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Murillo, an ardent gamer and RPG aficionado, has traversed the realms of gaming and content creation for countless years. With an unwavering devotion to Final Fantasy, he has immersed himself in every morsel of content this enduring series has to bestow. When Murillo isn’t engrossed in the depths of RPGs or embarking on epic quests in Final Fantasy XIV, he finds solace in the realms of high fantasy literature and indulges in the captivating narratives of superhero series and anime. Fueling his passion further, he has embarked on a journey to master the Japanese language, with aspirations of becoming a revered scriptwriter for the yet-to-be-revealed Final Fantasy XVII in the near future.

A decade is a significant duration separating the emergence of successive mainline titles. There is an eight-year gap between the releases of Final Fantasy XV and XVI. The launch of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim took place in 2011, and as of now, we have only been treated to a tantalizing title preview for its upcoming sequel. GTA VI, undeniably one of the most highly anticipated releases of the decade, is also extending beyond the ten-year timeframe. In 2012, Diablo III made its debut, and after an excruciatingly long wait of eleven years and twenty-nine seasons, we are finally about to witness the arrival of a fresh installment.

The chasm that exists between the primary paths intensifies both our unease and excitement in equal measure. I have ventured into every iteration of Diablo, yet my fondness for my werebear in Diablo II reigns supreme. Although I disapproved of Diablo III’s rune mechanism, I remained readily available for my friend’s beckoning to embark on online escapades. Therefore, when I was granted the key to examine and appraise Diablo IV, my hopes ascended to celestial heights.

diablo 4 trailer

Did my hopes and desires find satisfaction? From the very beginning, Diablo IV establishes a grim and merciless ambiance, completely diverging from the vibrant and valiant aura of its predecessor. The skill tree mechanism, reminiscent of Diablo II, makes a comeback, offering even greater levels of customization and individuality, allowing you to shape the gameplay according to your own preferences or destructive prowess.

The combat reached its pinnacle through the fusion of elements derived from its predecessors, showcasing the franchise’s utmost prowess. Nevertheless, although it captivated and enticed at first, the storyline falters in its later stages, causing me to ponder whether this was a deliberate strategy or merely a ploy to promote expansions and DLCs.

If you happen to be an individual who gauges the worth of a game based on the length of time it keeps you engaged, then Diablo IV is unquestionably a worthwhile venture. During my extensive thirty-hour gaming session, I merely skimmed the surface of what this game has to offer, with the potential to deliver countless hours of the most intense, savage, and gory enjoyment imaginable. Be sure to explore the detailed review of Diablo IV by RPG Informer, available exclusively on the PlayStation 5.

The Eternal Conflict

diablo 4
The in-game cinematics are gorgeous. Inarius is majestic.

In the vast abyss of time, an everlasting Clash endures, pitting the infernal legions of the Blazing Abyss against the celestial legion of the Majestic Skies. This passage hails from the Tome of Lorath, a captivating web series on Diablo’s authorized YouTube channel, dedicated to enriching the game’s mythos for its devoted players.

Brace yourself, intrepid travelers, for an immersive experience in the mesmerizing realm of Lorath’s haunting narratives. Prepare to be lured into a tantalizing yet ominous universe that beckons with its dark allure. Consumed by curiosity, I devoured each episode as it unfolded, oblivious to the vast trove of Diablo lore that lay beyond the virtual realm. Alas, how foolish I had been.

Diablo IV takes place after all the previous installments, including Diablo Immortal. It is set fifty years after the events of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls and seventy-two years after the second game. As I delved deeper into the vast lore of Diablo, I unraveled its immense, captivating, and profoundly impactful nature. The timeline and other intriguing details can be easily accessed online, although they are not explicitly revealed within the game itself, or at least I have yet to uncover them.

I find it unjust when a game requires players to rely on external media to grasp the overall storyline – specifically referring to Final Fantasy XIV. Therefore, I will make an effort to assess Diablo IV’s narrative solely based on the content presented within the game.

