Diablo 2 Builds – How to Choose Your Next D2R Build

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  • The Ultimate Compilation of Class Builds: Unleash Your Potential with the Finest Strategies and Discover Your Next Epic Adventure.

    Throughout two decades, adventurers have embarked on epic journeys spanning multiple acts, relentlessly vanquishing the formidable Prime Evils and their henchmen, all in pursuit of valuable treasures to acquire, barter, and exchange. The seasoned veterans possess an astonishing wealth of knowledge, surpassing their own awareness of it. As for the fresh-faced newcomers, navigating the complexities of character development may seem like an enigma waiting to be unraveled. Fear not, for this comprehensive guide to Diablo 2 Resurrected shall rejuvenate your memory or introduce you to the fundamentals, regardless of which category you belong to.

    In the following passage, we shall delve into the magnificent realm of D2R, exploring its seven distinct classes and their myriad builds. Once you immerse yourself in this illuminating guide, a world of possibilities will unfold, guiding you towards the ideal class to embark upon your perilous journey through Hell. Moreover, you shall discover the path to follow, along with the invaluable treasures such as unique items, set items, runes, and runewords that shall accompany you on this extraordinary odyssey.

    Diablo 2 Builds
    Fan Art by Alex Horley

    Choosing Your Class

    Whether you’re a seasoned player or a fresh-faced newcomer, it’s crucial to understand that there is no definitive choice when it comes to embarking on your journey through the treacherous realms of Hell. Embrace the freedom to select any of the magnificent seven classes, each offering its own captivating and thrilling combat style. Should you find yourself disenchanted with a particular class or have honed your skills to perfection after endless hours of gameplay, fear not! Simply venture forth and explore another class, discovering if it resonates harmoniously with your unique playstyle.

    Right from the start, it’s crucial to prioritize the statting and gearing of your character according to a specific build. By doing this, you can unleash the full potential of your damage as you progress towards the end game. On the other hand, if you randomly choose skills without a clear objective, they may only assist you in navigating Normal difficulty and partially in Nightmare difficulties. One of the amazing aspects of Diablo 2 Resurrected is that you have the flexibility to switch builds midway through the game by successfully completing the Den of Evil quest and engaging in conversation with Akara, or by obtaining/acquiring a Token of Absolution through purchase or trade.


    The Amazon, a fierce warrior, harnesses the power of her bow, spear, or javelin to swiftly vanquish hordes of enemies. Among her arsenal, the bows and javelins reign supreme. Her extraordinary agility is matched only by the threat of peril in close combat, rendering the handling of hefty spears an audacious gamble for novice adventurers. Discover an array of meticulously crafted Amazon Builds showcased below:

    Diablo 2 Amazon Builds
    Art by Daryl Mandryk


    The term Bowazon encompasses all Amazon characters who wield bows or crossbows as their primary means of inflicting physical, fire, ice, or magical harm. Typically, Bowazons employ the art of Multiple Shot to manage groups of enemies, while relying on Guided Arrow to vanquish formidable bosses.

  • The Strafezon, a remarkable variant of the Bowazon, wields the formidable skill of Strafe to unleash a torrent of arrows upon a group of ten adversaries simultaneously.
  • The Angelzon/Procazon serves as a fascinating variation of the Strafezon, harnessing specialized equipment that possesses a subtle possibility of unleashing the formidable Necromancer Curse ability known as Amplify Damage upon each strike.
  • With the prowess of an Ice Bowazon, freezing arrows become her formidable weapon, halting numerous foes in their very steps.
  • The Flame Archer employs the skill of Immolation Arrow, which sets off a blazing explosion, inflicting fiery harm to numerous targets. In the meantime, the Bowazon frequently unleashes a barrage of Multiple Arrow, Exploding Arrow, or Guided Arrow while awaiting the cooldown of Immolation Arrow.
  • Javazon

    Javazon encompasses all Amazon characters who depend predominantly on javelins and excel in the art of Javelins and Spear Skills.

  • The Thunderstorm Valkyrie build employs the formidable Lightning Fury skill to maintain dominance over the masses while utilizing the power of Charged Bolt to swiftly dispatch formidable enemy leaders.
  • With the devastating combo of Lightjab and Thunderfury, the Amazon unleashes her lethal Jab technique to swiftly dismantle individual foes, all the while commanding immense hordes with the electrifying prowess of Lightning Fury.
  • The Javzon/Jabber is a specialized breed of Javazon, honing in on swiftly dismantling individual foes through the mastery of the Jab technique.
  • Employing the skillful art of Plague Javelin, the Plagazon/Poison Javazon unleashes a calculated assault upon her foes. In moments of cooldown, she deftly executes a relentless barrage of Jab, Charged Strike, Fend, or Lightning Fury, leaving her adversaries in awe of her versatile prowess.
  • Fearazon, a unique creation, merges the electrifying might of Lightning Fury with the ability to send monsters running in fear upon being struck.
  • Other Javazon Builds

    Presently, the Bowazon or Javazon builds have gained immense popularity. However, if you wish to explore an intriguing alternative, then delve into the following options:

  • The Fendazon, a mighty Javazon variant, unleashes her prowess by swiftly eliminating her adversaries using the formidable skill of Fend, targeting multiple foes in her vicinity.
  • A Hybridzon possesses the remarkable ability to expertly handle both throwing javelins and a bow or crossbow. While Hybridzons have fallen out of popularity since the introduction of synergies in version 1.10, a few dedicated players still prefer to construct their Amazons around the unique utilization of two distinct weapon types. These Hybridzons unleash devastating damage through the mastery of Javelin and Spear skills such as Fend and Impale, seamlessly transitioning to Strafe and Guided Arrow when necessary. Additionally, they cleverly employ Valkyries as a means to divert the attention of enemy groups and inflict significant harm upon individual targets.
  • The Impalezon, a specialized creation, demands the utilization of a mighty Spear held with both hands. These unique beings harness the power of the seldom-explored ability known as Impale, unleashing devastating strikes that not only gradually diminish the durability of their weapon but also inflict unparalleled damage upon a single target within the game.
  • The Bearazon undergoes a mesmerizing metamorphosis into a formidable Werebear, harnessing the mystical powers of the runeword Beast. This enchantment bestows upon them the extraordinary ability to shape-shift, specifically into the awe-inspiring form of a Werebear, derived from the ancient Druid’s Shape Shifting skill tree. In battle, Bearazons employ a combination of their innate Attack prowess and a strategic allocation of their skill points into Penetrate, Inner Sight, Critical Strike, Dodge, Evade, and Avoid. These skills, nestled within the realms of the Passive and Magic Skills tree, enhance their combat proficiency to unparalleled heights.
  • Assassin

    The Assassin possesses a diverse range of combat techniques. One approach involves honing the Martial Arts skill tree, empowering your character to charge their strikes up to threefold and unleash a destructive, potentially lethal assault on individual foes. On the other hand, players have the option to personalize their character by employing a combination of elemental and physical traps to swiftly eliminate hordes of adversaries. Regardless of your preference among the various Assassin Builds, the forthcoming compilation will provide you with a strong foundation to commence your journey.

