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With a bone spear firmly grasped in your grasp, no obstacle can impede your path. The bone spear effortlessly pierces through any adversaries it encounters, shattering upon collision with objects and unleashing a barrage of three shrapnel shards. This immensely potent ability alone empowers you to effortlessly eliminate enemies from a distance, pursue and conquer elusive Treasure Goblins, vanquish formidable bosses, and wreak havoc with devastating area-of-effect damage, capable of obliterating even the most formidable adversaries on the challenging World Tier 2 – Veteran difficulty. Undeniably formidable in its own right? Undoubtedly so. However, this comprehensive guide equips you with an array of supplementary skills and damage enhancements, enabling you to push the boundaries of the Bone Spear Necromancer build to its utmost limits.

Moreover, we shall no longer be dependent on a legion of worthless skeletal beings for assistance. Swiftly, we offer up these underlings, channeling the entirety of our might into the formidable prowess of calcium-infused Bone abilities, amplifying our chances of delivering devastating Critical Strikes.

The exhilarating aspect of progressing through this build is that it thrives independently of any capricious Legendary drops! Merely utilizing the Codex of Power is sufficient to propel you towards the ultimate stage, yet stumbling upon pivotal Aspects along your expedition can exponentially amplify your destructive prowess.

Leveling Bone Spear

Dancing Death – Agile Specters.

This build guide takes you through the Campaign up to Level 50. Endgame guides will follow soon in our Necromancer Guides section. Stay tuned!

Excelling in Area of Effect prowess ✔Rapid acquisition of resources ✔Immediate susceptibility ✔Unsurpassed in delivering devastating blows to individual targets ✔.

❌ Lifeless Dependent❌ Devoid of Agile Abilities❌ Requires Summon Sacrifices❌ Devoid of Health Regeneration, Fortification, or Protective Shielding.

Bone Splinters, a swift and effortless maneuver, initiates our build with remarkable Essence production. Its seamless integration with other Bone abilities and facets remains impeccable, serving as our enduring wellspring of generation for an extensive duration.

To begin with, let’s unleash the potential of our fundamental abilities and their enhancements. In the initial stages, our trusty Skeletons serve as excellent shields, soaking up damage and dealing their fair share of DPS. Employing Bone Splinters enables us to inflict both single and multi-target damage, all while harnessing the power of Essence generation.

Tier 2: Shattering Bones.

Level 3: Augmented Bone Shards.

The hour has come to embrace the power of Bone Spear. Make sure to seize Supernatural Bone Spear without delay, for it grants an additional Vulnerable effect, propelling your damage beyond the celestial realms. Yet, let us not overlook the significance of the second enhancement, Paranormal Bone Spear. As soon as we conquer Guulrhan Slums, the Splintering Offensive Aspect shall be at our disposal, prompting us to switch upgrades.

Input: Note: In order to achieve your first completion, it is imperative that you unlock the Guulrhan Slums by progressing through the campaign. Important: The unlocking of the Guulrhan Slums is a prerequisite for accessing it and achieving your initial completion.

The fourth level unveils the formidable Bone Spear.

Bone Spear Unleashed: Ascended to Level 5.

Tier 6: Bone Spear of the Supernatural.

Seventh Tier: Skeletal Lance.

Blood Mist, Corpse Explosion, and Sacrifice Minions (Levels 8-14, 8 Skill Points)

Firstly, let us unveil the ancient Book of the Dead and offer our Skeletal Warriors – Skirmishers as a sacrifice. Once you have unlocked them, you may proceed to sacrifice your Skeletal Mages – Cold as well. Subsequently, we shall allocate just one point towards Blood Mist, followed by acquiring the powerful ability of Corpse Explosion. Lastly, we shall elevate our Bone Spear to its pinnacle with a perfect score of 5/5 points, ensuring unparalleled devastation.

Tier 8: Crimson Haze.

The 9th Level: Corpse Explosion.

