Best Twisting Blades Rogue build in Diablo 4

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The world of Diablo 4 is filled with an array of captivating classes, each boasting their own distinct set of skills, passives, and specialized builds. Among these, the Twisting Blades build has emerged as a beloved choice among Rogues, garnering immense popularity and delight.

Unveiling the secrets of the Twisting Blades Rogue build, delve into a realm of unparalleled prowess with a comprehensive compendium. Unlock the mastery of supreme skills, wield formidable weapons and gear, navigate the labyrinthine paths of leveling with expert guidance, allocate skill points with precision, unravel the enigma of Legendary Aspects, and discover the radiant allure of precious gems.

Best Twisting Blades Rogue build: level one to 50 skills and passives

Within the realm of the Twisting Blades Rogue build, a plethora of skills and passives await to elevate your attacks, swiftness, devastation, and resilience—accompanied by a handful that bestow Energy Regeneration, lingering harm, and a touch of rejuvenation upon successfully landing a critical blow against a foe.

While indulging in the thrill of playing as Rogues, one cannot ignore their lightning speed and formidable destructive capabilities. However, it is crucial to acknowledge their vulnerability, as they possess minimal defenses and demand intricate mechanical finesse. Thus, one must remain engaged in a relentless dance of executing relentless attacks, intricate combinations, and constant movement.

In terms of defense, there are several avenues for mitigating this issue, encompassing a selection of skills, gear, and Legendary Aspects. However, let’s delve into the plethora of Basic, Core, Agility, Subterfuge, Imbuement, Ultimate, and Key Passives that you will incorporate into this exceptional build.


  • Rewritten Dagger Mastery: Unleash a barrage of lethal daggers, inflicting devastating damage. With precision, every third strike from your daggers will ensnare an adversary, impeding their movements. Enhanced Dagger Mastery: Harness the power of puncturing strikes by gaining a surge of Energy whenever Puncture incapacitates a foe under Crowd Control. Foundational Dagger Mastery: Unleash a deadly trio of blades, each inflicting 35 percent of their base strength. Furthermore, striking an opponent twice will render them exposed and susceptible for a brief duration.
  • Core

  • Blade Dance: Envelop your foes in a mesmerizing display of lethal blades, inflicting a substantial portion of their foundational power. Those ensnared by the captivating embrace of Blade Dance will suffer amplified harm from your subsequent strikes. Empowered Blade Dance: As the blades gracefully return, their potency intensifies, delivering even greater devastation. Masterful Blade Dance: With each elegant return, your swift and calculated strikes, the passage of the blades hastens the recovery of your abilities, reducing their cooldowns. This cumulative effect builds over time, granting a window of opportunity lasting up to two fleeting seconds.
  • Unyielding (Passive): Unlock the power of resilience, granting you enhanced Close Damage Reduction. Vitality Drainers (Passives): Rejuvenate a portion of your life force with every precision strike that critically impacts an adversary.
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  • Shadow Step: Embrace the untamed power within as you transcend into an unstoppable force, swiftly emerging from the depths of darkness to strike your unsuspecting foe. Feel the adrenaline coursing through your veins as you gain a burst of enhanced movement speed. Empowered by the shadows, each successful strike with Shadow Step will unleash a surge of critical strike damage, intensifying your attacks for a fleeting yet impactful period. Unleash a calculated and methodical approach, as the enemies you encounter are left stunned in awe for a formidable duration of two seconds, granting you precious moments to seize victory.
  • Explosive: Upon forcefully propelling an adversary backwards or toppling them over, your capacity to inflict critical strikes will surge for a brief duration.
  • Input: Dash: Propel yourself forward with swift agility, inflicting damage upon your foes. Enhanced Dash: Unleash a devastating blow upon your adversaries, as those struck by your Dash will suffer amplified Critical Strike Damage.
  • Weapon Proficiency: Unleash the full potential of your chosen weapon! Daggers excel at dealing devastating blows to robust foes, while Swords amplify your overall damage output. Bows specialize in dealing punishing strikes to vulnerable adversaries, whereas Crossbows guarantee lethal critical strikes with unparalleled precision.
  • Subterfuge