    Diablo 2 Assassin Builds
    Art by FotoN-ike

    Trap Assassin

    The Trapper/Trapsin is a captivating title given to an Assassin who wholeheartedly embraces the intricate art of the Traps skill tree.

  • Unleashing its electrifying prowess, the Light Trapper/Shockbringer build strategically deploys the cunning Lightning Sentry and deadly Death Sentry traps to swiftly dismantle hordes of menacing monsters, all the while unleashing a relentless barrage of Shockweb spells.
  • The Blaze Enchantress is a cunning Trapsin build, perfect for both early and mid-game, adept at strategically placing fiery traps while unleashing an onslaught of explosive Fire Blasts.
  • The Bomber/Bombasin, a specialized construction, possesses the ability to confront enormous hordes of monsters with its ingenious strategy of deploying Lightning Sentries and unleashing a continuous barrage of Fire Blast, Shock Web, and/or Cloak of Shadows.
  • Unleashing a whimsical display of skill, the Bladesin/Fury Sin presents a distinctive Assassin build that fearlessly embraces the often overlooked powers of Blade Sentinel and Blade Fury within the realm of Traps skill tree.
  • Melee Assassin

    The Melee Assassin, a term commonly employed to characterize an Assassin who centers their abilities on the realm of Martial Arts, encompasses various sub-builds that can incorporate the utilization of Traps.

  • The Enigmatic Knight embodies a specialized concept that centers on the extraordinary ability Zeal acquired by harnessing the runeword Passion.
  • Bearsin, an intriguing build, centers its gameplay on harnessing the oskill Werebear ability obtained by equipping a mighty Beast runeword.
  • The Kicker/Kicksin hones in on the artistry of unleashing devastating blows with Dragon Talon, Dragon Tail, or Dragon Flight, inflicting immense destruction to a single target.
  • The Mageslayer emerges as a delightful offshoot of the Kicker/Kicksin, wielding the mighty Dragon Tail as its foremost weapon to vanquish those pesky ranged casters.
  • Harnessing the mighty power of the Rift runeword, the Riftkick Assassin unleashes her mastery by summoning tempestuous Tornadoes and chilling Frozen Orbs with astonishing proficiency.
  • Embracing the title of the Whirlwind Assassin, often referred to as WWSin, this skilled warrior harnesses the formidable oskill known as Whirlwind, a power bestowed upon them through the mastery of the Chaos runeword.
  • With a focus on inflicting physical harm, The Ghostsin unleashes the formidable oskill Whirlwind, simultaneously stunning adversaries in a confined space with the relentless barrage of Mind Blast.
  • The Bramblesin unleashes a devastating whirlwind, infused with venomous power from the Shadow Disciplines skill tree. By donning Trang-Oul’s Claws and the mystical Bramble runeword, their whirlwind becomes a lethal combination of physical and crippling poison damage.
  • Bowasin

    The Bowasin, a PvP build embraced by many, harnesses the power of the bow Widowmaker to acquire the oskill Guided Arrow from the renowned Amazon’s Bow and Crossbow Skills tree. As versatile warriors, Bowasins have the option to amplify their damage with Venom or enhance their attack and movement speed with Burst of Speed from the Shadow Disciplines skill tree.


    The Necromancer, a captivating class that harnesses the power of the deceased, often allures most novice players. Undoubtedly, among the seven classes, the Necromancer boasts unparalleled versatility, providing numerous skillsets to effortlessly conquer the game from the standard Normal mode to the treacherous Hell mode. Here are the handpicked Necromancer Builds we have curated:

    Diablo 2 Necromancer Builds
    Art by ChrisCold


    The term Summonmancer encompasses all Necromancers who devote their talents predominantly to the realm of Summoning Spells.

  • The Golem-Mancer thrives on conjuring the mightiest Golem imaginable while synergizing with a formidable Curses skill. The popular pairings often include the Fire Golem infused with Lower Resist and the Iron Golem accompanied by Iron Maiden.
  • The Fishymancer build reigns supreme as the Summonmancer’s ultimate embodiment. With a flurry of skeletal summons, the Fishymancer orchestrates a symphony of Corpses Explosions in the ethereal depths.
  • Other Necromancer Builds

  • The Venomancer/Novamancer cunningly wields the crowd-commanding Poison Nova ability to gradually dismantle opposing forces. Once a lifeless body emerges, this formidable character has the choice to unleash a flurry of Poison Explosions or unleash the devastating power of Corpse Explosion.
  • The Bonemancer meticulously allocates skill points to enhance Teeth, Bone Spear, Bone Spirit, and their corresponding synergies. This intriguing character thrives on utilizing Bone Spear and the explosive potential of Corpse Explosion (a skill required to unleash the full power of Bone Spear) to effectively manage hordes of enemies, while relying on the formidable Bone Spirit to swiftly dismantle individual targets.
  • Armed with a lethal Dagger, the Daggermancer swiftly strikes down foes using the formidable Poison Dagger technique. This unique style of combat is further enhanced by the cunning deployment of Poison Nova and Poison Explosion, potent abilities that synergize flawlessly with the deadly Poison Dagger, amplifying the devastation inflicted upon adversaries.
  • Barbarian

    Unleashing havoc upon both solitary creatures and hordes alike, the Barbarian possesses unparalleled prowess in inflicting devastating blows through both physical force and mystical energies. Moreover, the Barbarian’s exceptional expertise in wielding various weapons grants access to an intricate skill tree, bestowing formidable enhancements tailored to the chosen weapon. Behold these remarkable manifestations of Barbarian mastery: Barbarian Builds.