The Tenth Tier: Empowered Corpse Detonation.

Stage 11: Cursed Cadaver Detonation.

Unleashing the power of Level 12-14: Bone Spear.

More Essence and Corpse Tendrils (Level 15-21, 7 Skill Points)

Input: Feeling a surplus of Essence? Not quite? Let’s shake things up! We’ll enhance the production of Essence by acquiring Grim Harvest and Hewed Flesh. Additionally, we’ll opt for Corpse Tendrils to maintain control over crowds. To further transform this skill into an absolute Essence powerhouse, we’ll journey towards Champion’s Demise for the Resource Aspect of the Umbral.

The Dark Bounty of Levels 15-17

Flesh Carved at the Eighteenth Level.

Tier 19: Lifeless Vines.

Unlock the power of Level 20 and experience the mesmerizing Corpse Tendrils in their enhanced form.

Stage 21: Ensnared by the Cursed Cadaver Tentacles.

The Bone passives send our damage soaring and practically ensure Critical Strikes without fail. Following that, Stand Alone and Memento Mori generously acknowledge the sacrifice of our minions. Ensure to employ your Golem once it’s unlocked at level 25, and ultimately, Sacrifice Golems – Iron!

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Slicing through the challenges of levels 22-24, the formidable power of Serration emerges.

The Bone Breaker: A Perilous Journey through Levels 25-27.

The Expulsion of the Exalted at Levels 28-30.

Level 31: Solitary Struggle.

Memento Mori: The Echelons of Mortality.

The Key Passive unleashes a potent surge, bolstering our already formidable damage prowess. Remarkably, the Ossified Essence stands as the mightiest Key Passive across the entire realm, persistently escalating in strength alongside your accumulation of gear and experience.

The Essence of Petrification at Level 35.

Bone Storm and More Passives! (Levels 36-49, 14 Skill Points)

At last, we unleash the full force of our Ultimate Bone Storm, channeling an extraordinary surge of Maximum Essence and pushing our Essence generation to unprecedented heights. In protracted battles, it becomes paramount to focus on replenishing Essence in order to maximize our destructive capabilities, thanks to the empowering effects of Ossified Essence and Serration. However, don’t hesitate to obliterate an Elite or Boss that finds itself trapped in a tight spot, as the resulting Bone Spear shard reflections can prove immensely advantageous.

Stage 36: Skeletal Tempest.

Unleash the Wrath of Bones at Level 37: Prime Bone Storm.

Unleash the almighty Bone Tempest at Level 38.

Unleashing chaos from levels 39 to 42 comes Corpse Explosion, a fearsome ability that sets forth a cataclysmic detonation of lifeless bodies.

Stage 43: Immortal Essence.

The Unsettled Equilibrium of Levels 44-46.

Carved Carnage in the 47th and 48th Tiers.

Tier 49: Solitary Existence.

Ascending to Level 50 marks the inception of Paragon.

Once you have accumulated a substantial amount of Renown in Diablo 4, a delightful surprise awaits you in the form of 10 additional Skill Points for each character. These precious points should be wisely allocated to enhance your journey through the leveling progression we have meticulously outlined. However, be prepared for a thrilling twist as your path towards mastery will greatly depend on the Legendary Aspects you uncover along the way. When you finally reach the pinnacle, channel all your efforts into investing these points into the designated nodes, paving the way for the ultimate Bone Spear Endgame Necromancer Build Guide.

Renown 1: Solitude’s Glory.

Celebrated 2-4: Ignited by Demise.

Infamous 5-6: Undying Vigor.

Revered 7: Disciple’s Bone Shards.

The Reaper’s Grasp: A Celestial Reputation 8-10.

Check out our Renown Guide to unlock all your additional rewards efficiently. 

