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Unleash the power of the Twisting Blades Rogue leveling build, designed for lightning-fast progression from level 1 to 50 in Diablo 4. Emphasizing the mastery of Twisting Blades, this build ingeniously incorporates Shadow Step and Dash, enabling effortless domination of vast chambers and treacherous dungeons. Experience the exhilarating velocity, remarkable area-of-effect prowess, and an unprecedented sense of swiftness that will engulf you throughout your gameplay.

Input: Nevertheless, it presents a greater level of technical complexity, emphasizing the art of strategic placement and maintaining optimum well-being. This comprehensive manual delves into prioritizing skills, maximizing damage output, acquiring essential equipment, optimizing farming techniques, and all the other indispensable elements essential for your thrilling quest as a Rogue.

July 4, 2023 Revision: Enhancing your Rogue leveling experience in Diablo 4 has now become even more captivating with the inclusion of an immersive video guide within this article.

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Skill Priority

Diablo 4 (21)

Unlock the hidden potential of your character by following this straightforward skill progression guide.

Puncture Basic Skill

In the realm of Diablo 4, there lies a unique approach to building character skills. However, amidst this diversity, there exists a crucial skill called Puncture that should not be overlooked. Its significance lies not only in its ability to generate Energy, the primary mana resource for Rogues, but also in its potential to afflict enemies with numerous Vulnerable debuffs, enabling you to swiftly conquer your foes.

  • Input: Puncture > Enhanced Puncture (you now gain energy while attacking, massive generator for Energy) > Fundamental Puncture.Thrust > Augmented Thrust (your attacks now invigorate you, an extraordinary source of Energy) > Elemental Thrust.
  • Puncture, a melee ability infused with impressive range, emerges as a splendid choice when engaging in boss battles. Its prowess becomes particularly invaluable against bosses that unleash devastating area-of-effect attacks, particularly the formidable Ashava or other mighty World Bosses.

    Twisting Blades

    Embrace the power of Twisting Blades, an imperative skill that demands your attention. Seize this opportunity and enhance its potential by allocating your next set of skill points towards its progression.

  • Input: Twisting Blades evolve into Enhanced Twisting Blades, which then ascend into the mighty Advanced Twisting Blades. With the Advanced Twisting Blades, the cooldowns of your abilities are significantly reduced every time the blades slice through an enemy. This exceptional passive ability allows you to swiftly cycle through your skills more frequently, granting you a heightened level of control and versatility.
  • As you progress through your leveling journey, it is advisable to give importance to the advancement of Twisted Blades, aiming to reach level 5. Initially, divert your attention towards acquiring all the necessary Skills essential for your desired build.

    Dash And Shadow Step

    Mastering these fundamental abilities as a Rogue will elevate your agility to extraordinary heights. Unleash the power of Dash, a skill with dual charges, and synchronize it flawlessly with the formidable Twisting Blades. Perfect timing will ensure your blades effortlessly cleave through any foes trailing behind you.

  • Dash > Empowered Dash > Refined Dash Refined Dash proves to be an exceptional CC passive, intensifying the effects of Daze and Slow on adversaries.
  • Embrace the ethereal dance of Shadow Step, an ability that surges your movement velocity by an astounding 50% while granting you unfathomable invincibility, allowing you to effortlessly glide through the very essence of your adversaries.

  • Shadow Leap > Empowered Shadow Leap > Calculated Shadow Leap. Calculated Shadow Leap amplifies the potential for crowd control by inflicting powerful Stuns.
  • Concealment Or Dark Shroud?

    Once you delve into the realm of the Subterfuge Skill tree, a crucial crossroad presents itself: the path of Dark Shroud or the path of Concealment.

  • The coveted Dark Shroud, a frequently chosen ability in this particular build, offers not only a straightforward reduction in damage but also the exciting possibility of a speed boost. Explore the progression from Dark Shroud to its enhanced version, and even delve into the intriguing realm of Subverting Dark Shroud.
  • Concealment stands as an excellent choice, offering not only the power of invisibility but also a considerable surge in movement, along with a steady replenishment of energy every time the ability is employed. Embrace the art of Concealment, surpassing limitations with Enhanced Concealment, and skillfully countering the art of Concealment.
  • While Dark Shroud stands tall as the ultimate ability for a Twisted Blades build in the endgame, those embarking on a swift journey through World Tier 1 (a fascinating concept for rapid progression) would find Concealment to be a more prudent choice – after all, greater damage reigns supreme, particularly when you’re not enduring as much harm as you would in the higher tiers of the world.

    Poison Imbuement Or Shadow Imbuement?

    Behold, our eyes have beheld the delightful concoction of Twisting Blades builds, wherein the ethereal fusion of Poison and Shadow Imbuement dances in mirthful harmony.