    Diablo 2 Barbarian Builds
    Art by Redan23
  • The Cyclone Berserker stands as the most prevalent PvM Barbarian archetype. Typically, this warrior brandishes a pair of weapons, unleashing a torrent of strikes as they twirl amidst hordes of adversaries.
  • The Frenzy Barbarian is a captivating build centered around the relentless utilization of Frenzy and Double Swing as its utmost offensive maneuvers. With the proficiency to unleash colossal devastation and effortlessly evade adversaries, this build thrives on the inherent swiftness granted by the supplementary run/walk advantage of the Frenzy skill.
  • Unleashing the power of the Berserk skill, the formidable Berserker/Zerker strikes with a ferocious onslaught, inflicting a potent blend of physical and mystical havoc. However, this devastating attack comes at the cost of momentarily nullifying the character’s defense, leaving them vulnerable.
  • Rewrite: Armed with a pair of hurling implements, usually javelins, the Thrower Barb unleashes a barrage of distant assaults upon unsuspecting foes. With the prowess of Double Throw, this build excels at striking down individual adversaries, although it falls short when faced with hordes of monsters, unlike the mighty Whirlwind Barb.
  • The Horker/GF Barb build is an ingenious strategy employed by players to accumulate vast fortunes of gold for indulging in gambling. This unique approach places great emphasis on bolstering the character’s mercenary to swiftly dispatch foes, while simultaneously utilizing the Horker’s ability to cast Find Item on the lifeless bodies of vanquished monsters.
  • Barb, the enigmatic vocalist, embodies a seldom explored archetype that harnesses the formidable power of War Cry as its foremost offensive maneuver. Nestled within the Warcries skill tree, this extraordinary vocal prowess inflicts devastating physical harm upon adversaries while momentarily rendering them immobile through the sheer force of its resounding vibrations.
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    Harnessing the might of celestial vigor, the Paladin effortlessly decimates hordes of adversaries with minimal repercussions. This close-quarter combat specialist exhibits unparalleled prowess in both physical confrontation and the unleashing of electrifying or mystical projectiles.

    Diablo 2 Paladin Builds
  • Renowned for its exceptional resilience and unparalleled adaptability, the Hammerdin stands as a pinnacle among the various Paladin Builds in Diablo 2. This extraordinary build unleashes a relentless barrage of Blessed Hammers, supercharged by the empowering effects of the Concentration aura. To maximize its impact on both clustered adversaries and solitary foes, the Hammerdin relies on the indispensable Enigma runeword and the extraordinary oskill Teleport, deftly maneuvering into optimal striking positions.
  • The Smiter Paladin, a dynamic archetype, showcases its adaptability in both PvM and PvP scenarios. Whether engaged in combat against formidable foes or engaging in player-versus-player battles, the Smiter harnesses the formidable power of the Smite skill, augmented by the awe-inspiring Fanaticism aura, to unleash devastating blows upon solitary adversaries. This onslaught not only inflicts substantial damage but also has the potential to stun and forcefully repel foes, should the situation warrant it. In the realm of PvM, the Smiter finds its true calling, primarily focusing on vanquishing Ubers within the treacherous realm of Uber Tristram. Additionally, the PvM Smiter assumes the daunting task of confronting the notorious Uber Diablo, adding an extra layer of challenge to its already formidable repertoire.
  • The Zealot Paladin, a fierce warrior, harnesses the power of Zeal to unleash devastating attacks upon numerous foes in close combat. Embracing the aura of Fanaticism from the Offensive Auras skill tree, these zealous warriors elevate their physical prowess, attack swiftness, and precision to unparalleled heights.
  • The FOHer Paladin is a PvP build that unleashes the mighty Fist of the Heavens upon distant targets. The destructive power of this divine spell is amplified by the Conviction aura, which weakens the enemy’s defenses and renders them vulnerable to the elements of fire, ice, and electricity.
  • The Ranger Paladin, a PvP archetype, embraces the synergy between their valiant Paladin and the mighty Widowmaker, harnessing the mystical power of the oskill Guided Arrow. Astute Rangers skillfully unleash a barrage of Guided Arrows, expertly softening their adversaries from a distance before fearlessly plunging into the fray with the formidable abilities of Charge and/or Zeal.
  • Unleashing the power of the Charger Paladin, this PvP build harnesses the sheer force of the Charge skill to swiftly strike down adversaries with a single or double blow. With lightning speed, the Charge skill rapidly bridges the gap between the character and their foe. The Fanaticism aura amplifies the devastating damage inflicted by each charging onslaught.
  • Auradin

    An Auradin is defined as any Paladin build that incorporates one of the offensive auras from the skill tree, known for their elemental-based damage-dealing abilities.

  • The Tesladin, a formidable melee-focused character, harnesses the electrifying power of the Holy Shock aura to unleash a devastating storm of lightning damage upon foes within a vast range. Alternatively, by adorning a Dream helmet and shield, the Tesladin channels an innate Holy Shock aura, further enhanced when activating the Conviction aura to weaken enemy resistances.
  • The Pyromaniac, also known as the Fire Auradin, is an extraordinary breed of Auradin that inflicts harm upon adversaries through the scorching aura of Holy Fire. Alternatively, players may opt to wield a Hand of Justice runeword weapon, don a Dragon runeword helmet, and equip a Dragon RW shield to possess a passive Holy Fire aura, all the while employing the Conviction aura.
  • Unleashing the icy fury of Holy Freeze, the Freezadin/Frostadin emerges as a rare and enigmatic Auradin, harnessing the power of frost to inflict chilling devastation upon its foes.
  • Sorceress

    The Sorceress harnesses the power of fire, ice, and lightning to unleash devastating attacks, obliterating hordes of monsters effortlessly. Yet, in exchange for her unparalleled command over the battlefield and the gift of teleportation, she must face the grim reality of being easily vanquished by formidable adversaries. Below, you will discover an assortment of Sorceress Builds to aid you in your quest.

