Best Minecraft Shovel Enchantments

There are different types of shovels such as iron shovel, stone shovel, netherite shovel, golden shovel, and diamond shovel. You can craft wooden shovels using sticks and wooden planks. It works faster while underground mining. Shovels are the most efficient tools, but you can also use other items. In the Minecraft world, when you need to mine sand and gravel blocks, as well as dirt.

Shovel Enchantment

Mobs can also use shovels as weapons because of their strength. You can use different kinds of enchantments, which vary on the basis of the damage level they give to the shovel. In Minecraft worlds, you can use enchantments on them to increase the attack level of shovels. In Minecraft worlds, you can use enchantments on items to enhance their capabilities.

Below are some of the top enchantments that can be applied to shovels:


The efficiency enchantment boosts the performance of your tools, making them more efficient. To obtain this enchantment, you will need a significant amount of experience points and lapis lazuli. By using an anvil, you have the ability to apply the enchantment to your shovel. While mining, the shovel’s attack damage level and speed are heightened.


The robustness of your object escalates when employing the unbreaking charm. The unbreaking charm boosts the durability of the shovel. The item sustains damage when employed against mobs or for mining blocks while the unbreaking charm is active. To avoid durability loss, one can utilize the unbreaking enchantment.


The fortune enchantment enhances the rate of looting when engaged in mining activities. When mining to acquire ores or other subterranean items, this enchantment can be utilized. It boosts your mining speed with a shovel, allowing you to obtain a greater quantity of ores in a shorter period.

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After using them for a long time, your tools are always ready to use, as the enchantment of mending increases their level of durability.

Silk Touch

In the world of Minecraft, Silk Touch is a tool that increases your chances of obtaining many rare ores and grass blocks that are normally unobtainable.


Enchantments like silk touch and repair, luck, durability, and effectiveness can be applied to shovels. Shovels are primarily utilized for extracting various blocks in mining operations. Basic implements such as pickaxes, hoes, shears, and shovels can be upgraded with enchantments within the Minecraft realm.

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