Targeting deceased individuals using Corpse Explosion on Mouse and Keyboard necessitates impeccable precision. Nevertheless, by utilizing Bone Prison, we can capitalize on our ability to be more precise in our positioning with the mouse, as opposed to relying on auto-targeting with a controller. Instead of inflicting damage with Corpse Explosion, we simply appreciate its value in generating Essence. Additionally, Bone Prison not only enhances our Essence generation, but also serves as a critical source of Fortify. However, playing this build on a controller can be awkward since it’s easy to inadvertently trap oneself with our own Bone Prison, so opting for the standard variation may be preferable. Once we have obtained the Resource Aspect of Torment, Resource Aspect of the Umbral, and Splintering Offensive Aspect, we can truly unleash our power. This variation also grants the option of early abandonment of Bone Splinters in favor of another skill. If managing this proves challenging, it is advisable to keep Corpse Explosion off our skill bar until we have accumulated enough Essence.

Bone Spear with Bone Prison Variant

Unyielding: This unique adaptation of the leveling strategy ensures utmost safety in the treacherous realm of Hardcore. While the Necromancer may face formidable challenges unlike any other class, channeling focus towards abilities that grant unyielding resilience and incapacitate adversaries bestows a distinct advantage in the relentless battle against the malevolent forces that loom in the shadows.

Unleash the Accordion’s magic by clicking and watch as it expands, revealing the mesmerizing breakdown of skill points.

Bone Prison Variant Skills Breakdown

The accumulation of sufficient Essence to unleash its potent skills is an inevitable requirement for every build. Numerous resource generation methods exist, however, the following are deemed crucial and pertinent for the Necromancer.

The Codex of Power Dungeon: Champion’s Demise holds the key to unleashing the full potential of Crowd Control effects. Each time you apply a Crowd Control effect on your enemies, a new aspect is awakened, leading to an extraordinary surge of Essence. Don’t settle for just one effect – stack multiple different Crowd Control effects to witness the true power of this Codex. While the standard Codex grants only 1 Resource, there is a chance of finding a rare 4 Resource version if luck is on your side. However, if luck is not in your favor, explore other avenues to diversify your Essence collection. Take a gamble and seek out the Purveyor of Curiosities to obtain this essential item. Keep in mind that there are specific effects that can trigger the Resource Aspect of the Umbral, further enhancing your abilities.

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  • The lifeless tendrils of the deceased move sluggishly, causing a state of temporary immobilization.
  • Power Dungeon Codex: The Treacherous PathWhen engaged in intense battles, the Betrayer’s Row within the Codex of Power Dungeon serves as your ultimate solution to swiftly replenish your Essence. By synergizing it with the Defensive Aspect of the Embalmer and the Blighted Corpse Tendrils, you can harness the energy of blood orbs and unleash their formidable power.

    Tome of Dominion: Shadow SanctumThis tome can be easily acquired while progressing, yet activating its potential might prove challenging until you amass a substantial amount of Critical Strike Chance. If there are no better options, acquiring this as a ring is recommended, but ensure that your critical strikes are executed flawlessly.

    Our unique leveling build, the Bone Prison Variant, incorporates this extraordinary skill due to its unparalleled wombo-combo potential. Begin by unleashing Corpse Tendrils, subsequently amassing copious amounts of Essence by ensnaring a multitude of enemies in a single location with the mighty Bone Prison, bolstered by the power of Fortify.

    Although appearing as a formidable Essence reservoir, this skill lacks consistency and proves ineffective when facing formidable foes or bosses. Consequently, reliance on Corpses becomes inevitable, although their availability cannot be guaranteed. While it can be utilized to replenish Essence occasionally, its true value lies in activating effects such as the Defensive Aspect of the Embalmer or enhancing Corpse-based damage multipliers. It is vital to broaden your Essence sources to avoid being devoid of crucial resources.

    In dire circumstances, when all else fails, the fundamental abilities of Bone Splinters, Hemorrhage, Reap, and Decompose can contribute to augmenting your Essence reservoir. Ideally, you won’t have to rely on these too frequently. However, if the need arises, endeavor to obtain certain Resource Aspects mentioned above, as they can aid you in your progression through levels.