    Diablo 2 Sorceress Builds
    Art by SpiralOutward

    Fire Sorceress Builds

    The fiery sorceress specializes in harnessing the power of fire, placing her utmost attention on the realm of Fire Spells. Though some may argue that this skill tree pales in comparison to the others during the late stages of the game, there are specific realms where fire sorceresses truly shine.

  • The Flame Fury/Astroid strategy employs the Celestial Rock technique to annihilate vast hordes of creatures in a single strike. During the interval when the technique is recharging, the protagonist can unleash a barrage of Inferno Spheres to inflict widespread damage upon a compact cluster of adversaries, just moments before the Astral Storm descends upon them.
  • The Flame Sphere/Inferno Barrier shares similarities with the Fire Ball/Meteor build, but it distinguishes itself by employing the meticulously timed Fire Wall ability as its primary concluding strike.
  • In the realm of gaming, the Enchantress emerges as a formidable ally, specializing in a support-focused approach that accelerates the leveling process for players amidst treacherous domains teeming with menacing creatures. Through the mystical power of Enchant, the Enchantress not only enhances a character’s combat prowess but also infuses their weapon with an overwhelming blaze, rendering them capable of effortlessly vanquishing adversaries. However, when left to her own devices, the Enchantress’s abilities become rather limited.
  • Cold Sorceress Builds

    Frost-wielding enchantresses offer a realm of possibilities beyond their fiery counterparts. Their mastery extends to vast expanses of the game, yet they may encounter difficulties conquering treacherous high-level domains without the aid of a merciless warrior.

  • With a flick of her wrist, the Blizzard Sorceress conjures the essence of a raging blizzard, unleashing its fury upon her enemies and leaving a path of destruction in its wake. As the skill’s power fades momentarily, she swiftly transitions to unleashing Glacial Spikes, freezing her foes in their tracks and rendering them helpless against her icy wrath.
  • The Sorceress wielding the Frozen Orb/ES unleashes her punishment upon the monsters, freezing and decelerating them with the mighty Frozen Orb spell that inflicts tremendous damage along its path. To enhance the resilience of their Frozen Orb Sorceress, players can harness the power of the Energy Shield skill found within the Lightning Spells skill tree.
  • Lightning Sorceress Builds

    Without a doubt, when it comes to single-element builds, lightning-based constructions reign supreme for this particular class. Equipped with an Act 2 mercenary who wields the mighty Infinity runeword, capable of shattering the majority of lightning immunities in groups of monsters, Sorceresses who focus on harnessing the power of lightning can fearlessly navigate the treacherous realms of Hell mode all on their own.

  • Harnessing the power of Lightning and Chain Lightning, the Sorceress unleashes a torrent of destructive energy upon multiple adversaries with each spell. The Lightning ability strikes its targets in a straight line, while the formidable Chain Lightning, although more demanding on mana reserves, leaps from one creature to another, leaving a trail of devastation in its wake.
  • The Nova/ES Sorceress thrives on the thrill of engaging in close combat with hordes of monsters, unleashing the devastating Nova skill that wreaks havoc within a moderate range around her. To ensure her survival, cunning players can employ the Energy Shield technique, cleverly diverting a fraction of the damage inflicted upon her hit points towards her mana pool.
  • In the realm of early to mid-game, the Charged Bolt Sorceress build reigns supreme. Unleashing a flurry of minuscule bolts in a mesmerizing fan-like formation, this build swiftly obliterates hordes of monsters and formidable enemy bosses.
  • Melee Builds

    Within this class, melee builds may not be the prevailing choice, yet their potential lies in unleashing a cascade of catastrophic blows, capable of swiftly incapacitating solitary adversaries with a mere couple of swift strikes.

  • The Zeal Sorcerer acquires the powerful Zeal ability through the mystical Passion runeword. To amplify their destructive potential, Zeal Sorcerers equip a Dream helmet and Dream shield, which emanate passive Holy Shock auras, intensified by the Sorceress’ Lightning Mastery expertise. Moreover, these adept sorcerers often employ Energy Shield as a defensive mechanism, effectively mitigating harm while fearlessly engaging in close quarters combat against solitary adversaries.
  • Embracing the mystical power of the Bear, the Sorcerer of Ursine nature acquires the extraordinary ability known as Werebear through the enigmatic runeword known as Beast. To unleash devastating bolts of lightning, Bear Sorcerers often don a Dream helmet and wield a Dream shield, honing their skills in Lightning Mastery to unparalleled heights. However, for those seeking a different path, adorning themselves with the Dragon armor runeword grants them the passive radiance of Holy Fire, while simultaneously honing their Fire Mastery skill to its fullest potential.
  • Hybrid Builds

    Unleashing a fusion of two or even all three of the Sorceress’ skill trees, hybrid builds bring forth an enthralling gameplay experience that is absolutely worth exploring. Take a glimpse into the captivating possibilities that lie ahead:

  • The Sorceress of the Fire Wall/Orb weaves her magic, conjuring a Frozen Orb as her primary skill, while employing the fiery embrace of the Fire Wall to vanquish cold-immune creatures. Both of these spells are bound by time, thus it is prudent for the player to keep a safe distance from the approaching swarms of monsters.
  • Embrace the prowess of the Meteorb Build, harnessing the mighty Frozen Orb as its primary harbinger of destruction, while reserving the formidable Meteor as a failsafe to vanquish those impervious to the icy grasp. Remember, both these skills are governed by time, so exercise caution and evade the clutches of adversaries during their periods of respite.
  • The Frozen Orb serves as the cornerstone of the Hydra/Orb Sorceress’ arsenal, unleashing a frigid onslaught upon her foes. When confronted with cold-immune adversaries, the sorceress calls forth the mighty Hydra, a formidable fiery serpent that inflicts devastating fire-based devastation. Prudent caution is advised when awaiting the cooldowns of these two lethal abilities.
  • Embracing the power of Chain Lightning and the mystical Hydra, the Sorceress of electrifying storms emerges to obliterate hordes of enemies in an awe-inspiring display. While the formidable Infinity runeword may render some monsters impervious to lightning, none can withstand the relentless assault of the mighty Hydra. With the absence of a cooldown, Chain Lightning reigns supreme as the ultimate force behind this build’s devastating damage.
  • The Static/Orb Sorceress, although seldom employed, possesses an undeniable power that demands respect. Her potent Frozen Orb serves as the principal means of dealing damage, while the Lightning Spells skill tree offers the formidable Static Field, capable of diminishing the hit points of adversaries by a specific percentage and to a limited degree.
  • Druid

    With its intricate mechanics, the Druid stands out as the epitome of technicality among all the classes. As your journey unfolds, you will come to realize that depending solely on a single skill tree won’t suffice to conquer mobs with ease. Within this class, you have the option to explore three distinctive skill trees: Elemental, Shape Shifting, and Summoning. The secret to triumphing over Hell mode lies in the art of skillful fusion and adaptation. Feast your eyes upon these awe-inspiring Druid Builds.

