What Do Dolphins Eat In Minecraft?

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Can you explain to us what Dolphins in Minecraft do when they eat? However, it is quite simple to befriend them by feeding them, as Dolphins are neutral mobs in Minecraft.

What Do Dolphins Eat In Minecraft?

Mobs play a crucial role in Minecraft. On one occasion, you may engage in combat with threatening mobs such as creepers and zombies, while on another day, you might form a friendship with an Enderman or a Dolphin. Despite its potential confusion, this is what makes Minecraft an incredibly gratifying adventure. The presence of such rewarding encounters defines Minecraft.

Let’s find out what dolphins in Minecraft can do, but eat them. If dolphins can help you, it would be fitting to give them some food. Dolphins are amiable characters and they can help the player in many specific ways. Dolphins are neutral mobs found in ocean biomes in Minecraft.

After nourishing dolphins with raw fish for a considerable duration, you can establish a friendly bond with them and continue providing them sustenance in the realm of Minecraft.

What Do Dolphins Eat In Minecraft?

In Minecraft, dolphins do not actively search for their own sustenance, as they solely consume the sustenance provided by players. These particular varieties of fish can be readily located in various aquatic environments, and dolphins in Minecraft generally prefer consuming uncooked salmon or uncooked cod.

If you’re searching for ways to nourish a dolphin, exploring various ocean habitats is advisable. In Minecraft, it is relatively easy to locate and capture raw salmon and raw cod. You have the option to either fish for them or opt for a more aggressive approach by using your melee weapon to eliminate them.

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Regardless, that is what you will have to do if you are attempting to nourish a Dolphin.

How To Feed A Dolphin In Minecraft

After collecting your fresh salmon or fresh cod, the subsequent action is to nourish the dolphins. It is a simple task as you only need to release it close to the shoreline or in the center of the body of water where the dolphins are located.

Do not attempt to drag your fishing rod towards the shore. It is not a good idea to feed dolphins on land since they do not thrive well outside of water, especially in Minecraft.

What Happens When You Feed a Dolphin in Minecraft

What Do Dolphins Eat In Minecraft?

After a dolphin transforms into your companion, you will have the opportunity to experience several unique advantages from their close friendship. These advantages include the ability to gain companionship, as well as a few distinct benefits that come with having a dolphin as your companion.

Aquatic Bodyguard

After befriending a dolphin, your new companion can absorb several attacks before eventually succumbing. Although they do not inflict significant damage, they will begin shielding you from hostile underwater creatures such as the Guardians. This provides an opportunity for you to either escape or, ideally, retaliate and safeguard your newfound friend.

Treasure Hunter

The discovery of treasure in shipwrecks or ocean ruins is a rare occurrence that relies solely on luck. The nearest buried treasure in the ocean can be found if you follow the path that leads you to it. Additionally, if you have a dolphin that is trained to follow you, it can guide you to hidden treasures.

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Note: Players on the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft will also acquire the Echolocation accomplishment if they search for treasure using dolphins.

Speed Boost

This allows you to traverse the far sea more quickly with just a boat or swimming alone, rather than swimming alongside them. Dolphins also provide a boost in speed if you swim with them.


Imagine the benefits that a player can enjoy afterward and how relatively easy it is to feed dolphins in Minecraft. After you kill them, the dolphins also drop raw cod or raw salmon, which the player needs to look for. Just imagine picking up the same raw cod from another feeding dolphin. Oh dear!

So, this is a guide that brings an end to everything you can cover, attempting to feed a dolphin in Minecraft and deal with its after-effects.

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