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The Cartography Table, a versatile block in Minecraft, holds tremendous potential for map enthusiasts. Within this IGN guide, we shall uncover the depths of knowledge surrounding this remarkable table. From discovering its elusive spawning locations to mastering the art of crafting one, prepare to unravel the mysteries of the Cartography Table and explore its extraordinary capabilities.

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What Is a Cartography Table and What Does It Do in Minecraft

In the enchanting realm of Minecraft, a Cartography Table holds the power to elevate the essence of maps. As you embark on this journey, the enchantment of leveling up a map unveils a world of boundless possibilities, expanding the horizons of your cartographic vision. The mystical Cartography Tables also serve as sacred grounds for Villagers seeking purpose. Within their proximity, the transformative energy grants them the ability to metamorphose into esteemed cartographers, forever entwining their destiny with the art of mapmaking.

Where to Find a Cartography Table

Villages are the exclusive natural spawning grounds for Cartography Tables, requiring the presence of a skilled village cartographer to facilitate their appearance.

How to Craft a Cartography Table

Here is a comprehensive compilation of all the essential components required for constructing a remarkable Cartography Table. Accompanied by a detailed inventory and a captivating image illustrating the step-by-step process.


  • Paper: 2.
  • A Quartet of Timber Slabs
  • How to Use a Cartography Table

    In order to utilize a Cartography Table, the first requirement is to obtain a map. Once the map is obtained, proceed to the Cartography Table and position the map in the top left corner. Simultaneously, place a sheet of paper in the bottom left corner. A peculiar inscription, “Zoom Out & Clear,” should become apparent at the center. On the right side, the map will be visible, accompanied by a numerical indication of its level out of 4. Obtain the map from the right side and witness its progression to a higher level.

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    Unlock the full potential of the map by continuously adding sheets of paper until you ascend to level 4, transcending all limitations.

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