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Prepare yourself for an exhilarating adventure in the realm of Diablo 4, as each season unveils an extraordinary Battle Pass. Delve into the depths of this epic journey, discovering the intricacies of how the Battle Pass operates, the cost associated with it, and the awe-inspiring rewards that await your valiant efforts.

Diablo4 Battle Pass
let’s take a look at the Diablo 4 Battle Pass for the season. | © Blizzard / EarlyGame

Just like the store, Diablo 4’s Battle Pass draws inspiration from Call of Duty’s Battle Pass. And by “draws inspiration,” we imply that it’s essentially a carbon copy, albeit with distinct incentives.

For those unfamiliar with CoD, behold a comprehensive guide on the Battle Pass mechanics, pricing for each edition, and the delightful array of rewards awaiting you. May this information prove invaluable to your endeavors.

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  • Attention Deluxe & Ultimate Edition Owners: Congratulations on being the proud possessors of the inaugural season’s Battle Pass, which was included as a delightful bonus! Therefore, feel free to bypass the segment regarding pricing.

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  • How The Diablo 4 Battle Pass Works

    In case you’ve delved into the realm of Battle Pass games before, feel free to skip ahead. However, brace yourself for an engaging revelation: Blizzard has ingeniously adopted the conventional Battle Pass framework for their upcoming release, Diablo 4. This ingenious approach closely mirrors the one successfully employed in other popular Activision titles such as Call of Duty. But fear not, intrepid reader, for if you remain unfamiliar with this concept, allow me to enlighten you further.

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    Diablo 4 is set to introduce captivating “seasons” that will kick off approximately one month after its release. These remarkable seasons will span three months, each boasting a unique theme and an exclusive Battle Pass.

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  • The Battle Pass serves as a captivating journey of rewards, stretching from level 1 to level 90. As you immerse yourself in the game, progression along the Battle Pass will be your companion, unveiling enticing rewards at every milestone. Remarkably, even without investing in the Battle Pass, you can ascend from levels 1 to 90 solely through gameplay during the season. Yet, it’s important to note that reaching level 90 without a payment will grant you access to merely a fraction of the abundant rewards on offer.

    This was a sneak-preview the devs showed us of the Diablo 4 Battle Pass. | © Blizzard

    A Battle Pass encompasses a collection of 90 enticing rewards that can be acquired by diligently engaging in gameplay throughout the season. However, once the season concludes, the opportunity to acquire any further Battle Pass rewards ceases, making way for a fresh Battle Pass tailored to the upcoming season.

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  • How Much Do The Different Versions Of The Battle Pass Cost In Diablo 4?

    During our introduction, we touched upon this topic, yet if you’ve recently indulged in playing CoD, you’ll find amusement in the striking resemblance of the Battle Pass found here. Remarkably, we are presented with three distinct variations of the Battle Pass to acquire on a monthly basis.

    Battle Pass Version Price Rewards

    Extra Bonuses


    $0 / £0

    23 Battle Pass Rewards None
    Premium $10 / £8 90 Battle Pass Rewards None
    Accelerated $25 / £20 90 Battle Pass Rewards First 20 levels of Battle Pass already completed + “Special Cosmetic” (the devs haven’t gone into greater detaul than that)
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    Playing excessively warrants avoiding the Accelerated Battle Pass. While obtaining the initial 20 rewards instantly upon purchase may seem appealing, the likelihood of swiftly completing all 90 levels within a mere three months is quite high, provided one indulges in frequent gameplay.

    Want to captivate your friend’s curiosity and lure them into the mesmerizing world of Diablo? Look no further than this captivating video:

    What Rewards Can We Expect With The Diablo 4 Battle Pass?

    The rewards for the inaugural Diablo 4 Battle Pass are still shrouded in mystery, but drawing from our deep-rooted connection with Activision Blizzard, we dare to envision what lies ahead. Brace yourself, for here’s a glimpse into the realm of possibilities:

  • Each class should possess a unique armor set, no less than one.
  • Each class should have a minimum of two distinct weapon skins.
  • A minimum of two collections of mountain armor.
  • Unlock the mystical level 90 cosmetic, a versatile treasure designed to enchant every class (perhaps a splendid addition to your mount collection).
  • A collection of at least 16 fiery remnants.
  • A princely sum of 1,200 units of the precious metal platinum.
  • Receiving the exact amount of currency you invested in the Battle Pass is a widely practiced tradition. Hence, the inclusion of Platinum seems logical. However, if you happen to be unacquainted with the intriguing concept of “Smoldering Ashes,” then allow me to enlighten you further.

    Smoldering Ashes

    With every five levels of the Battle Pass you conquer, a precious reward known as Smoldering Ash shall be bestowed upon you. Remarkably, this reward is not exclusive to those who have invested in the premium Battle Pass but is generously offered to all, even those enjoying the free rewards. Smoldering Ash holds a remarkable power, as it can be utilized to unlock a remarkable account-wide enhancement referred to as “Season’s Blessings”. To access this enhancement, a mere 1 Smoldering Ash is required per upgrade, and each Blessing has the potential to be elevated up to four times, thus increasing its potency and allure.

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    Seasons Blessings1
    These are the Season’s Blessings you can buy with Smoldering Ashes. | © Blizzard

    Behold the array of divine blessings that await you this season:

  • Energetic Vessel: Amplify experience acquisition from vanquishing creatures (by 3% per utilized Smoldering Ash, reaching a peak of 4).
  • Vessel of Negotiation: Amplify the amount of Gold acquired through Vendor transactions (enhanced by 5% for every expenditure of Smoldering Ash, reaching a maximum cap of 4).
  • Reclaiming Urn: Enhancing the odds of acquiring precious materials through salvage (by 10% for every Smoldering Ash expended, capped at a maximum of 4).
  • Rewritten Eternal Vessel: Amplify the longevity of Elixirs (increasing by 15% for every Smoldering Ash expended, with a cap of 4).
  • Ladies and gentlemen (or perhaps Children of Lilith?), Behold! We present to you the ultimate compendium on the enigmatic Diablo 4 Battle Pass. Should your anticipation for the inaugural season reach its zenith, and your mind be clouded with indecision regarding the ideal class for a fresh adventure, fret not, for we aim to lend a guiding hand.

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