Best games like Diablo 2023

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In search of alternative games that resemble Diablo to occupy your time during the current scarcity of Diablo? If you crave the satisfaction of bashing enemies, progressing your character, and donning impractically sharp and excessively large shoulder armor, then you’ve arrived at the perfect destination.

As the highly anticipated arrival of Diablo 4 draws near, the mere mention of Blizzard’s celebrated ARPG franchise could potentially ignite a fervent desire within you to embark on a thrilling hack-and-slash adventure filled with abundant treasures. Fear not, for we have taken into account various aspects such as the dynamic camera angle, the intricately crafted world backdrop, and the overall atmosphere. Without any more delay, behold our meticulously curated compilation of games akin to Diablo, meticulously prepared for your exploration.

Unveiling a mesmerizing realm of gaming adventures, behold the finest titles akin to Diablo:

Games like Diablo Path of Exile: A group of heroes in Path of Exile takes on a gang of blackguards wielding sqords and crossbows on a crumbling castle walkway.

Path of Exile

Path of Exile reigns as the epitome of recognition within this compilation. After a span of time, PoE has evolved into a colossal, fully-realized alternative to Diablo, delivering an immensely immersive encounter in its own unique essence. What’s even more astonishing is its ability to adeptly transform the blueprint established by games akin to Diablo, ultimately establishing itself as one of the most exceptional MMOs available on PC. Adding to its grandeur, the fact that it is free-to-play, with an astonishingly equitable model, is truly remarkable. Countless PoE builds and diverse playstyles beckon for experimentation, while developer Grinding Gear Games consistently imparts the game with mammoth expansions every few months, not to mention the highly anticipated Path of Exile 2 release date.

Games like Diablo: four heroes prepare to face a monster in Lost Ark

Lost Ark

With its polished mechanics, captivating character development, and rewarding loot system, Lost Ark stands out among the multitude of MMOs. Boasting a massive player base on Steam, this PC game has earned its spot as a timeless favorite. The best part? It won’t cost you a penny, making it an irresistible opportunity worth exploring.

Lost Ark astounds with its ability to transport players into a grand cinematic adventure, immersing them in epic battles reminiscent of Lord of the Rings. Furthermore, the game offers a staggering array of roleplaying possibilities, boasting nearly 20 unique classes spanning five archetypes, 60 challenging levels to conquer, as well as the opportunity to nurture pets, create a cozy home, excel in the art of crafting, and countless other pursuits to master. If you seek a game that can captivate you to the same extent as Diablo, Lost Ark is the ultimate contender.

Games like Diablo Titan Quest: The hero of Titan Quest exploring the Great Pyramids, with open sarcophagi displaying the mummified remains within, while an enormous anthropomorphic scorpion advances upon them, a sword held in its claw.

Titan Quest: Anniversary Edition

Although Titan Quest may not be the newest game on this list, it undeniably holds its place as one of the finest ARPGs available. Created by the brilliant minds of Brian Sullivan and Randall Wallace, Titan Quest offers a refreshing departure from the typical post-apocalyptic nightmares that games like Diablo often try to imitate. Instead of descending into the depths of hell, Titan Quest whisks you away to the captivating realms of Ancient World mythologies, where you have been bestowed with the divine duty of vanquishing the rampaging Titans that plague the earth. On your extraordinary journey, prepare to cross paths with legendary heroes like Achilles and Odysseus, and explore fabled locations that include the mystical River Styx and the breathtaking Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

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Unveiled in 2016, the Anniversary Edition of Titan Quest breathes new life into the vintage multiplayer experience, revolutionizing its functionality and introducing a plethora of enhancements that truly elevate the game. Embark on thrilling adventures with fresh heroes and face off against formidable bosses that await your heroic encounters.

Games like Diablo V Rising: A group of vampires in V Rising assaulting a human town, rushing in to attack a small battalion of guards wielding guns and crossbows as the townsfolk cower in fear.

V Rising

V Rising defies the conventional Diablo clone archetype, embracing the essence of a survival game rather than an ARPG. As you awaken, freshly transformed into a blood-thirsty vampire, your primal urge for sustenance takes precedence. Your initial task revolves around procuring resources to construct a stronghold. With the sun acting as a formidable nemesis to your vampiric existence, daylight hours are spent secluded within the confines of your castle, honing your craftsmanship and erecting formidable edifices. However, as dusk descends, the shroud of darkness unveils a realm of unfettered freedom, allowing you to embark on nocturnal hunts, plundering the townsfolk for their treasures and vitality. Above all, remember to seek refuge in your castle before the first rays of dawn illuminate the sky.