    Within the sacred pages of The Book of the Dead lies the gateway to harness the mystical powers of Raise Skeleton and Golem abilities, empowering us to summon a legion of undead Minions to wage war alongside us. Furthermore, we hold the power to offer these faithful Minions as sacrifices, unlocking exclusive passive enhancements for each sacrificial choice. The art of summoning and sacrificing allows for endless possibilities, as we have the freedom to experiment and blend various combinations to suit our unique playstyles.

    At the mere level one, you possess the remarkable power to summon Skeletons. However, it is at level 5, upon unlocking the Book Menu, that you can truly personalize your Skeletal Skirmishers. As you progress, an array of Skeletal Warriors, Skeletal Mages, and even Golems will become available to you. The majestic Golem, however, demands a quest to be undertaken, as meticulously outlined in our Book of the Dead guide. To successfully summon these awe-inspiring creatures, it is imperative that you incorporate the Raise Skeleton and Golem skills onto your skill bar.

    Input: Skeletons and our Golem serve a vital purpose in this build, although we don’t immediately engage in Sacrifice. The selection of Skeletons and Golem, as well as the optimal timing for their sacrifice, will be elaborated upon below.

    Beginner’s Step: Master the Art of Summoning Skeletons.

    Level 5: Unleash the Power of Skeletal Warriors – Masters of Skirmishing.

    Skirmishers of the Eighth Level: The Sacrifice of Skeletal Warriors.

    Unleash the Frosty Horde – Summon Skeletal Ice Mages at Level 15.

    Unleash the Power of Golems at Level 25 with the Mighty Bone.

    Golems at Level 32: The Commemoration of Iron.

    Progressing in Diablo 4 shares similarities with other ARPGs and MMOs, where our fate lies in the hands of the items that we come across. As we advance, our goal is to replace our existing Rares with even better ones until we reach level 50. Additionally, we give importance to specific Codex of Power Legendary Aspects that hold great significance for our character’s growth. If fortune favors us and we stumble upon Legendaries or Uniques, they can be a game-changer, granting us a substantial increase in power (which will be discussed in the upcoming sections). However, if we are not fortunate enough to find such rare items, let’s explore some crucial statistics to keep an eye out for during our journey.

    With an unyielding focus on delivering relentless Critical Strikes, the Bone Spear Necromancer disregards all other weaponry in favor of the mighty Two-Handed Sword, which bestows upon them an innate and potent Critical Strike Damage.

    Rank the following statistics in the order of importance:

  • Xx% Amplification of Core Skill Damage.
  • Xx% Amplified Vulnerability.
  • Boost your critical strike damage by an impressive +xx%.
  • Boost your critical strike damage by an impressive +xx%. with Bone Skills
  • Enhanced power to vanquish foes from afar with an impressive +% boost in damage against distant adversaries.
  • Inflict an additional +xx% havoc upon adversaries ensnared in the clutches of crowd control.
  • Boost your damage by an astonishing xx% against foes who have been slowed.
  • Inflict devastating harm upon immobilized adversaries with a staggering +% boost to damage against foes trapped in a state of bewilderment.
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    Adorn your armament with the radiant allure of emerald.

    Remember this crucial step: Enhance your weapon at the Blacksmith’s workshop, a minimum of 1-2 rounds, upon acquiring a fresh weapon.

    Our trusty armors come bearing gifts of Defense and Utility stats, showering us with their protective embrace. But amidst this symphony of fortification, behold the Gloves, a rebellious anomaly that unleashes a torrent of Offensive possibilities. Now, let us unveil the crucial statistics that deserve our discerning gaze:

  • Helm: The Power of the Mind, Vitality Unbounded, Unyielding Defenses.
  • The Armor encompasses the essence of vitality, fortification, and resilience – a harmonious blend of Maximum Life, Total Armor, and Damage Reduction.
  • Bone Spear Ranks, Critical Strike Chance, Attack Speed, Damage, and Intelligence are the essential attributes that define the Gloves.
  • Trousers: Unleashing the Ultimate Potential of Life, Intellect, and Shielding.
  • Boots: Swift Strides, Tangled Necrosis Levels, Reinforced Vitality, Agile Evasion (Implicit).
  • The enchanting allure of jewelry bestows upon us formidable Offensive attributes, lending a hand in our exhilarating expedition of leveling. Immerse yourself in the intricate details of the rolls, for higher-tiered adornments do not always guarantee superiority.

