Best Diablo 4 Barbarian build: Rend enemies and bleed bosses

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    Unleash the ultimate Diablo 4 Barbarian build, carefully honing the class’s awe-inspiring prowess in the art of bleeding. Prepare for a mind-blowing array of devastating attacks, such as the mighty Rend, which unleashes an overwhelming surge of damage upon bosses and adversaries alike. Brace yourself, for the wounds inflicted will persist relentlessly, haunting your foes even as you gracefully dodge and maneuver. Moreover, revel in the abundance of synergistic elements that seamlessly meld with the power of bloodshed, granting you the ability to stun, amplify your destructive potential, or even bolster your resilience in the presence of bleeding adversaries.

    Prepare to delve into a meticulously crafted masterpiece of a build, where puns are not only welcomed but embraced. Within this intricate creation, you shall discover a plethora of skills and passives that shall amplify the potency of your bleeds and elevate the might of your Rends. With a core skill serving as the foundation, this build presents itself as a formidable long-term venture, allowing you to unlock the true potential of its passives, aspects, and extraordinary abilities. Brace yourself as we unveil the ultimate Barbarian build in Diablo 4, designed to leave your enemies bleeding in defeat.

    Bloody Barbarian build

    Input: Try This If:Give This a Shot If:

    💪 Your goal is to maximize the damage dealt to bosses.

    💪 Are you yearning to swiftly cultivate an abundance of Fury?

    💪 Your desire is to amplify critical hits by utilizing the power of Bleed.

    Unleash the wrath of the savage Barbarian archetype, a thrilling and formidable means to transform your valiant fighter into a ferocious, life-draining monster. Masterful techniques such as the Furious Rend and the Fighter’s Death Blow shall swiftly imbue you with unyielding Fury, while the cunning employment of The Hamstring and No Mercy passives shall decelerate and amplify critical strikes against bloodied foes, rendering your assaults with a two-handed weapon even more lethal than ever before.

    Input: Here are the six skills you need for this build, followed by the passives:Behold, behold! I present to you the magnificent ensemble of six skills that are an absolute must for this remarkable creation. And lo and behold, as we venture further into this realm, the passives gracefully follow suit.


  • Fury-Infused Assault: Unleash a ferocious lunging strike that not only bridges the gap with your adversary, but also inflicts significant harm, all the while fueling your inner fury.
  • Frenzied Slash: Unleash a mighty swing, sweeping across the area before you, inflicting a devastating gash upon any unfortunate soul it encounters, leaving them drenched in a torrent of crimson.
  • Battle Cry of Strategic Resilience: reduces damage by 40%, enhances vitality, and unleashes a surge of primal fury.
  • Unleash the Battle Roar: Experience a surge of power with a remarkable 10% boost in mobility and the invaluable protection of Fortify, fortified even further whenever adversity strikes.
  • The Great Battle Shout: Bestows Fortify, heightened power, and the frenzy of a berserker.
  • Fatal Strike of the Warrior: Amplify the harm inflicted upon formidable adversaries, while simultaneously fueling an intense surge of inner fury with every successful strike.
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  • Pressure Point: Amplifies the likelihood of exposing an adversary’s vulnerability.
  • Input: Resounding Resonance: Amplifies the lasting impact of vocal outbursts.
  • Unleashing the Wrath: Enhances the potency of damage mitigation.
  • Defensive Pose: Amplifies the reduction of inflicted damage.
  • Hamstring: Cripples foes as they succumb to the flow of their own blood.
  • Input: Cut through the Marrow: Inflicts amplified harm upon feeble adversaries.
  • Mighty Strikes: Augmented critical strike potency while wielding two-handed weapons.
  • Intense Lacerations: Amplified bonus damage from critical strikes when inflicted with bleeding.
  • Bleed stands as a paramount skill within the Barbarian’s arsenal, enabling them to accumulate devastating damage on formidable bosses and elite foes, relentlessly depleting their vitality. Amongst these skills, Rend reigns supreme, effortlessly slicing through the air with a broad sweep, inflicting grievous bleeding wounds upon all in its path. To replenish your well of Fury and unleash relentless Rends, the Fighter’s Death Blow proves indispensable, delivering a mighty, single strike that swiftly resets upon vanquishing an adversary, bestowing 20 Fury upon successful contact.