  • Shadow Veil: Envelop yourself in a mystical cloak of darkness, granting you the power to resist harm by harnessing the essence of shadows. With each blow endured, the shadows wane and shield you from further harm. Empowered Shadow Veil: Unleash the uncanny possibility that your shadows remain unscathed, defying their customary consumption. Unorthodox Shadow Veil: Harness the enigmatic shadows to enhance your swiftness, granting you increased mobility with each passing step.
  • Input: Poison Trap: Set a cunning trap that springs to life when foes draw near, unleashing a relentless poison assault that lasts for a grueling nine seconds. However, remember that your arsenal can only accommodate a maximum of four of these treacherous devices. Enhanced Poison Trap: Elevate the effectiveness of your Poison Traps by incorporating the power to momentarily incapacitate enemies, rendering them helpless for a mere two seconds.
  • Exploit (Passive): Unleash devastating damage upon both hale and wounded foes.
  • Imbuement

  • Lethal Serpent (Passive): Unleash heightened potency of Poison, inflicting devastating damage. Crippling Elixirs (Passive): Enfeebled foes succumb to reduced strength, unable to harm you.
  • Alchemical Edge (Passive): Harnessing the power of alchemy, your attacks gain a potent advantage against foes afflicted with Poison, allowing you to unleash heightened devastation, reaching a maximum of 15 percent amplified damage.
  • Ultimate

  • Innervation (Passive): Brace yourself for a surge of invigorating Energy, as the fates may grant you a delightful boost.
  • Rewritten Master of Traps (Passive): Unleash the full potential of your Poison or Death traps, granting you amplified Critical Strike Damage when triggered by Vulnerable or Crowd Controlled foes, bestowing you with an advantage for a brief duration.
  • Passive ability – Thrill of the Rush: Experience a surge of adrenaline when in motion, replenishing your Energy reserves. Swift Presence: When your Energy surpasses 50 percent, your agility increases, granting heightened movement speed. Conversely, if your Energy falls below 50 percent, your attack speed escalates.
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    Key Passives

  • Input: ‍Momentum: Whenever you successfully strike a Dazed, Stunned, or Frozen opponent, or catch them by surprise from behind, your mastery of Cutthroat techniques grants you Momentum stacks that last for a duration of eight seconds. Moreover, the accumulation of three Momentum stacks not only enhances your ability to resist damage, but also boosts your energy replenishment and augments your swiftness in movement.
  • Best Twisting Blades Rogue build: Level one to 50 skills point assignment

    Level Skill Category Skill to unlock or enhance
    Two Basic Puncture
    Three Basic Enhanced Puncture
    Four Core Twisting Blades
    Five Core Enhanced Twisting Blades
    Six Core Advanced Twisting Blades
    Seven Basic Fundamental Puncture
    Eight Agility Dash
    Nine Agility Shadow Step
    10 Core Twisting Blades
    11 Core Twisting Blades
    12 Core Twisting Blades
    13 Subterfuge Dark Shroud
    14 Core Twisting Blades (maxed)
    15 Subterfuge Enhanced Dark Shroud
    16 Subterfuge Subverting Dark Shroud
    17 Subterfuge Poison Trap
    18 Subterfuge Enhanced Poison Trap
    19 Agility Enhanced Shadow Step
    20 Agility Methodical Shadow Step
    21 Subterfuge Exploit
    22 Core Sturdy
    23 Subterfuge Exploit
    24 Subterfuge Exploit (maxed)
    25 Ultimate innervation
    26 Ultimate Adrenaline Rush
    27 Ultimate Haste
    28 Ultimate Innervation
    29 Ultimate Innervation (maxed)
    30 Ultimate Haste
    31 Ultimate Haste (maxed)
    32 Subterfuge Trap Mastery
    33 Subterfuge Trap Mastery
    34 Subterfuge Trap Mastery (maxed)
    35 Key Passive Momentum
    36 Agility Concussive
    37 Core Siphoning Strikes
    38 Agility Concussive
    39 Core Siphoning Strikes
    40 Agility Concussive (maxed)
    41 Core Siphoning Strikes (maxed)
    42 Imbuement Deadly Venom
    43 Imbuement Alchemical Advantage
    44 Imbuement Debilitating Toxins
    45 Agility Weapon Mastery
    46 Imbuement Debilitating Toxins
    47 Agility Weapon Mastery
    48 Imbuement Debilitating Toxins (maxed)
    49 Agility Weapon Mastery (maxed)
    50 Paragon Board

    Apart from the points you accumulate by leveling up, there exists an additional set of 10 Skill points that can be acquired by boosting your Renown. Once acquired, these Skill points offer you the choice to expedite your leveling by allocating them to the aforementioned skills, or alternatively, directly assigning them to any desired skills or passives.