All Hail Lilith, Our Dearie Mother

Diablo 4 lilith
Lilith is weirdly both cozy and menacing, like most mothers, I guess.

The narrative of Diablo IV embodies the essence of the Horadrim, a guild of intellectuals and sorcerers dedicated to safeguarding Sanctuary from the malevolent forces of the underworld. This captivating lore permeates the game, woven intricately into the fabric of its studies, tomes, and ancient manuscripts. Engaging in discussions with certain non-playable characters allows knowledge to seep into one’s consciousness, enabling avid story enthusiasts to unravel secrets akin to becoming a true-blue Horadrim. The realm of Diablo IV embraces the inquisitive spirit, while remaining forgiving to those who prefer to adhere to the prescribed path.

In the world of Diablo IV, the mesmerizing narrative revolves around the return of Lilith, a captivating force, to the sacred realm called Sanctuary. Our protagonist, fondly known as the Wanderer, becomes entangled with Lilith in a manner that surpasses the believability of past installments. However, this does little to alter the undeniable truth that we possess an extraordinary strength and a heroic aura that captures the attention of our allies, seemingly without any discernible cause.

With our natural inclination towards benevolent actions and exceptional ability to vanquish malevolent beings, we find ourselves swiftly entangled in the intricate web of the Sanctuary’s predicaments, closely trailing Lilith and the pernicious influence she relentlessly disseminates. Throughout this exhilarating journey, we encounter a diverse ensemble of imperiled individuals who assist us not merely out of optimism, but driven by an instinctual urge for self-preservation. Amidst this eclectic group, a familiar face assumes the role of an ancient comrade, flawlessly embodying their character.

perfect savior Diablo 4
Wouldn’t you say I strike like the perfect savior?

As I ventured into the Sanctuary and immersed myself in its vast open world, I quickly grasped the profound reasons behind the prevailing sense of despair, contempt, and nihilism that permeated every inch of its existence. Despite Lilith’s recent arrival, humanity perpetually teeters on the brink of survival. Amidst the overwhelming abundance of sidequests at hand, a few are undeniably sinister, whether it be rescuing a tormented child or aiding a sadistic husband who succumbed to the temptations of a malevolent demon.

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I experimented with various activities, and although many exuded a superficial demeanor, at their core, they added depth to the anguish experienced by the inhabitants of Sanctuary.

An air of hostility lingers ceaselessly, spanning from end to end. Diablo IV has gone to great lengths to construct an ambiance brimming with destruction and despair. Lilith scarcely needs to prod humans in the wrong direction, for they willingly traverse this path all on their own. Merely a gentle push is enough for her influence to ignite like raging inferno in the wooded realm of Tristram. As the Mother of all existence, her teachings are impeccably precise.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to acknowledge that there remain certain concerns pertaining to the overarching narrative. Drawing from my extensive experience in the realm of Japanese-crafted role-playing games, I approached Diablo IV’s storyline with anticipation, albeit not anticipating a narrative akin to that of a novel, brimming with profound character development and an abundance of theatricality. Nonetheless, I conscientiously observed the progression of Diablo IV’s narrative. Some instances felt rather clumsy, almost as if they were included solely to advance the plot and propel the conflicts forward. This conundrum has become somewhat notorious, wherein the game’s universe presents an enthralling lore, yet the execution of it fails to do justice to its potential.

Hordes of Monsters, Dungeons, and Sidequests

However, it’s Diablo we’re talking about. If the majority only played the series for its storyline, there wouldn’t have been a decade’s worth of seasons in Diablo 3. You crave and desire that dungeon crawling and the burst of serotonin every time a legendary-or-above-grade gear drops. So let me fill you in on that.Output: But when it comes to Diablo, things get interesting. If the masses were solely interested in the storyline, Diablo 3 wouldn’t have thrived for a whole decade with its seasons. There’s an insatiable hunger for the exhilarating dungeon crawling experience and the rush of joy that accompanies every drop of legendary or superior gear. Allow me to enlighten you about that.