    Initially, Death Blow won’t be unlocked, so it would be wise to go for Battle Lunging Strike instead. This striking move not only inflicts considerable damage but also causes a bleed effect, allowing you to accumulate Fury and unleash the powerful Furious Rend. The uniqueness of this version of Rend lies in its ability to grant you four Fury points for each enemy hit, enabling you to utilize the attack more frequently while also prolonging the vulnerability imposed on your foes. To fully optimize this strategy, acquiring the Pressure Point passive is essential, as it increases the chance of rendering enemies vulnerable by up to 30%. Additionally, the Cut to the Bone skill is highly recommended, as it enhances the damage inflicted by your bleeds against vulnerable adversaries.

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    The Hamstring, Unforgiving, and Forceful passives synergize splendidly to amplify critical hits via bleeding. The initial passive decelerates foes afflicted with bleeding, the second grants augmented critical hit probability against decelerated adversaries, and the third heightens critical hit likelihood when wielding a two-handed weapon, which, given the nature of this bleed-focused setup, is highly recommended. To add the finishing touch, acquiring the Gushing Wounds ability, which augments bleed damage by 100% contingent upon your critical hit probability and damage, is essential.

    Rend is most powerful when used with a two-handed sword (Image credit: Blizzard)

    Expertise and Aspects

    Utilizing a two-handed sword in your bleed-focused setup becomes imperative due to the enhancements provided by the Barbarian’s Arsenal. The upgrade for the two-handed axe grants a commendable 15% boost in damage against susceptible foes, aligning seamlessly with the aforementioned build. Furthermore, the two-handed sword employed in this strategy inflicts a notable 20% of direct damage as bleeding, with an additional 30% amplification in bleed damage for a span of five seconds after an adversary’s demise.

    In order to enhance survivability, there exists a variety of shouts that can be incorporated into the build to provide damage reduction and improved movement. One such shout, Tactical Challenging Shout, not only grants a staggering 40% damage reduction but also enhances your health and generates Fury based on the damage received. On the other hand, Strategic Rallying Cry offers a 10% increase in movement speed and the beneficial effect of Fortify, which is further amplified when damage is inflicted upon you. This synergizes exceptionally well with the Defensive Stance passive, as it provides a fundamental reduction in damage when Fortify is active. Additionally, the inclusion of Mighty Warcry proves to be a formidable choice, as it bestows the advantages of Fortify, increased damage, and the coveted Berserking ability. Whichever shout you decide to rely on, it is highly recommended to augment their durations by utilizing the remarkable Booming Voice passive.

    At long last, behold the Aspects:

  • Anemia’s Aspect: When striking a bleeding foe, there is a 20% chance of a fortuitous blow that will leave them stunned for a duration of two seconds.
  • Aspect of Slumber: Unleash your dormant powers with a 30% stroke of luck, granting you a chance to harness 20 Fury whenever Rend inflicts direct harm upon a bleeding adversary.
  • Rewritten The Iron Blood Aspect grants a 2% reduction in damage for every nearby enemy that is bleeding, with a maximum of 10% damage reduction.
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    Overall, it’s a rather straightforward construction: you employ Death Blow to generate fury, then seamlessly transition into Rend, inflicting significant bleeds, slowing down the opponent, and making them vulnerable to amplify bleed damage and critical hit probability. Simultaneously, Rallying Cry, Challenging Shout, and Warcry grant you additional damage, resilience, and enhanced agility to sustain yourself. In the event that you fail to eliminate an adversary with Deathblow and must patiently await its cooldown, utilize Lunging Strike to accumulate enough fury and initiate the cycle once more.

    This particular build places a strong emphasis on enhancing the effectiveness of Rend as a primary skill through the use of passive abilities and the ability to withstand attacks with shouts. However, it also offers the exciting opportunity to incorporate more Berserking intensity by utilizing Wrath of the Berserker or replacing Battle Lunging Strike with Combat Lunging Strike. Additionally, the inclusion of Aspect of Berserk Ripping provides an extra layer of bleed damage while in a state of Berserking, making it a valuable complement. Furthermore, the Aspect of Relentless Berserker offers the chance to prolong the duration of Berserking if damage is successfully inflicted with Rend.

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