    Druid Builds
    Art by Andre Yamaguchi

    Bear Builds

    With a mesmerizing transformation, the Bear Druid seamlessly morphs into a formidable Werebear, unleashing a barrage of devastating abilities exclusive to this primal state.

  • The Mighty Bear Shaman relies on the devastating move known as Maul as its primary offensive technique. This unique playstyle places great emphasis on acquiring gear that amplifies its destructive power.
  • The Kodiak Bear employs the formidable ability of Hunger as its principal offensive tactic, siphoning both life force and mana from adversaries with every successful strike.
  • In the realm of Fireclaw Druid, the art of Fire Claws reigns supreme as the ultimate offensive maneuver. Equipped with a combination of physical prowess and fiery enchantments, this build possesses the ability to conquer the entire game single-handedly.
  • The Shockbear unleashes its mighty power through the devastating skill known as Shock Wave. This extraordinary ability inflicts tangible harm upon a confined area directly in front of the character, leaving enemies in a state of bewilderment and vulnerability. During this mesmerizing stun, the player gains the opportunity to employ any Werebear-compatible skill, thereby amplifying the onslaught of damage inflicted upon their hapless foes.
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    Wolf Builds

    The Wolf Druid seamlessly morphs into a formidable Werewolf, harnessing its lightning-fast abilities that can be unleashed during its lupine transformation.

  • The Vehement Druid harnesses the power of Fury as its foremost offensive maneuver. Fury, akin to the Druid’s version of Zeal, unleashes a relentless onslaught by striking enemies repeatedly, up to a staggering quintet of blows. Employing equipment imbued with the potential to unleash elemental abilities can prove advantageous when it comes to managing hordes of adversaries.
  • Unleashing its primal power, the Rabies Druid harnesses the might of the Rabies skill to strike down its foes. Piercing the flesh of adversaries with this infectious ability not only inflicts a venomous torment for several fleeting moments but also renders them a contagious threat to nearby mobs. Any hapless monsters that encounter the wrath of Rabies shall endure the same agonizing plight as the initial victim bitten.
  • Unleashing the power of Fireclaws, the Werewolf Druid channels the fury of fiery claws to assail its foes. Equipments that enhance physical and infernal might will exponentially amplify the devastating potential of Fire Claws, enabling swift elimination of individual adversaries.
  • Elemental Builds

    The Elemental Druid dedicates their abilities to the mystical Elemental skill tree, capable of decimating hordes of creatures and vanquishing formidable foes with precision.

  • Deeply revered amongst the Druid community, the Windy Druid stands tall as the epitome of PvM excellence. Embracing the tempestuous power of the mighty Tornado, this build unleashes a relentless barrage of physical devastation, swiftly toppling monsters in a whimsical dance. Complementing their primary onslaught, skilled players harness the chilling might of Hurricane, conjuring a frigid storm that engulfs the surroundings, ensnaring adversaries with a glacial grip.
  • The Fissure Druid excels in the initial stages of the game, wielding a unique power to rupture the earth and unleash scorching flames upon adversaries within its vicinity.
  • The Bowler Druid is a seldom-explored choice, even during the initial stages of the game. This particular playstyle revolves around perfecting the art of the Molten Boulder ability and its various harmonizations.
  • Embracing the untamed forces of fire, the enigmatic Flamethrower Druid emerges as a rare and audacious manifestation within the realm of Druid builds. Unleashing the mesmerizing skill of Firestorm, this unorthodox wielder harnesses the scorching power as its primary assault. Furthermore, the Flamethrower Druid astounds with the ability to conjure a formidable Grizzly companion, valiantly standing as a shield against impending harm.
  • Embracing the fusion of a Huntermentalist and a Shaman, this enigmatic being harnesses the power of fire to unleash devastating attacks upon its foes. Simultaneously, it calls upon mighty creatures to serve as formidable shields, bearing the brunt of enemy onslaughts.
  • Summoner Build

    The Summon Druid dedicates the majority of their expertise to mastering the art of Summoning. Within their arsenal lie four distinct creature categories that the Summon Druid can effortlessly conjure upon request: Ethereal Spirits, Enigmatic Ravens, Majestic Wolves or a Formidable Grizzly, and Tenacious Vines.

  • In the realm of the Classic Summoner Build, the art lies in conjuring forth Spirit Wolves, Dire Wolves, or a mighty Grizzly to serve as the primary agents of destruction. The Heart of the Wolverine is harnessed to amplify the summoned creatures’ prowess, inflicting devastating blows upon adversaries. To ensure the character remains resilient, a Carrion Vine is employed to restore their vitality.
  • The Hunter Build employs the identical skill configuration as the timeless Summoner. Nevertheless, the player unleashes considerable devastation through a bow, typically relying on Faith for its passive Fanaticism aura. This aura serves to augment the damage, attack rating, and attack speed of the summoned creatures.
  • Best Hell Builds

    In the realm of Diablo 2, myriad captivating and formidable character builds exist, yet only a select few possess the resilience required to endure the treacherous trials of Hell difficulty. For those well-versed in the enigmatic realms of Diablo 2’s Hell mode, a multitude of menacing adversaries lie in wait, demanding your utmost attention and vigilance.