In Diablo IV, behold a boundless realm that stretches beyond the confines of imagination. Behold the eradication of hazy veils and uncharted territories, for each journey shall uncover the entirety of this enchanting realm. While the art of procuring levels at random shall befall upon hidden dungeons, ancient cellars, and misty grottos. Witness the scattered Warp Points, bestowed upon this expansive realm, seamlessly whisking you away to distant lands, igniting a fervor within the very tempo of the game.

The World Map unveils the suggested levels of every region, yet once you cross the boundary, adversaries align with your own prowess, ensuring an absence of tedium. I, personally, have encountered demons surpassing my own strength by five levels in World Tier II, the esteemed realm of veteran challenges. Any further ascent compelled me to restart incessantly from the last checkpoint.

Although I wouldn’t claim to be a master of isometric action RPGs, I proudly reached the pinnacle with my Druid character in the earlier times of Diablo II, and faced little hardship in Diablo III. Now, with the advent of Diablo IV, equilibrium is restored. It harmonizes the challenging surges of Diablo I & II by incorporating elements from the third installment, such as evasive maneuvers and the fortuitous appearance of potions during intense battles, reminiscent of health globes.

fire circle Diablo 4
It took me quite a while to align my firewalls like this. I know, they don’t look like walls.

The combat in Diablo IV is truly exceptional, surpassing all expectations. Every class possesses a distinct sound and playstyle that perfectly aligns with its intended purpose. As a devoted Fire Sorcerer, my approach involved incinerating foes, creating a mesmerizing spectacle of firewalls that engulfed the entire room. I would then deftly navigate the chaos, allowing the relentless damage-over-time of the scorching flames to drag my adversaries back into the depths of the inferno.

I had an uncanny encounter while embodying the role of a Blood Necromancer, relinquishing all tasks to my obedient skeletons. When I experimented with the Rogue and Barbarian, I found myself engaging in direct combat with foes, constantly exploiting the dodge technique and frequently exposing myself to danger. Each class exhibited its own unique and exclusive gameplay right from the beginning, yet they all shared a common trait: they were all tremendously enjoyable.

The sheer number of possible builds that can be developed for each class adds a unique twist to the equation. Within each skill tree, there are distinct categories like Basic, Defensive, and Ultimate, allowing for customization that suits your preferences, whether it be for personal expression or unleashing chaos. Every active skill is accompanied by modifiers that grant additional bonuses, further enhancing their effectiveness. With such a diverse array of choices, the game promises a thrilling and rejuvenating experience each time it is played. Nevertheless, a small drawback prevented me from fully diving in.

At the pinnacle of the fundamental skill tree lies the ultimate level, granting access to a remarkable Key Passive that significantly amplifies the scorching impact of my spells. Yet, this very Key Passive seemed to impose a restriction, compelling me to concentrate solely on a single build. With my burning spells already empowered, there seemed little reason to expend a precious skill point on a frost or lightning spell. And so, I refrained. While it may still be premature to delve into intricate build strategies, it’s worth noting that more casual players, such as myself, might find themselves perplexed when contemplating these passives at a later stage in the game.

Boss Battles Are Superbs

No matter what kind of strategy you come up with, you will undoubtedly hold your ground against the monstrous creatures. Hordes of ordinary foes constantly swarm towards you, encouraging a fierce and daring approach reminiscent of Diablo. However, if I had to emphasize a single remarkable encounter, it would undoubtedly be the epic clashes with the formidable bosses. These battles showcase intricate yet remarkably instinctive mechanics, striking a perfect balance between difficulty and exhilaration.

In the realm of ordinary dungeons and side quests, a unique battle awaits at their climax. Victory cannot be attained through idleness; one must master the art of evasion, remain attentive to their environment, and unleash the entirety of their arsenal.

