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In Act I, within the Cathedral’s first level, lies the elusive Black Mushroom awaiting discovery.

The object resembles a cluster of colossal mushrooms thriving within their secluded chamber. The chamber itself takes on a roughly square shape, boasting two distinct entrances. When observing the map, one can easily spot these entrances positioned at the lower left and lower right corners. Both entrances seamlessly guide visitors into a shared hallway.


The Cathedral’s design is a product of random generation, with the elusive room where mushrooms sprout not always being a part of the layout. Should you fail to locate this peculiar room, it is advised to exit the game and embark on a fresh journey. It might take several attempts before the elusive room finally manifests itself.

Simplify your journey by leveling up your character first and then embark on Act I in Normal difficulty, thus avoiding arduous battles with monsters. Begin a fresh game at the third quest, known as A Shattered Crown. Swiftly teleport to the serene Cathedral Garden, venture into Leoric’s Passage, and ascend the stairs to reach the enchanting Cathedral Level 1. Prepare yourself for multiple repetitions of this process, as it may take varying spans of time, be it 10 or 20 minutes. Search for the elusive Black Mushrooms situated at the heart of the room. If they elude your sight upon entering, exit the game and commence anew.

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