  • Unleashing your character’s might in solo play requires wielding a diverse arsenal of damage elements to bypass the immunities of formidable monsters.
  • Embrace the Elemental Resistances: As you venture into the treacherous realm of Hell, expect a daunting penalty that strips away your innate Resistances. To survive the infernal challenges that lie ahead, fortify yourself with a substantial arsenal of Resistances.
  • Unleash the full force of your might! The nefarious creatures lurking in the treacherous realm of Hell possess an immense reservoir of vitality, thus requiring you to unleash a torrent of devastating blows in order to overcome them.
  • Behold, behold! Feast your eyes upon the mighty creations that not only triumph over the treacherous Hell difficulty but also possess the power to unearth magical treasures in every nook and cranny. Delve into the realms of these exceptional builds, for they shall lead you to unimaginable riches!

    Best Diablo 2 Builds for Hell
    Art by ReyeD33

    Immortal King Barbarian

    The Immortal King set, despite its demanding Strength requirement, equips you with all the necessary tools to reign supreme in the game’s most challenging levels.

    With its expansive defensive capabilities and impressive elemental Resistances, this set provides ample protection. Furthermore, the Stone Crusher, the set’s formidable Weapon, inflicts all five distinct forms of damage. Consequently, there is no need to fret over impervious creatures.

    Finally, the Immortal King ensemble bestows a considerable measure of Magic Discovery.

    Summoner Necromancer

    The Summonmancer proves to be an exquisite option for both solitary adventures and group quests. Unleash your formidable skeleton legion, shielding you and your comrades from imminent harm, all while striking down adversaries effortlessly. Moreover, your curses bestow invaluable advantages upon your allies, effectively diminishing the enemies’ resistance and yielding expedited triumphs.

    Harness the power of your Corpse Explosion prowess, a deadly blend of Physical and Fire Damage, to combat the formidable immunities of monstrous adversaries. Additionally, your trusty Skeletal Mages unleash a formidable arsenal of Poison, Cold, Fire, and Lightning Damage, further enhancing your versatility. While this build may not boast sky-high damage, it compensates generously with an abundance of endurance and longevity.

    Input: The Skelemancer requires specific items to enhance his Summoning abilities, enabling his skeletons to endure Hell difficulty. However, it is also possible to incorporate items with Magic Finding, as this build is not overly reliant on gear.

    Meteorb Sorceress

    In the realm of Sorceresses, this particular breed lacks the pinnacle of destructive force when contrasted with other Sorceress constructs. Nevertheless, it possesses the unique ability to confront impervious creatures by harnessing the formidable powers of both fiery incantations (Meteor, Fire Ball) and frosty enchantments (Frozen Orb). Such beings impervious to the dual forces of fire and ice are exceedingly rare in the vast expanse of monstrous adversaries.

    Teleport is a remarkable ability that adds a touch of magic to your repertoire. It serves as a swift getaway when faced with danger or as a means to traverse great distances effortlessly. Imagine the thrill of embarking on swift Andariel or Mephisto missions, bypassing the need to explore every nook and cranny just to confront the mighty Act Bosses.

    Additionally, by equipping the right gear, you can enhance your lethal abilities while simultaneously increasing your chances of discovering magical items. Embarking on the game with a Magic-Finder Meteorb Sorceress has become a widely favored tactic, allowing players to equip her or their other characters accordingly.


    In the realm of Diablo 2, behold a formidable build that reigns supreme. Its prowess transcends mere monster slaying, as it also excels in PvP battles. Among the plethora of mighty Paladin builds, we have chosen this one for its remarkable capacity to seek out magical treasures while still maintaining its lethal force and endurance.

    The Blessed Hammer, the epitome of this build’s prowess, unleashes an unrivaled torrent of magical devastation. In the realm of the game, where magical defenses are scarce, braving through the treacherous Hell difficulty shall prove to be a breeze. Moreover, the Holy Shield skill acts as an impenetrable barrier, shielding your character from harm’s way with unwavering fortification.

    Master the game’s challenges effortlessly with a mighty Hammerdin, conquering every obstacle with ease. Yet, when it comes to clashing with fellow players, prepare yourself for an arduous quest in search of elusive treasures that cannot be acquired by mere triumph over the game’s Hell difficulty.


    The Amazon’s prowess in the game is unrivaled, as she dashes through the virtual world with lightning speed. Her impressive array of abilities, both physical and electric in nature (Charged Strike, Lightning Strike, Lightning Fury), unleash devastating levels of destruction.

    When it comes to countering foes’ resistances, a Javazon has the ability to employ the Jab skill (inflicting Physical Damage) or harness the power of Poison Javelin or Plague Javelin to unleash a deadly dose of Poison Damage.

    Rewrite: When it comes to sustainability, consider trading a fraction of your damage for investing points into your Valkyrie. Additionally, you can utilize certain items that enhance your Magic Finding probability. By doing so, you will be able to carry out swift and effective MF runs, even when facing the toughest challenges within the game.

    Ladder Reset Builds

    Unsure about which class and build to choose for the upcoming ladder reset? Explore our captivating compilation of the top 11 trending builds and find your perfect match.

    Should the builds showcased captivate your interest, delve into our comprehensive guides to uncover a plethora of information.

    Diablo 2 Builds
    Fan Art by Alex Horley

    #1 Blizzard Sorceress

    At the dawn of each new ladder, the Blizzard Sorc rises to prominence, shrouded in fame. Her prowess in Teleportation sets her apart, enabling swift movements, traversing walls effortlessly, evading mundane foes, and outwitting even the cunning Mephisto.

    Moreover, her exceptional ability to inflict substantial damage and exercise effective crowd control against formidable enemy forces is unparalleled, all achieved without relying on formidable or extravagant equipment. Instead, you have the option to utilize items that enhance your magic finding capabilities. This renders the Blizzard Sorceress as the perfect choice for embarking on a successful journey in the new ladder.

    #2 Hammerdin

    The Divine Mallet, when paired with the Aura of Focus, unleashes an immense force upon creatures, inflicting substantial damage. Moreover, when these abilities are harmoniously fused with the Holy Barrier, they culminate in a paladin archetype that possesses invincibility. This particular build is widely favored and renowned, as it is not unusual for a Divine Mallet to administer over 20,000 points of devastation. Nevertheless, crafting this build to perfection comes at a high cost, given the abundance of Hammerdins within the game.

    #3 Smiter Paladin

    When it comes to common Magic Finding and Baal runs, Paladins may not be the most optimal choice. However, their popularity skyrockets when it comes to combating the Prime Evils in Uber Tristram, as they possess unparalleled effectiveness. In fact, they are the sole class known to have the ability to single-handedly vanquish almost all Uber Bosses.