  • The infusion of Poison bestows a malevolent venom that inflicts gradual harm while granting extraordinary boosts to damage for lethal strikes empowered by Poison. A remarkable choice for those focusing on individual adversaries.
  • The art of Shadow Imbuement lies in its ability to swiftly disperse clusters of adversaries, triggering explosive reactions upon their demise. Additionally, one can harness the power of Consuming Shadows to summon a surge of Energy each time a foe succumbs to shadow-inflicted harm.
  • To Shadow Clone Or Not To Shadow Clone

    We experimented with a build incorporating the extraordinary power of Shadow Clone as an ultimate ability, and another build that omitted it. Although Shadow Clone undeniably stands out as the most exceptional ultimate among them, we discovered that its cooldown duration was excessively lengthy, stifling the dynamic and fast-paced nature of the build.

    Should you choose to forgo Shadow Clone, an alternative option lies within the realm of the Ultimate tree, where you can acquire passives such as Innervation, which grants additional Energy generation, or Adrenaline Rush > Haste, which enhances your movement speed.

    With that being mentioned, you may very well appreciate the exhilarating sensation of the Shadow Clone’s sudden surges, so go ahead and seize the opportunity if you are enticed by its immensely potent impact that lasts between 15 to 20 seconds.


    When it comes to leveling Rogue builds, the options are abundant – be it Twisting Blades or any other unique variations – all of them rely on Momentum to unlock its tremendous conditional enhancements.

    As you accumulate stacks of Momentum, your powers amplify, granting you enhanced damage resistance, accelerated energy restoration, and swifter mobility. These stacks are acquired by striking adversaries from their blind spots or by targeting those who are afflicted with Daze, Stun, or Freeze. While Rogues possess the capability to inflict these debuffs themselves, when adventuring with a team, you can also rely on the crowd control abilities of other classes.

    Passive Skill Priority

    Diablo 4 (23)

    Unveiling a myriad of passive buffs and skills, this Rogue build offers a treasure trove of possibilities to enhance your gameplay.

    Siphoning Strikes

    In the realm of Rogue, lies the formidable “Damage While Healthy” damage category, signifying the need to give utmost importance to the Siphoning Strikes passive nestled in the depths of the second tree.

  • Opt for the formidable ability known as Sturdy > Siphoning Strikes, ensuring it reaches its maximum potential at level 3.
  • Regenerating your health beyond the 80% threshold is a crucial method to activate the coveted Damage While Healthy buff.

    Weapon Mastery

  • Similarly, it is advantageous to acquire Weapon Mastery in the third branch, for its remarkable potency in augmenting flat damage.
  • Exploit and Malice

    Within the realm of Subterfuge, one can acquire the abilities of Exploit and Malice to amplify their damage output. Malice, in particular, intensifies the harm inflicted by capitalizing on the frequency of Vulnerable damage, a state we will consistently find ourselves in due to our adept use of the Puncture basic skill.

    Precision Imbuement

    Imbued skills now possess an evenly distributed chance to land a Critical Strike.

    Specialization Priority

    Diablo 4 (24)

    Unlock a whole world of new Specializations as you progress through the levels.

    At level 20, Inner Sight becomes your first choice, enabling you to unleash devastating bursts of damage during moments of boundless energy. This grants you the ability to repeatedly unleash Twisting Blades, resulting in colossal damage spikes that can single-handedly conquer formidable bosses!

    Best Legendary Aspects For Twisting Blades Rogue

    Embarking on the path of the Twisting Blades build, one must eagerly pursue the coveted Bladedancer’s Aspect, attainable by conquering the treacherous Jalal’s Vigil Dungeon nestled in the depths of Scosglen.

  • After their return, the blades encircle your character and whirl with fervor, inflicting additional harm.
  • The Edgemaster’s Aspect awaits, ready to enhance your skills with potent damage when your energy overflows as a Rogue. When paired with Inner Sight, the result is an awe-inspiring surge of power, amplifying your attacks. Venture into the depths of the Oldstones dungeon in Scosglen to discover the key to unlocking this formidable ability.

    Stats Priority

    Diablo 4 (22)

    When it comes to Twisting Blades Rogues, the primary statistics to be mindful of are contingent upon the item at hand. For instance, defensive attributes such as Armor and Life are typically associated with armor pieces. However, it is equally important to remain vigilant for other advantageous qualities like Cooldown Reduction, Damage Reduction, and Movement Speed.

    In the realm of accessories, it is within rings and amulets that one may stumble upon formidable and frequently advantageous offensive attributes, such as the elusive art of Critical Strike Chance and the gift of Energy Cost Reduction.

    It is essential to always thoroughly verify any newly acquired items, particularly Legendaries, as they may possess advantageous attributes and bestow an exceptional boost, regardless of certain stats potentially being inferior to the currently equipped items.

    Coming Soon: Unveiling Diablo 4: Unraveling the Enigmatic World of Its Lore.

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