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In the treacherous realm of Conan Exiles, one must navigate through a merciless landscape teeming with the undead, ravenous creatures, and belligerent adversaries that could easily push even the sanest mind towards the brink of madness. Amidst this chaos, finding solace and respite from the constant carnage becomes imperative, and the art of customization offers a much-needed reprieve. Within this realm, dyes hold a vital significance, allowing individuals to express their individuality and regain a sense of control amidst the tumultuous world.

Whether you wish to instill terror with your formidable armor, distinguish ally from adversary during battles, or perhaps you possess a cherished thrall with exceptional attributes of strength and vitality. Even though you proclaim your affection for all your thralls equally, there may be a particular one that holds a slightly more special place in your heart and you desire them to radiate uniqueness. With the aid of dyes, you can effortlessly accomplish this.

TL;DR Summary

Dyes bring life to your garments and artistic designs, offering endless possibilities for personalization and practicality. The art of crafting dyes involves the use of glass flasks, which can be created or bought, and then filled with water and blended with specific ingredients to achieve the desired hue. Once your exquisite dye is ready, you can easily adorn your attire by simply selecting it and activating the dye button. This will grant you a myriad of choices to apply and modify colors, tailored to each individual piece of gear you possess.

How to Craft Dyes

Prior to embarking on a colorful artistic journey, it is imperative to ensure that you possess the appropriate workstations. The creation of dyes necessitates the utilization of a dyer’s bench, which becomes accessible upon acquiring the Dyemaker feat upon reaching the illustrious level of 25. Fortunately, this bench is quite affordable, demanding a mere 50 bricks and 50 tar, both readily obtainable during the initial stages of the game by smelting stone and processing hides in a tanner’s bench.

After successfully assembling the bench, one must acquire a collection of glass flasks. Numerous methods exist to acquire them in large quantities. The initial option entails crafting them directly.

Crafting Flasks

The exquisite art of creating glass flasks unfolds upon the casting table, a skill unlocked through the mastery of the Firebowl Cauldron feat, achieved upon reaching the illustrious level 15. A delicate dance of craftsmanship awaits as you fashion a mold for the glass flask, calling for a modest measure of iron, yet only in a singular quantity. Once in possession of this invaluable tool, the realm of glass flask creation becomes boundless, as long as the coveted material of glass finds its way into your hands.

Glass can be created by heating up crystals in a furnace of your preference, with a ratio of two crystals to produce one glass. Although not the main topic of this guide, cultivating crystals in large quantities is an activity you’ll probably engage in, particularly if you’re keen on PVP, since it plays a vital role in making explosives. Thus, the ability to acquire a copious amount of crystals is essential for your triumph.

Crystals, scattered generously across the vastness of Siptah, reveal themselves at the heart of the map and within the vicinity of countless vaults. These precious gems, resembling gleaming obsidian pebbles, present an enigmatic challenge to strike. But fear not, for adopting a first-person perspective and assuming a crouched position while wielding your weapon might prove advantageous. Moreover, seek solace amidst the gremlins’ sanctuary, the goblinoids’ hideout, or a secluded enclave nestled upon the cliffs at L10, where larger crystals, relatively easier to target, await discovery.

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The map reveals a hidden world of sparkling crystals, nestled deep within mysterious caves. Among these enchanting caverns, the Scuttler’s Shortcut at F7 stands as a beacon of beauty. Additional caves adorned with precious crystals can be discovered, such as The Passage at K9, Hanuman’s Grotto at H3, The Cavern of Fiends at F4, and The Warren of Degenerates at F6.

The abundance of crystal in these various locations is a treasure trove for flask enthusiasts, particularly those who enjoy dyeing. While crafting flasks is widely regarded as the least desirable method to acquire them, there exists a more convenient approach to obtain them in large quantities, assuming you possess the necessary funds, naturally.

Buying Flasks

If you despise witnessing the unfortunate demise of your precious crystal as it transforms into useless disposable spheres, fear not! A superior alternative awaits. Within the realm of both maps, a merchant awaits your arrival, ready to offer glass flasks in exchange for shiny silver coins. Look no further than the esteemed Vennor Skinflint, situated at Sepermeru in B7, or the merchant residing at The Camp of the Castaways in I13 on Siptah. These remarkable individuals are more than willing to trade ten glass flasks for a mere silver coin. With even the slightest possession of silver, you have the incredible opportunity to acquire countless vaults filled to the brim with flasks, all achieved effortlessly.

The shimmering tokens can be plundered from treasure chests scattered across the entire realm or forged within the comforts of one’s own abode, utilizing a coin mold at the casting bench. Acquiring the precious silver required for minting these coins proves to be a breeze, as both realms boast plentiful reservoirs of this coveted metal, conveniently within reach.

Venture into the forsaken realms, journey towards the clandestine abode of the scorpion located at C6, and behold a bountiful abundance of shimmering silver within its domain, extending beyond its very borders. As an alternative, embark upon the treacherous expedition known as the Descent of Dagon, found at M6, where the deepest recesses house a handful of precious silver formations, nestled alongside the tranquil waters.

Siptah boasts an abundance of sporadic silver nodes scattered just beyond the entrance of almost every vault.

Once you possess the precious silver ore, effortlessly melt it within a furnace to yield magnificent silver bars. Subsequently, employ these gleaming bars upon the casting bench to fashion exquisite coins. With just a solitary expedition for silver, you shall acquire an abundance of flasks to sustain your entire gameplay, even if you happen to alter the appearance of your army countless times.

Filling the Flasks

After acquiring the glass flasks, there are multiple avenues to embark upon in order to fill them with water. Among the various options, the simplest and most direct approach involves manually filling the flasks. This entails utilizing an empty flask and connecting it to any available water source, causing it to gradually fill with water. However, it is worth noting that this method may prove to be rather time-consuming, potentially making you feel as if you are caught in a never-ending endeavor.