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khazra Diablo 4
I always wondered why hellspawns are vulnerable to fire.

The initial bosses serve as a trial run, foreshadowing the upcoming challenges and granting players an opportunity to acquaint themselves with the game’s mechanics. A majority of boss encounters feature telegraphed attacks, often indicated by a crimson zone on the floor. As the game advances, these confrontations grow increasingly difficult, and various previously introduced mechanics begin to intertwine, heightening the risks while maintaining a sense of fairness in their execution.

Employing my dodge sporadically turned out to be a disastrous ploy. The lengthy five-second cooldown appeared overwhelmingly arduous in the face of an onslaught from the boss. Once I grasped the formidable opponent’s repertoire of moves, I judiciously contemplated the optimal approach between evading or directly enduring the brunt of the damage.

In the realms of Diablo IV, there exist formidable World Bosses, captivating timed occurrences scattered across the map, which present a peril surpassing all others. These formidable adversaries demand the combined might of eight valiant players, promising bountiful rewards to those who emerge victorious. However, achieving such triumph necessitates the harmonious synchronization of efforts, unyielding enthusiasm, and an abundance of boundless inventiveness.

Upon conquering the campaign, a gateway to the World Bosses is unlocked. It is my assumption that the majority of players will have attained mastery over their characters and the mechanics of the game, thus rendering their participation in these grand-scale battles all the more impactful.

A Lesson in Exploration

In the vivid and savage realm of Diablo IV, life pulsates vigorously. During my ventures, I often came across NPCs engrossed in their own pursuits – be it tracking down a wild creature or confronting hordes of demons. Should I choose not to intervene, this solitary traveler stood at the brink of demise, and inevitably, I would become the prey of these malevolent beings. Unrelenting conflict reigns supreme across the vast expanse of Sanctuary.

The non-combatant zones serve as a virtual sanctuary, where we connect with fellow players who understand our struggles. Within this haven, we can engage in trade, revel in festivities, or simply engage in heartfelt conversations. However, the minute we depart from this sanctuary, a sense of profound loneliness begins to creep in once again.

However, our journey took an intriguing turn when we stumbled upon unexpected occurrences scattered throughout the vast terrain. As I triumphantly conquered each event, I was rewarded with a magnificent chest overflowing with precious treasures, each more valuable than the last, reflecting my exceptional prowess. Although the desolate realm of the pre-launch edition lacked the camaraderie of fellow adventurers, it was not devoid of thrilling surprises.

The scarcity of participants rendered certain challenges ridiculously difficult, and despite my utmost efforts, the countdown would invariably expire, resulting in my failure. This left me pondering the magnitude of the multiplayer’s influence on the game’s ultimate iteration and whether certain trials were virtually insurmountable without the aid of an alliance.

Diablo 4 black lake
You can gander at some areas, absorbing their whole magnitude and scale.

Apart from these captivating events, Diablo IV brims with an array of sidequests, treacherous dungeons, and intriguing landmarks that beckon the player to embark on a journey of exploration. A remarkable mechanism known as Renown meticulously monitors every aspect within a particular zone, bestowing intrepid adventurers with a plethora of skill points or additional potion slots, as a small taste of its generous rewards.

As a fervent completionist, this presents an unforgiving labyrinth. The compulsion to thoroughly investigate every hidden corner and conquer 100% of the areas proved to be remarkably enthralling, occasionally leaving me bewildered as to whether I was truly relishing the experience or simply succumbing to my amplified FOMO.

The seamless arrangement of these captivating landmarks, coupled with the captivating incidents encountered en route, serve as a catalyst for adventurous exploration. Whether it was gathering resources to enhance my curative elixir, concocting potions with extraordinary abilities, or delving into underground vaults in pursuit of elusive adversaries with the promise of legendary treasures, my journey was filled with endless possibilities.