  • Empowered and Cultivated Dash (ability).
  • Malice (maxed).
  • Flawless Footwork (fully upgraded).
  • Input: Dash (two points).Dash (a pair of dots).
  • Best Twisting Blades Rogue Specializations

    Input: When Rogues reach the milestone of level 15, an exciting class quest awaits them, granting access to formidable passive abilities. Once this momentous task is accomplished, a whole new world of passives shall be bestowed upon the Rogues, each at various levels.

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  • Ascension Tier 15: Fusion Points: By harnessing the power of your Fundamental Abilities, you will unleash a surge of energy into your Proficient Abilities.
  • Level 20: Inner Sight: Unleash your inner vision and witness the replenishment of your Energy reserves with every strike against those branded foes.
  • Stage 30: Readying Up: This action rejuvenates your Supreme Ability, thereby refreshing all other abilities.
  • Best Twisting Blades Rogue build: Gear, Stats, and Gems

    Best Weapons

    While progressing through the game, your focus will naturally shift towards acquiring weapons boasting exceptional Item Power and optimal statistics. This is primarily due to the fact that the most desirable weapons, perfectly suited for your build, tend to be discovered within end-game challenges and through fortuitous drops. However, it is worth noting that the weapon category remains unchanged throughout this journey.

    Opt for the melee weapon of the Rogue that wields the mightiest blow, ideally daggers, while ensuring that your ranged weapon boasts stats that amplify the destructive force. The unrivaled choice for a ranged weapon typically leans towards a crossbow.

    Best Jewelry

    When it comes to enhancing your Offensive stats, amulets and rings reign supreme in the realm of Jewelry. To bolster your prowess, seek out amulets that bestow upon you swiftness and devastation. As for rings, prioritize those that amplify your damage and deal devastating blows through critical strikes.

    Best Armor

    Defensive gear encompasses various components such as the helm, chest armor, boots, and pants, serving as a protective shield. Surprisingly, gloves, despite being part of the Armor set, possess an offensive nature. Given the inherent vulnerability of Rogues, it becomes imperative for most of these gear pieces, excluding boots and gloves, to possess attributes that bolster armor or enhance maximum health.

    When it comes to your boots, opt for statistics that enhance your swiftness or minimize energy expenditure. As for your gloves, aim for those that amplify your destructive power, boost critical strike damage, and elevate your proficiency in Twisting Blades.

    Input: However, when it comes to your chest armor and pants, it is highly advisable to acquire pieces that possess damage reduction and cooldown reduction attributes for your helm.

    Best Gems

    When it comes to enhancing your Rogue’s abilities, nothing shines brighter than the Emerald gem. This precious stone is the ultimate choice for imbuing your weapon with devastating critical strike power against those unfortunate Vulnerable foes.

    When your foes are restrained, Topaz reigns supreme in fortifying your armor and mitigating damage, while the Skull claims the throne for your Jewelry by providing extra armor.

    Best Legendary Aspects for the Twisting Blades Rogue build

    Diablo 4 is brimming with a myriad of awe-inspiring Legendary Aspects exclusively tailored for the cunning Rogues. Unlocking certain dungeons will reward you with a plethora of these coveted treasures, while others can be acquired through fortuitous equipment drops.

    Unveiling the Enigmatic: Discovering the Legendary Aspects of Rogues in Diablo 4 and their Mysterious Origins.

    Unlocking these three captivating Legendary Aspects merely demands conquering the designated dungeon, making them accessible to all avid adventurers.

    Aspect Name Aspect Effect Dungeon Location
    Bladedancer’s Aspect Twisting Blades will now orbit for a short time after they’ve returned to you, and they’ll deal more return damage with every hit. Moreover, their orbit damage will increase, and this is based on the returned distance. JYou’ll Vigil, The Shrouded Moors, Scosglen
    Ravenous Aspect You’ll be granted more energy regen for four seconds if you kill a Vulnerable enemy. Shifting City, Qara Yisu, Dry Steppes
    Venthere’sspect Lucky Hit: When you make an enemy Vulnerable, there’s a chance you’ll get more critical strike chances for a few seconds, and this stacks. Inferno, Amber Sands, Kehjistan

    The drop-based Legendary Aspects, such as Bursting Venoms Aspect for amplified Poison damage, Stolen Vigor Aspect for rejuvenation, or the Ravager’s Aspect for extra Shadow Step charges, can bring immense advantages.

    Input: Since this incarnation merely represents the introductory rendition of the Twisting Blades Rogue build, we shall promptly enhance it by introducing the ultimate rendition of the Twisting Blades Rogue build.

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