    No adversary can escape the Smiter’s wrath, except for those who possess imperviousness to physical harm. Smite, being a close combat technique, proves less potent when confronting hordes of creatures.

    #4 Chain Lightning Sorceress

    Throughout the game’s evolution, the Sorceress class has remained a beloved choice among players. However, the once mighty spells such as Frozen Orb and Nova gradually lost their potency over time. It wasn’t until the emergence of Lord of Destruction that the Chain Lightning Sorceress rose to prominence as a favored build. This innovative approach allowed sorceresses to seamlessly blend the power of Chain Lightning with other elemental spells, granting them unparalleled effectiveness against foes of any resistance.

    See also  Best Diablo 4 Sorcerer Builds

    Unlock the potential of an Infinity Runeword and watch as your mercenary effortlessly obliterates any foe previously impervious to your electrifying onslaught.

    #5 Wind Druid

    The Mighty Nature Shaman unleashes a torrent of devastating AoE (Area of Effect) devastation upon hordes of formidable creatures. The Cyclone, in perfect harmony with the Whirlwind sorcery, unleashes a tempestuous onslaught of elemental destruction. Furthermore, the Gale Shaman can harness the power of the Oak Sage summon to fortify the collective vitality of the entire fellowship.

    #6 Summoning Necromancer

    The Summonmancer stands out as a uniquely captivating and thrilling character build within the realm of Diablo 2. The remarkable power to beckon forth a colossal army of skeletons and bring back Diablo’s loyal minions to wage war by your side grants this build an unparalleled distinction. This particular breed of Necromancer also proves to be an optimal selection for group endeavors, owing to their curses that effectively debilitate adversaries. Moreover, the Corpse Explosion skill manifests as an exceptional means of inflicting devastating damage.

    #7 Javazon

    With its extensive area of effect damage, the Javazon unleashes a torrent of destruction, rendering it an exceedingly potent force in PvM encounters. Moreover, the Charged Strike ability inflicts devastating harm upon individual targets, proving invaluable when facing formidable Bosses. When skillfully constructed, this build is capable of obliterating Baal within mere moments, leaving no room for escape.

    #8 Frenzy Barbarian

    The frenzy barbarians have gained immense popularity owing to their unparalleled speed in inflicting damage on a single target, along with the added perk of increased running speed. Despite being highly underestimated by the community, this particular build has managed to establish itself as one of the most formidable and efficient strategies within the game.

    #9 Whirlwind Barbarian

    The WW Barbarian reigned supreme as an iconic and potent build in the legendary realm of Diablo 2. However, with the advent of Lord of Destruction, a plethora of mightier builds emerged. Although the Whirlwind Barbarian may not unleash colossal damage, its remarkable blend of supportive prowess and tenacity make it an exceptional choice as a resilient tank, particularly when venturing forth in the company of allies.

    #10 Frozen Orb Sorceress

    The Sorceress class in Diablo 2 gained immense popularity with this particular build, making it a fan favorite. The Frozen Orb skill unleashed devastating damage during the game’s early stages, but its power was tempered following a patch. Consequently, players swiftly shifted their focus to the more potent Cold spell, Blizzard, which continues to reign as the ultimate choice for unleashing icy havoc.

    Nonetheless, the Frozen Orb can serve as a secondary technique or be employed as a primary maneuver when paired with a skill from an alternate element. By doing so, you gain the ability to thwart adversaries boasting various forms of immunity.

    #11 Bowazon

    Among the myriad of forsaken creations in Diablo 2, there exists one that once wielded unparalleled might during its fledgling era. Bowazons persist as a source of amusement and efficacy amidst the game’s present state, yet the introduction of overpowering Runewords has cast a shadow upon this once beloved build, causing its popularity to wane.

    With its wide array of items and skills, the class offers limitless possibilities for creating unique combinations, making it an incredibly captivating choice.

    Best Hardcore Builds

    In Diablo 2, players are presented with the exciting choice of beginning their journey in either Hardcore mode or Softcore. This pivotal decision is made by simply toggling the Hardcore box on or off within the captivating “Create New Character” Screen. It is strongly recommended that novice players first immerse themselves in the thrilling world of Softcore (unchecked) before daring to venture into the treacherous realm of Hardcore.

    Softcore mode in the game operates in such a way that when your character meets their demise, they are stripped of all their possessions and are left bare. At this point, you are faced with two options: you can either venture back to the exact location where your character met their unfortunate end and retrieve their lifeless body, or you can opt to exit the game and start afresh, which will transport your character’s body back to the safety of town. In the progressively challenging Nightmare mode, a penalty of 5% of your current experience level is imposed upon death, while in the daunting Hell mode, the penalty increases to a staggering 10%. Nonetheless, by successfully retrieving your character’s corpse, you can reclaim a significant portion of the lost experience, specifically 75%. It is important to note that if you choose to exit the game and begin anew, none of the lost experience will be regained.

    In the realm of Hardcore, once your character meets their demise, they are forever lost. However, there exists a silver lining – you possess the ability to grant fellow players the privilege of “looting” your lifeless body upon death, thereby aiding them in transferring its essence to a fresh Hardcore persona. Astonishingly, certain individuals, who have been present since the very inception of Diablo 2 in 2000, shun Hardcore mode with unwavering determination.

    Input: Although all the builds mentioned above are viable options, it would be wise to steer clear of the PvP builds, as Hardcore mode leaves little room for resurrection. However, let’s briefly explore the most secure builds for each class and highlight key factors to enhance your chances of survival.