In the realm of Diablo, the coveted Legendaries no longer hold the same level of exclusivity as they once did. If you find yourself lacking in luck and have yet to witness the elusive orange drop during your gameplay, fear not! A solution has presented itself – you now possess the power to forge these legendary items with your own two hands.

Scattered throughout the realms are hidden chambers, bestowing fragments of the mighty Codex of Power to those who conquer their challenges. These fragments possess the ability to transform ordinary treasures into legendary artifacts, brimming with unimaginable might. Should you chance upon a legendary enchantment adorning a humble item, vanquish the feeble relic and claim its extraordinary essence to imbue another piece of gear.

The ingenious mechanics bestowed upon me the power to be adorned with legendary items even before reaching level 40. For those of you who may be fretting, fearing that Blizzard has diminished the significance of legendaries, let me put your worries to rest; once you ascend to World Tier III, a whole array of Unique and Sacred items await you, and when you reach the pinnacle of World Tier IV, the coveted Ancestral gear will start making its appearance.

The True Game, the Endgame

Diablo has gained infamy due to its captivating endgame experience and relentless pursuit of the most powerful equipment. Unlike its predecessors, where the game became monotonous and revolved solely around grinding after completing the main storyline, Diablo IV presents a refreshing change. Despite dedicating nearly thirty hours to the game, I barely scratched the surface of its vast offerings, leaving me in awe. Moreover, the game introduces exciting new features post-campaign, extending the already substantial gameplay hours.

Diablo 4 indulging alcohol
This embargo doesn’t allow me to spoil endgame stuff, so watch me indulging in some delicious cultist alcohol.

Among the array of features, a striking resemblance could be found with Diablo III’s Adventure mode. Additionally, a renowned dungeon called Capstone Dungeon emerged, exclusively designed for level 50 adventurers. Those valiant enough to conquer this fortified stronghold were rewarded with the prestigious World Tier III, known as the dreaded Nightmare difficulty. Despite my valiant attempts, I shamefully faltered thrice when daring to enter its treacherous depths with my level 46 character.

My pursuit came to a halt as the vast virtual world lacked fellow players. Oh, and did I neglect to mention the existence of an exclusive PVP battleground? These remarkable attributes exemplify Blizzard’s unwavering commitment towards ensuring the enduring appeal of Diablo IV. And mind you, I haven’t even touched upon the disabled battle pass, deliberately withheld from the initial launch.

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Accessibility on Point

Despite being outside the intended audience and lacking expertise in accessibility, I feel compelled to acknowledge the plethora of accessibility features that Diablo IV provides. Among them is a remarkable screen reader that vividly describes the textual content and interactive components displayed on the screen.

The realm of Text to Speech is adorned with a multitude of filters and audio cues that graciously guide you through the tapestry of your environment. Delighting your visual senses, it boasts a color-blind filter that paints vivid landscapes and a voice chat transcription that whispers the secrets of conversations. With unparalleled flexibility, you hold the power to remap every hotkey, including the analog sticks, enabling effortless control with a single hand.

Once more, I must emphasize that regrettably, I lack expertise in this particular domain, thus rendering me unable to ascertain the relevance and efficacy of these alternatives in truly assisting their intended beneficiaries. Nevertheless, it is indisputable that accessibility should no longer be regarded as an added bonus but an absolute necessity in the realm of gaming. The inclusion of such considerations in Diablo IV has left a lasting impression on me, impelling me to acknowledge these noteworthy attributes and encouraging future developers to follow suit.

Close Alternatives

Are you still yearning for the exhilarating experience of dungeon crawling in an Action RPG with an isometric view? Discover these remarkable alternatives that match the caliber of the Diablo franchise:

  • Journey of Exile.
  • Torchlight.
  • Grim Dawn.
  • Lost Ark.
  • Mayhem’s Lords: Wolcen
  • The Verdict

    Score: 9/10.

