Where To Find Every Hawezar Waypoint In Diablo IV

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  • Discover the precise locations of each Waypoint strewn across the mystical realm of Hawezar within the captivating realm of Diablo 4.

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    Hawezar, a captivating realm in the southern reaches of the mystical Estuar continent, unveils its breathtaking beauty in Diablo 4. Vast stretches of swamps, marshes, and fens dominate the landscape, posing a challenging task for adventurers on foot or horseback. Nevertheless, the realm offers solace with its strategically placed six Waypoints, granting convenient passage through this treacherous terrain.

    Welcome to the ultimate guide for adventurers seeking the elusive six Waypoints scattered across the mystical realm of Hawezar. Behold, a treasure trove of knowledge awaits you! Feast your eyes upon a meticulously crafted map, revealing the sacred locations of each Waypoint, accompanied by expertly curated directions to ensure your successful journey. Brace yourself for an unforgettable odyssey through the enchanting lands of Hawezar!

    Every Hawezar Waypoint Location

    hawezar numbered waypoints map

    Discover the hidden treasures of Hawezar with the help of the enchanting map displayed above. Embark on a thrilling quest as you navigate through the mystical land, guided by the numbered markers and the mystical cues provided. Unveil the secrets and unlock the magnificent waypoints that await your arrival.


    zarbinzet map

    Nestled in the enchanting realm of Hawezar, Zarbinzet reigns as the bustling epicenter. This charming town is delicately nestled in the southwestern nook, exuding an aura of mystery and allure. To embark on an unforgettable journey to Zarbinzet, venture southeast from the captivating Tarsarak in the enchanting land of Kehjistan.



    Nestled amidst the vibrant landscapes of Hawezar, the Vyeresz Waypoint awaits adventurers who tread the path between Zarbinzet and Backwater. This hidden gem, concealed in the heart of the southern and central region, reveals itself only to those who have triumphed over the formidable Vyeresz Stronghold.


    backwater map

    Nestled on the eastern shore of Hawezar lies the quaint town of Backwater. To reach this hidden gem, venture eastward from Vyeresz, tracing the lower edge of the map until the horizon forbids any further progress. It is here, at the end of the eastern path, where Backwater awaits.

    Ruins Of Rakhat Keep: Inner Court

    ruins of rakhat keep inner court map

    Nestled within the heart of Rakhat Keep lies the Inner Court, an enchanting Waypoint that holds great significance. Its strategic placement allows adventurers to access it from various pathways, whether journeying south from the mesmerizing Wejnhani, venturing north from the mystical Vyeresz, or embarking on a northeast expedition from the enigmatic Zarbinzet.


    wejinhani map

    Nestled within the heart of the Hawezar’s Dismal Foothills lies the enchanting Wejinhani Waypoint. To reach this hidden gem, embark on a thrilling journey southward from the Margrave Waypoint in the captivating Fractured Peaks.

    The Tree Of Whispers

    tree of whispers map

    Discover the enchanting Tree of Whispers Waypoint nestled among the mystical depths of the Writhing Mire’s dense woodland. Embark on a captivating journey, venturing eastward from Wejinhani, until you stumble upon this hidden gem tucked away in the map’s uppermost right corner.

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