  • Mystical Charm: Devastation, Universal Attributes, Mastery of Skeletal Dart Techniques, Resilience, Chance of Lethal Strikes.
  • Bands: Fragile Impact, Chance of Fierce Strikes, Severity of Critical Hits, and Raw Physical Force.
  • Input: Avoid enhancing Armor or Jewelry during the leveling process (unless playing Hardcore). Instead, embed Rubies into your Armor and adorn Skulls onto your Jewelry.

    The Codex of Power unveils a treasury of Mythical Attributes that can be etched onto Rare or Legendary artifacts at the Occultist’s abode. These enigmatic abilities are only revealed upon conquering certain mystical Dungeons scattered across the mystical realm of Sanctuary. When it comes to leveling up, a handful of these extraordinary Attributes can prove immensely advantageous, provided we possess the necessary funds to imprint them.

    Caution: Refrain from engraving your Weapons as they undergo frequent upgrades and entail a hefty cost for imprinting. Rather, focus on infusing Offensive Aspects onto your Amulet and Gloves.

    Leveling Tips and Tricks

    Explore a treasure trove of invaluable advice and cunning strategies that will forever be etched in your memory, applicable to every class and specialization!

    Embark on an exciting journey with our Campaign Guide. Experience the thrill of playing the game firsthand (Coming Soon).

    Enhance Your Elixir and Ascend! Countless adventurers remain oblivious to the necessity of gathering resources to enhance their character’s concoction. Be certain to amass every ingredient while traversing the mystical realms of Sanctuary, with particular emphasis on the elusive Gallowvine, a prized gem in numerous alchemical formulas!

    Alchemist location in Kyovashad

    Input: Compare your Items… Literally. Pressing Shift on an item in your inventory allows you to effortlessly compare it with what you’re currently wearing, making it a breeze to identify upgrades and non-upgrades.

    Rewrite: Embrace the Power of Renown. As you venture through diverse realms, seize the opportunity to amass Renown on your journey. This invaluable asset holds boundless advantages for your entire account, unlocking a plethora of Skill/Paragon points and Potion charges. To gain Renown, activate Waypoints, unearth Altars of Lilith, conquer Side Quests/Dungeons, and emancipate Strongholds.

    Handle Gold with Caution. Numerous final stages, such as acquiring and engraving Mythical Attributes, can be exorbitant for a fresh protagonist. Refrain from exhausting all your Gold during your journey!

    Abstain from Imprinting Your Weapon. The paramount component of equipment during the process of leveling up is your weapon, which undergoes frequent substitutions. Consequently, allocating a Legendary Aspect to it would be an imprudent squandering of valuable resources. Instead, imbue your Amulet with the most exceptional offensive Aspect, as its utility endures for an extended duration.

  • With expertise in wielding the Bone Spear, the Necromancer unleashes devastating blows targeted at a single foe, obliterating them completely in moments of vulnerability.
  • Elevate your Essence to its utmost potential, allowing Serration and Ossified Essence to thrive.
  • The Torment’s Resource Aspect, the Umbral’s Resource Aspect, and the Splintering Offensive Aspect play pivotal roles in unlocking the full potential of this build.
  • Begin with a handful of skeletal figures, only to swiftly offer them up in sacrifice. Our destination lies ahead, and our journey is one embarked upon in solitude.
  • Crafted by Echohack and meticulously reviewed by Macrobioboi.

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