelligence: Explore the eastern route from Ked Bardu and venture further eastward. Uncover a concealed altar along a narrow trail.
  • 2 Strength: Venture to the southern fringes of the Kotama Grasslands, where a familiar sight awaits. Just beneath the emergence of a typical event, a petite cavern mouth beckons. Step inside this hidden grotto and discover the ancient altar that awaits within.
  • 2 Determination: Venture through the western passage of Ked Bardu and maintain a swift pace in that very direction. Eventually, you shall stumble upon the sacred altar nestled within the enigmatic nook, resembling a reversed “L,” discreetly positioned to the north of the entrance to Dindai Flats.
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    Tusmma Rift Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altars Of Lilith Locations Tusmma Rift

    Discover not one, but two hidden sanctuaries dedicated to the enigmatic Lilith within the mystical realm of Tusmma Rift.

  • 2 Intelligence: Nestled in the heart of this subregion lies a mystical altar, waiting to be discovered. Embark on a journey from the enchanting Kotama Grasslands, venturing east through the first exit, and then follow the path northward in search of this sacred sanctuary.
  • 2 Intellect: Venture through the depths of the Dark Ravine dungeon and retrace your steps from the entrance, eventually stumbling upon a towering wall that beckons you to ascend. As you conquer the wall’s challenge, an exquisite altar awaits, ready to bestow upon you an increase in your intellectual prowess.
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    Khargai Crags Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altars Of Lilith Locations Khargai Crags

    Within the Khargai Crags subregion, a delightful discovery awaits you – behold, four sacred Altars of Lilith!

  • 2 Intellect: Unearthed at the far reaches of the Khargai Crags, nestled within a secluded nook that abuts the formidable Onyx Watchtower Stronghold.
  • Enhance your Strength by +2: Dash swiftly towards the southern corner of the zone, where the majestic Jakha Basin bridge stands tall. Discover a concealed wall awaiting your ascent, guiding you towards the sacred altar.
  • 2 Intelligence: Nestled to the north of the Mournfield dungeon and towards the northeastern region of Onyx Hold lies a hidden gem. Upon traversing a quaint wooden bridge, embark on a brief detour facing north and gracefully descend the towering wall. This enchanting route shall guide you to a sacred altar, where your intellect shall be elevated.
  • Discover the boon of +2 Dexterity in the enchanting realm southwest of the Path of the Blind labyrinth. Set forth on a northerly trajectory from this mystical dungeon until an ascending wall beckons. Traverse along this hidden passage to unveil the coveted statue.
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    Chambatar Ridge Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altars Of Lilith Locations Chambatar Ridge

    Embark on an exhilarating quest to gather the mystical trifecta of Lilith’s Altars that await atop the awe-inspiring Chambatar Ridge.

  • Discover +2 Intelligence tucked away amidst the infernal terrain to the northern reaches of the subregion. Embark on the trail adjoining Fate’s Retreat, veering eastward and then southward at the earliest opportunity. Within a crevice nestled along the gusty path, an altar awaits your arrival.
  • Gain +1 Paragon Point by venturing towards Fate’s Retreat and journeying towards the southern direction. Upon spotting a circular platform situated directly south of the town, continue onwards to the subsequent ledge located further south of the platform to unveil the hidden altar.
  • Boost your Willpower: Embark on a journey towards the Paragon altar and emerge in the northeastern direction. There, nestled amidst the heart of the zone, lies a hidden crevice eagerly awaiting your discovery.
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    The Accursed Wastes Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altars Of Lilith Locations The Accursed Wastes

    Within the Accursed Wastes lie a pair of Lilith’s Altars, shrouded in eternal mystery.

  • 2 Determination: Discovered just south of the mysterious Buried Halls labyrinth. Embark on the southern path, and upon reaching a dead-end, venture northward. In due course, a hidden altar shall reveal itself nestled within a narrow crevice on your left.
  • Enhance your Intelligence: Venture to the western side of the Saraan Caldera’s colossal boss arena.
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    Jakha Basin Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altars Of Lilith Locations Jakha Basin

    The Jakha Basin hides within its depths the mystical presence of not one, not two, but three ethereal Altars dedicated to the enigmatic Lilith.

  • Located at the northern edge of the Jakha Basin, lies a hidden treasure known as +2 Dexterity. This elusive gem can be discovered to the right of the bridge, which gracefully guides adventurers towards the magnificent Khargai Crags.
  • 2 Determination: Discovered at the farthest point in the western corner of the subregion, positioned just a bit south from the entrance to Untamed Scraps.
  • 2 Strength: Discovered nestled in the farthest reaches of the subregion, concealed discreetly beneath the entrance leading to The Accursed Wastes.
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    Untamed Scraps Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altars Of Lilith Locations Untamed Scraps

    The Untamed Scraps hide within their depths the enigmatic Four Altars of Lilith.

