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Paragon Points Distribution

As players ascend in Paragon Levels, they shall acquire a single Paragon Point to allocate within any of four distinct player attribute domains. These invaluable Paragon Points shall grant a modest amplification to the player’s overall prowess. Nevertheless, as the tally of Paragon Points reaches the hundreds, a profound transformation in the player’s might shall emerge.


Paragon Points Categories

As previously stated, players have the opportunity to allocate paragon points across four distinct stat categories upon reaching a new paragon level.

Paragon Points are bestowed upon every category according to the subsequent fashion:

  • The Foundation: Level 1.
  • Level 2: Unleashing the Attack.
  • Tier 3: Safeguarding.
  • Tier 4: Practicality.
  • The Core of Level 5.
  • Stage 6: The Art of Attacking.
  • …And the list goes on…
  • paragon points category: Core

    Within the Core classification lies an assemblage of statistics that actively enhance a player’s fundamental power. This particular category encompasses four distinct statistics, namely:

  • Input: Strength/Dexterity/Intelligence: The stat mentioned in this section depends on the class you’ve chosen. Let’s say you’re playing as a Barbarian, in that case, Strength would be one of the choices available to you. When it comes to allocating paragon points, there are no restrictions on how many you can invest in this particular attribute.
  • Essence of Life: Allocating points in this category will augment the player’s ultimate well-being. The potential for paragon point investment in this attribute knows no bounds.
  • Velocity Amplification: Every allocation in this classification yields a 0.50% surge in movement swiftness. A cap of 50 allocations applies to this classification.
  • Resource Maximization: Allocating points in this category will augment your maximum resource capacity, tailored to your chosen class. A cap of 50 points is set for this particular aspect.
  • Pro Tip: The velocity of movement cannot exceed 25% for all players, except when using special abilities that enhance it. It’s highly recommended to invest your points in the Movement Speed attribute initially, until you reach the absolute limit of 25%. Afterward, you can focus on boosting any other stat of your preference.

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    Paragon POints Category: Offense

    The Offense classification encompasses various statistics that enhance the player’s destructive prowess. The quartet of statistics within this category includes:

  • Boost your combat prowess by allocating points to Attack Speed, granting a remarkable 0.20% increase in the player’s Attack Speed per point. This stat has a maximum capacity of 50 points, allowing you to reach an impressive 10% Attack Speed boost.
  • Enhancing the Cooldown Reduction attribute grants a remarkable 0.20% boost to the player’s cooldown reduction for each point invested. This stat can be elevated up to a maximum of 50 points, reaching an impressive cap of 10%.
  • Boosting the player’s likelihood of scoring a critical hit, allocating points in this category will enhance the Critical Hit Chance by 0.10% for each point. The maximum limit for this stat is 50 points, ultimately reaching an impressive 5% cap.
  • Boosting the player’s Critical Hit Damage by 1.00% per point, allocating points here unleashes the potential for devastating strikes. With a cap of 50%, a maximum of 50 points can be invested into this stat.
  • Paragon Points category: defense

    Within the Defense category lie a plethora of statistics that amalgamate to shape the player’s comprehensive defensive rating. This category encompasses four distinct statistics, namely:

  • Vitality Boost: Allocating points to this attribute will amplify the player’s Health Points by 0.50% per point. A limit of 50 points can be assigned to this statistic, reaching a maximum of 25%.
  • Suit Up: Allocating points in this attribute will augment the player’s Armor by a whopping 0.50% per point. A grand total of 50 points can be invested in this statistic, reaching the pinnacle at a solid 25%.
  • Defy All: Allocating points to this attribute will amplify the player’s innate defiance against all Elements by 5% for each point. The upper limit for this statistic is 50 points, ultimately reaching an astounding 250%.
  • Revitalizing Vitality: Allocating points in this category will amplify the player’s Life Regeneration, granting a substantial boost of 165.1 HP every second per point. A limit of 50 points can be assigned to this attribute, ultimately reaching a remarkable cap of 8255 HP per second.
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    Within the realm of Utility, lies a treasure trove of statistics that bestow upon the player a myriad of bonuses, capable of elevating their adventuring prowess and gifting them with various other advantages. These four exquisite statistics grace this category with their presence:


  • Amplify the destructive potential: Allocating points to this aspect will augment the player’s ability to inflict widespread damage, boosting Area Damage procs by 1% for each point invested. A cap of 50 points exists for this attribute, reaching the pinnacle of 50% amplification.
  • Cost Cutting Advantage: Investing points in this attribute will significantly slash the resource expenditure for all abilities, decreasing it by 0.10% per point. A cap of 50 points is allowed for this attribute, with a maximum reduction of 10%.
  • Boosting the player’s Life on Hit, allocating points in this attribute can enhance their survivability. A cap of 50 points can be allocated towards this statistic.
  • Discovery of Gold: Allocating points to this category will enhance the player’s ability to unearth valuable gold. The potential for points in this category knows no bounds.
  • Paragon Level “Soft Caps”

    As players journey through the game, the potential for Paragon Levels becomes boundless. However, they must acknowledge the existence of a fascinating phenomenon known as the “Soft Cap” at level 800. Once this threshold is reached, the opportunity to further enhance most stats with additional points is restricted. Nevertheless, a glimmer of hope remains as players can still allocate their precious Paragon Points into three essential categories: Main Stat, Vitality, or the ever-precious Gold Find.

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