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By introducing vacant flasks to a bonfire in conjunction with ice, you can effortlessly replenish them without the need for manual intervention. This ingenious method not only provides a purpose for your surplus ice but also serves as a convenient AFK alternative for those lacking an alchemist.

Should you possess an alchemist in your midst, the entire endeavor becomes remarkably effortless. Merely position the flasks upon an alchemist’s workbench, in the presence of said alchemist, and behold as they transform into flasks brimming with crystalline water, all without any expenditure. It matters not whether the alchemist is of a prestigious tier or not; any alchemist will suffice. However, it is advisable not to inquire about the origins of this mystical water.

Final Assembly

Once you’ve gathered all your necessary ingredients, concocting the final masterpiece becomes a breeze. Merely blend your water-filled flask with the specific element to create your desired dye. However, the real challenge lies in securing that additional ingredient, as it varies for each dye. This elusive component could range from brimstone to vibrant orange phykos, so it’s wise to gather a plentiful supply of the diverse flowers you encounter during your adventurous expeditions. After all, you never know which ones might come in handy.

It is important to mention that the creation of black and white dyes necessitates the expertise of a tier 4 alchemist, implying that unlocking the feat alone does not suffice for crafting all dyes.

Input: Don’t fret over the possibility of ruining your fresh gear piece because, on the dyeing page, you have the liberty to effortlessly revert it back to its original shade without any charges. So, go ahead and delve into the realm of experimentation to discover the perfect color that resonates with your style!

Using Dyes to make Warpaints

Dyes possess a myriad of additional purposes, greatly expanding their functionality beyond mere customization. As previously discussed, employing color coding for your team not only prevents accidental friendly fire in PVP scenarios but also opens up the possibility of crafting intricate warpaints. These warpaints, while primarily serving an aesthetic purpose, can be obtained through diverse methods in the untamed wilderness. Moreover, they have the remarkable ability to bestow advantageous buffs upon your character’s statistics upon application.

Input: Keep in mind that the effects of functional warpaints will fade after one hour of application. Therefore, if you anticipate an extended absence from home, it’s wise to carry spare warpaints in your pocket as a precaution. On the other hand, decorative warpaints, which have no beneficial effects, will maintain their appearance for a duration of four hours. However, it’s essential to remember that all warpaints will cease to exist upon death, so exercise caution while venturing into unknown territories.

Crafting Warpaints

Within the dyer’s bench, the warpaints come to life alongside your dyes, presenting a convenient way to maintain ingredient order. To create a decorative warpaint, you will need just three components: a papyrus scroll, the designated dye, and an inking brush. However, utility warpaints demand an extra touch of two dragon powders blended into the mixture.

Crafted with care at the artisan bench, the exquisite papyrus scroll beckons to be brought to life. With a simple combination of plant fiber, its transformation is swift and effortless. The inking brush, a masterful creation in its own right, finds its genesis at the dyer’s bench where fur, branches, and plant fiber unite in perfect harmony. A treasure trove of fur awaits, generously bestowed upon us by the majestic creatures that don it – bears, goats, gorillas, and a myriad of others. As you venture into the wild, the abundance of wildlife shall provide an ample supply, ensuring your endeavors flourish.

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Once you’ve created it, just utilize the warpaint to adorn yourself. In case you’re unsatisfied with the war paint you’ve chosen or wish to change it, you have the option to patiently wait until the timer expires. However, if you find yourself in a tight spot, a quick respawn would also do the trick.

On the flip side, you have the option to concoct a magical elixir of shedding. Simply merge a glass flask filled with water and a luminous essence at the workstation of a skilled dyer. Administer this potion to instantly rid yourself of any warpaint.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: If I’m trying to stand out in a PVP setting, what are the best dyes to use?

Employing vividly hued pigments shall greatly facilitate the discernment of your comrades amidst the chaos of battle. Opt for dyes characterized as “complete,” like an entirely vibrant azure or a wholly radiant golden hue, for enhanced luminosity and enhanced visibility. Ensure that your allies and subordinates are adorned in corresponding shades, thus eliminating any potential perplexity.

Question: If functional war paints only last an hour, is it worthwhile for smaller groups to farm them at all?

The answer is highly contingent upon your equipment. Without delving into the complexities of PVP builds, which truly warrant a dedicated tutorial, the key is to aim for specific attribute perks when constructing your build. By adorning yourself with meticulously crafted gear fashioned by a top-tier armorer thrall, it becomes plausible to attain the desired stats with a mere assortment of garments and an array of advantageous enhancements.

If you’re seeking an edge in battle, war paints may offer a slight advantage, but they’re far from essential. Therefore, if you find it challenging to afford the dragon powder required to uphold your war paint collection, don’t hesitate to exclude them from your arsenal and reclaim precious time for yourself.

Question: I don’t like the decorative warpaints I have unlocked. Is there any more I can find?

Absolutely! You’ll be thrilled to know that almost every DLC offers a splendid array of ornamental warpaints. But here’s a little secret for those who prefer not to splurge: you can actually obtain certain warpaints as exceptional finds from the mystical summoning pools nestled within the captivating Isle of Siptah.

The Final Wrap Up

Customization relies heavily on dyes, which play a vital role. By skillfully pairing dyes and warpaints, one can easily distinguish a seasoned and fearless barbarian from a modest and vulnerable individual. Moreover, this unique combination can boost your confidence as you engage in intense battles. While it’s perfectly acceptable to possess fierceness, many of us also aspire to appear fierce, and there is absolutely nothing amiss with that desire. And if anyone dares to object, remember that it’s Conan Exiles, where adding another skull to the collection is just part of the game.

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