    Amazon Hardcore Builds

  • The Lightning Javazon is renowned for its unparalleled crowd-controlling abilities, exemplified by the devastating Lightning Fury. By maximizing Lightning Fury and utilizing Charged Bolt as a synergistic skill, the Javazon becomes a formidable force against powerful enemy bosses. Additionally, the presence of Valkyrie provides a reliable tank to absorb damage. To ensure the Javazon’s safety, the clever tactic of casting Decoy diverts attention away from the character, allowing the continuous onslaught of Lightning Fury from a secure distance. For an extra layer of protection, it is advisable for Lightning Javazons to wield either a Stormshield or a high-resistance shield with the maximum block-rate percentage available.
  • Armed with the deadly technique of Multiple Shot, the Bowazon becomes a formidable force capable of annihilating vast hordes of monsters. Unleashing her unparalleled skill with an exquisite end-game weapon like the awe-inspiring Faith Runeword or the mighty Windforce, she leaves no chance for her enemies to survive. For those seeking a different path, the alluring Harmony runeword presents itself as a tempting option, bestowing upon the player the invaluable passive aura of Vigor. This ethereal gift grants the Bowazon the ability to swiftly evade perilous situations by enhancing her movement speed. To further fortify her defenses, channeling points into the mighty Valkyrie and cunning Decoy will ensure that the Bowazon remains unscathed while peppering the battlefield with a barrage of arrows from a secure vantage point.
  • Assassin Hardcore Builds

    The Trapsin possesses exceptional crowd control abilities through the strategic placement of Lightning and Death Sentries. Enhancing your mercenary with an Infinity runeword can prove tremendously beneficial, as it effectively neutralizes enemy lightning immunities. While most Trapsins opt for a Spirit shield runeword, which grants a +2 bonus to All Skills, it might be worth considering a switch to a Stormshield for its superior physical damage reduction and impressive block rate. Moreover, in the case of Hardcore Trapsins, the skill Fade can be utilized to further minimize physical damage and bolster resistance against all types of attacks. To divert attention from your character, having a loyal Shadow Warrior or Shadow Master at your side can prove invaluable.

    Necromancer Hardcore Builds

  • The Fishymancer finds solace in the protection of a mighty Golem, a multitude of Skeletons and Skeletal Mages, along with resurrected companions brought back using the Revive skill. As the undead army fearlessly confronts the enemy, unleash the power of Corpse Explosion to obliterate clusters of foes. Enhancing your survival against physical assaults from monsters can be achieved by allocating points towards bolstering Bone Armor and its complementary abilities, while the addition of a Stormshield provides extra fortification against physical harm.
  • The Bonemancer build offers an exciting alternative to the Fishymancer. Players can harness the power of a formidable army of undead while also unleashing devastating attacks through the relentless barrage of Bone Spear or Bone Spirit. To ensure no foe is left standing, the explosive force of Corpse Explosion wreaks havoc with its immense area of impact, combining both physical and fiery devastation.
  • Barbarian Hardcore Builds

    Barbarians reign supreme as the most resilient class, capable of enduring massive amounts of damage. When it comes to Hardcore mode, the Whirlwind Barb stands out as a particularly wise selection. To maximize your survivability, prioritize leveling up the Battle Orders skill to enhance your health pool. Additionally, the passive skill Iron Skin will bolster your defense rating. As you assemble your gear, opt for a single Grief runeword and equip a Stormshield. Although it may take a tad longer to vanquish foes, your character will be able to deflect physical attacks while executing the mighty Whirlwind maneuver.

    If you dare to embark on the perilous Hardcore mode without the protection of a shield, why not take a leap of faith and give the Frenzy Barb build a whirl? The mighty Dual Grief runewords will swiftly bring down hordes of monsters, while the heightened run/walk bonus granted by Frenzy could prove invaluable in escaping precarious predicaments. It might be wise to consider utilizing the Leap skill to forcefully repel foes before launching into battle, as well as gracefully leaping away from harm’s way.

    Paladin Hardcore Builds

    With the mastery of Holy Shield, Paladins become a formidable force, enhancing both their defensive capabilities and the probability of successful blocks. The resilience of a Hammerdin is truly remarkable, as they fearlessly teleport amidst hordes of monsters, undeterred by the Enigma runeword. It matters little that they lack a Stormshield, for their innate ability to block a staggering 75% of incoming attacks remains unyielding.

    With the mighty power of Zeal, the Zealot can vanquish numerous monstrosities. In the midst of battle, he cunningly extracts life and mana from his adversaries, greatly enhancing his ability to endure, even amidst the hordes of Diablo’s minions. By devoting oneself to the sacred shield and allocating extra points to Defiance, one can amass enough defense to shield the team from harm or triumphantly conquer the game alone.

    As previously mentioned, the Smiter is primarily employed to vanquish Uber bosses. Nevertheless, Smiters have the ability to independently conquer the game by wielding a formidable weapon such as Grief and unleashing fervent strikes of Zeal to eliminate hordes of monsters. Possessing an item that grants the chance to cast Life Tap can prove immensely advantageous, particularly considering that your character lacks the innate ability to siphon life from adversaries.

    Sorceress Hardcore Builds

    The Blizzard Sorceress possesses a remarkable ability to unleash immense devastation and immobilize adversaries, all while maintaining a safe distance. This exceptional build is truly perfect for those who prefer the Sorceress class. Dedicate ample skill points to Cold Mastery, effectively diminishing your foes’ resistance to cold by a staggering 100%. Additionally, employ the use of Static Field to rapidly decrease the health points of cold-immune creatures, leaving them vulnerable at 50% before allowing your trusty mercenary to deliver the final blow. Remember, when navigating the treacherous Hardcore mode, rely on Stormshield as your ultimate ally for survival.

    Should you be blessed with the serendipitous discovery of the esteemed high runes essential for crafting an Infinity runeword, it is opportune to transition from being a Blizzard Sorceress to embodying the essence of a Lightning/Chain Lightning Sorceress. By unleashing the power of lightning-infused assaults, the annihilation of formidable foes becomes a swifter affair compared to relying on fire or cold-based techniques. Additionally, it is noteworthy that lightning-immune adversaries often succumb to vulnerability upon encountering the awe-inspiring level-12 Conviction aura emanating from your loyal mercenary’s Infinity.

    Druid Hardcore Builds

    The Werebear Fireclaw build stands as the epitome of safety for Druids venturing into Hardcore mode. With its ability to unleash devastating physical and fire damage, Fire Claws becomes a force to be reckoned with, its potency determined by the equipment you don. Rather than relying on Oak Sage to bolster your vitality, immerse yourself in the Lycanthropy skill, channeling its power to summon a Heart of the Wolverine, enhancing your attack rating and amplifying your destructive capabilities. Embracing the Werebear (and Werewolf) form, Druids can effectively block incoming attacks, making the acquisition of a Stormshield an absolute priority.

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