V Rising’s resemblance to Diablo truly comes alive in its thrilling combat. The expansive open world is teeming with formidable bosses, whose defeat rewards players with mighty weapons and enhanced spell abilities. The combat UI unmistakably mirrors Diablo, featuring a swift skills bar and the iconic life orb. However, there’s an intriguing twist – consuming enemies not only replenishes your health but also grants unique buffs based on the enemy type, siphoning their strength. V Rising effortlessly combines survival elements with exciting gameplay, whether venturing alone or with companions, solidifying its well-deserved spot among games akin to Diablo.

Games like Diablo Victor Vran: A library in Victor Vran, with books stacked high on the floor and tables, and spilling out of chests, while scrolls and maps line the walls.

Victor Vran

Embark on an epic journey as Victor Vran, the fearless slayer of demons, as he sets out to eradicate all forms of wickedness and more. Prepare to be captivated by the enthralling narrative that unfolds, offering a wealth of options to tailor your character’s abilities, armaments, and expertise. With boundless possibilities for crafting your perfect demon-slaying arsenal, Victor Vran invites you to explore every conceivable path. Immerse yourself in a visually stunning isometric world, reminiscent of classic RPG games, and effortlessly transition into this thrilling adventure.

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t a game that can rival the likes of Diablo or Path of Exile in terms of its magnitude – the choices for character builds, the duration of gameplay, and the scope of the world are somewhat restricted. However, if you’re seeking a casual and approachable experience that embraces a dark and somber atmosphere, then this is certainly a title worth exploring. Moreover, it has received several updates featuring DLC content that introduces fresh combat moves, additional weaponry, and even uncharted territories to explore.

Borderland's bounty hunter Lilith

Borderlands Series

If you seek a game that satiates your craving for abundant loot, akin to the gratifying experience of Diablo, then the Borderlands series stands as a remarkable selection. Within its vast realm, you will encounter numerous elements reminiscent of Diablo-like games, such as minions dedicated to amassing treasures, a hierarchy of rare items, and the freedom to optimize and customize your chosen class to your heart’s content.

Sure, Borderlands is a vibrant and audacious series that exudes a burst of vibrant colors and energetic tones. While the transition from hack-and-slash gameplay to shooting may seem like a daring move, if you derive joy from witnessing a radiant beam of light emanating from a vanquished foe, then it is imperative that you embark on the Borderlands adventure.

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Games like Diablo Book of Demons: The cards available to add to your deck in Book of Demons, which include spells such as Fireball, Ice Bolt, and Heal among other item cards such as the Divine Potion and Hourglass.

Book of Demons

Book of Demons is unequivocally the epitome of aesthetic excellence among its counterparts. Its immersive visuals emulate the charming allure of a nostalgic pop-up book, reminiscent of the cherished tales you once devoured in your youth or the enchanting stories you shared with your own little ones. Yet, its true brilliance lies in skillfully fusing the realms of Diablo’s intense hack-and-slash gameplay with the captivating intricacies of deck-building mechanics.

Engaging in combat is an uncomplicated affair where the utilization of cards takes precedence over honing your hotkey bar expertise. However, the intricacy increases as you delve into the realm of managing special abilities and advancing your character through numerous dungeon expeditions. The experience is brimming with enjoyment, and it’s worth noting that two additional games set in this captivating world are currently in the works, ensuring ample opportunities for you to become enamored with its charm.

Games like Diablo Torchlight 2: A hectic battle in Torchlight 2 between a band of heroes and an enemy called Spot, encountered in one of the ARPGs many dungeons.

Torchlight 2

Torchlight 2, a vibrant spin on the renowned Diablo concept, undoubtedly caters to seasoned dungeon explorers. While staying true to the essence of the genre, it offers an array of unique features, such as the ability to delegate your pet to handle the sale of your acquired treasures at the marketplace.

The game is brimming with delightful nuances that enhance its smooth and amicable nature. Moreover, it offers an abundance of weapons and play styles, allowing for endless experimentation and enjoyment.

Games like Diablo Warhammer Inquisitor: An enormous reanimated skeletal soldier firing a minigun fused to its arm in Warhammer Inquisitor, its patchwork body covered in blood and gore.