    Diablo IV pays homage to its origins while flourishing on the core principles that brought it fame. In a saturated industry brimming with elaborate, abstract games that often lose sight of their original purpose, Diablo IV emerges as a true standout. Within its captivating narrative, boundless treasures, and breathtaking journeys, lies a game that, at its very core, is simply designed to entertain its players in the most infernal and exhilarating way possible.

    Being a fervent admirer of stories, I meticulously immerse myself in the captivating narratives of games. Embracing my gamer persona, I comprehend that Diablo IV’s primary allure lies elsewhere, yet I consciously disregard this aspect to fully savor the multitude of exceptional and captivating features that the game graciously presents.

    Nevertheless, it would be an utter disservice on my part as a reviewer if I neglected to mention that there is room for improvement in the aspect of storytelling. Undeniably, the plot displayed greater devotion and attentiveness compared to its predecessors, yet the conclusion left something to be desired – at least for the time being. Given its nature as a live service game, we can anticipate the arrival of additional content in the imminent future.


  • The somber ambiance aligns flawlessly with the game’s aesthetic.
  • The art of crafting a captivating and mesmerizing world through intricate lore is truly remarkable.
  • The art of combat was meticulously honed to perfection, presenting a remarkable harmony between adversity and amusement.
  • Customization options abound in classes, allowing for a myriad of builds that infuse every gameplay experience with distinctiveness.
  • An expansive realm brimming with captivating side quests that generously bestow rewards upon the player.
  • Love it or hate it, a dynamic service game ensures a constant stream of new and exciting content at regular intervals.
  • Cons

  • A few narrative elements are clumsily inserted.
  • Enhancing the clarity of battle tutorials could certainly elevate their effectiveness.
  • While it may not be seen as entirely negative, as I couldn’t fully delve into the multiplayer aspect, it did leave me with the notion that certain elements heavily depend on the presence of other players, which might detract from the experience for those who thrive on going solo.
  • Play Log

    diablo scene

    In the pre-launch version of Diablo IV, Murillo immersed himself for approximately 30 hours, venturing into the fantastical realm and triumphing at level 46. He valiantly conquered the entire campaign, delving into numerous sidequests, conquering treacherous dungeons, and adorning himself with an impressive array of legendary equipment. However, the disheartening prospect of progress reset upon the game’s official release deterred him from further relentless grinding.

    Nonetheless, the addictive nature of Diablos IV compelled him to conjure up three fresh personas and embark on a quest across the vast expanse of the game world, partaking in exhilarating adventures while accompanied only by his loyal and majestic companion.

    FAQ Section

    Question: Is Diablo IV better than Diablo III?

    Personally, I must say that it is indeed my humble opinion. While I did find enjoyment in Diablo III, I couldn’t help but feel a lack of interest towards the rune system and the various levels of difficulty. However, I must admit that Act 2 of Diablo III holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorites within the franchise. With utmost sincerity, I strongly believe that Diablo IV has successfully assimilated all the valuable feedback from its predecessors, resulting in a skill tree and combat system that has reached new heights of refinement. This, in turn, promises a more gratifying and alarmingly captivating gaming experience.

    Question: Will Diablo IV be pay-to-win?

    The game promises an exciting blend of options with both a free and premium battle pass up for grabs. The free pass guarantees a few helpful boosts to propel your progress, while the paid pass exclusively focuses on enhancing your appearance with cosmetic items. Yet, what truly piques my curiosity is the impact these boosts might wield in exhilarating PvP duels against fellow players on the optional map.

    Question: Will Diablo IV be dark?

    Answer: In stark contrast to its immediate forerunner, the sequel exudes a darker and more somber ambiance, reminiscent of the tone set in the initial and second installments. Eventually, one becomes accustomed to the abundance of the world’s distress, making a blissful resolution seem somewhat foreign. Certain cinematic sequences and situations push the boundaries of gore, intensifying the already desolate atmosphere.

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