  • 2 Agility: Nestled in the utmost nook of the subregion, lies the elusive prize. Embarking from the magnificent Dindai Flats, carefully caress the right wall and embark on an enchanting journey towards the east. Just as the opportunity presents itself, veer off course and embark on a captivating detour. The culmination of this exhilarating path reveals the sacred altar, awaiting your arrival.
  • 2 Strength: Discovered right at the heart of the zone, positioned to the north of the Sealed Archives dungeon.
  • Boost your Intelligence by +2: Embark on a thrilling journey to the mystical land of Jirandai. Navigate through the winding paths and select the northeast exit. Then, venture boldly southeast until you stumble upon a hidden bandit camp. Scale the neighboring hill with unwavering determination and uncover the enigmatic statue that awaits your discovery.
  • 2 Resilience: Unearthed amidst the mystical realm of Untamed Scraps, this hidden treasure awaits. Embark on a journey towards the northern direction from Jirandai, embracing the left wall as your guide. Beware of an enigmatic edifice that stands proudly in defiance, intersecting your chosen path.
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    Dindai Flats Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altars Of Lilith Locations Dindai Flats

    The Dindai Flats hold the secret to three hidden Altars of Lilith.

  • Discover the hidden treasure of +2 Dexterity concealed beneath the remnants of a shattered bridge, nestled in the northern realm of the zone.
  • Discover a hidden source of power, +2 Strength, concealed beyond the confines of the Forgotten Depths dungeon. Ascend the mighty rock wall and unveil the sacred altar that awaits you in the eastern direction.
  • Gain +1 Paragon Point by uncovering a hidden gem at the zone’s southernmost tip, nestled within a captivating arrangement of rocks on your map.
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    The Scarred Coast Altar Locations

    Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altars Of Lilith Locations The Scarred Coast

    Within the boundaries of the Scarred Coast lie four enchanting Altars of Lilith. Surprisingly, even though it is situated quite near the Norgoi Vigil, the captivating northern altar takes center stage amidst the rugged beauty of the Scarred Coast.

  • Tucked away within the northernmost nook of the coast, lies a +2 boost to dexterity.
  • 2 Determination: Discovered along the serene western coastline, situated in the southeastern vicinity of the Carrion Fields labyrinth.
  • 2 Strength: Discovered perched upon a majestic mesa situated on the eastern edge of the subregion. Embark on a journey towards the southeastern realm of the Carrion Fields dungeon and ascend the towering mesa to unveil the sacred altar.
  • 2 Intellect: Nestled in the southern nook of the Scarred Coast, in close proximity to the gateway that guides to Kehjistan.
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    Fields Of Hatred Altar Location

    Diablo 4 Dry Steppes Altars Of Lilith Location Fields Of Hatred

    Enter the Fields of Hatred, a relentless PvP realm, but tread delicately.

    Within the Fields of Hatred lies a solitary Altar of Lilith, bestowing upon those who seize it a coveted Paragon Point.

  • 1 Paragon Point: Embark on a journey towards the south from the cozy town until you stumble upon a vast expanse of mysterious caves. Traverse the labyrinthine cavern, closely following the majestic northern wall, to unveil the concealed altar nestled in a hidden nook. Stay vigilant, as both foes and adversaries lurk in the shadows, ready to pounce upon your arrival as you engage in its activation.
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    Stronghold Altar Locations

    In the vast expanse of the Dry Steppes lie three formidable Strongholds awaiting your conquest. Concealed within each stronghold is an enchanting Altar of Lilith, beckoning you to acquire its mystical essence. Only by vanquishing the treacherous depths of every dungeon can you awaken the sacred altar and claim its coveted prize.

  • The Onyx Watchtower, adorned with a +2 boost to Willpower, stands proudly in the southeastern corner of the Stronghold. Just before venturing through the southern exit, dare to scale the adjacent wall and unveil the hidden altar.
  • Venture into the demon-ravaged village at the southern edge of Qara-Yisu and embrace the power of +2 Willpower. Within the forsaken town’s southern realm lies the sacred Altar of Lilith, beckoning your presence.
  • Shrine of Decay (+1 Paragon Point): Once you’ve triumphed over the labyrinth, make your way to the northeastern nook of the desolate fortress to uncover the sacred sculpture.
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