Warhammer 40,000 Inquisitor – Martyr

If you have ever desired a game similar to Diablo but set in the immersive Warhammer 40,000 universe, then look no further, for this is undoubtedly the finest choice at present. Inquisitor – Martyr grants you the freedom to embody an assassin, a psychic, or a stalwart brute donning formidable armor, engaging in epic battles against the abominations that plague the vast reaches of the 40k cosmos, all while faithfully serving the Imperium as one of its esteemed agents. The voice acting, true to the essence of the 40K legacy, is filled with theatrical intensity, and the awe-inspiring imperial-gothic structures that dominate the scenery offer a feast for the eyes as you valiantly strive to purge the insidious taint of corruption.

Journey through a thrilling adventure, wielding bullets, blades, and blazes, as you navigate your way through meticulously crafted adversaries and formidable bosses, all aiming to send shivers down your spine before succumbing to the overpowering dominance of your imposing shoulder pads. While the growth of your character may be somewhat lacking, resulting in a stagnant gameplay experience during extended sessions, fear not! The introduction of Uther’s Tarot brings forth exciting twists, enabling you to personalize the cosmic map by adjusting the level of challenge, setting objectives, and even determining the type of loot you desire. Moreover, the inclusion of choose-your-own adventure-inspired cards adds an extra layer of freedom to the main campaign, allowing you to shape your own destiny.

Games like Diablo: Battling the Nurgle hordes in Warhammer: Chaosbane

Warhammer: Chaosbane

If your heart yearns for fantasy rather than 40K, then Warhammer: Chaosbane shall be your sanctuary. The enchanting gameplay, epic clashes with formidable bosses, delightful evolution of character classes, and intricately crafted levels all reign supreme, and although the acquisition of items may be somewhat wanting, the gameplay remains razor-sharp and irresistibly captivating.

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While Warhammer: Chaosbane may not flaunt the extensive endgame or precise controls of a Diablo game, it still manages to captivate as an exceptional action-RPG throughout the duration of its remarkable main storyline. Within this enthralling adventure, players are granted the opportunity to select from five illustrious Warhammer classes, leading their chosen hero through an entangled narrative that is tainted with a repulsive pus-yellow hue by the menacing Nurgle. Engaging in fierce combat, players will unleash their might upon hordes of adversaries, cleaving through them with unyielding force, while immersing themselves in the murky depths of sewers, embattled towns, and imposing castle ramparts.

The loot drops in this game are perfectly suited to your character, eliminating the need to sort through useless items, a refreshing departure from the Diablo series. The leveling journey is incredibly gratifying, as you unlock impressive new abilities at each milestone, making every upgrade feel significant and not just a mere addition to your skill tree. With a grand total of 180 upgrades spread across all the heroes, there is never a shortage of exciting advancements to explore. Once you complete the campaign, there are additional challenges and modes, including an exhilarating boss rush, to keep you engaged. However, the captivating story also provides plenty of Diablo-like thrills, satisfying your craving for intense battles against demonic foes.

The tale is undeniably sketched in a Warhammer-esque fashion, yet it serves as a splendid conduit to explore the various locales you’ll encounter throughout the epic 15-hour campaign. However, the never-ending sequences set in the sewers do tend to overstay their hospitality.

Games like Diablo Grim Dawn: A group of heroes in Grim Dawn going up against zombie hordes at a deserted farmstead, casting powerful spells to keep them at bay.

Grim Dawn

For those seeking an immersive and intricate ARPG adventure, look no further than Grim Dawn, the pinnacle of games akin to Diablo. With a plethora of noteworthy aspects, ranging from its post-apocalyptic backdrop to the astonishingly profound in-game mythology, Grim Dawn truly stands out with its captivating dual-class mechanism, rendering it a delight for all.

Just like any respectable ARPG, you have the privilege of selecting a class, but what sets Grim Dawn apart is its unique feature of blending classes together to craft your very own hybrid. Couple that with a multitude of item skills and you’ll quickly realize the limitless potential of Grim Dawn’s class system. If you revel in exploring abyssal terrains and unleashing your creativity to construct powerful builds, then Grim Dawn is undeniably the perfect game for you.

And that concludes our compilation of the most exceptional games akin to Diablo. In case you haven’t been following the updates on the highly anticipated sequel, we have comprehensive guides on all the top-notch Diablo 4 classes, featuring the revamped Necromancer. Moreover, we provide an extensive rundown of the Diablo 4 skill trees and their modifications, enabling you to get a jumpstart on personalizing your character. Lastly, if you have intentions of embarking on this fresh rendition of Sanctuary with companions, we highly advise consulting our in-depth Diablo 4 crossplay guide for comprehensive information.

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