Diablo 4 Map – Is It Really As Big As People Say It Is?

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The long-awaited release of Diablo 4 has finally arrived, unveiling a realm of awe-inspiring wonders that stir our anticipation. Amongst these incredible offerings lies the sprawling expanse of the Diablo 4 map, teeming with boundless possibilities. In stark contrast to its predecessors, which confined our adventures within linear confines, this latest installment ushers in a groundbreaking concept—an open world brimming with untold secrets awaiting intrepid explorers.

So How Big Is The Diablo 4 Map?

Regrettably, quantifying the enormity of the world is a formidable task, given the limited information available, except that it surpasses all previous maps in the Diablo series in terms of scale. Nonetheless, fueled by their fervent devotion to the game, the community has already begun conjecturing the true magnitude of the Diablo 4 map.

With exclusive access to the Fractured Peaks, the beta beckons adventurers to embark on a journey of measurements. Astute players have unraveled the vast expanse of this region, spanning approximately 10 km² – a staggering eight to ten times larger than any zone encountered in the previous realms of Diablo.


The magnificent and immersive world of the Diablo 4 Map awaits, ready to transport you to realms teeming with mystical wonders and formidable challenges.

Input: So, how big is the map in Diablo 4? When we compare the size of Fractured Peaks to the rest of the open world in Diablo 4, it is estimated to be around 60 km², which is quite large. Exploring this vast world will surely take a significant amount of time. Additionally, there is a potential for this expansive world to grow even more, as it only represents the eastern portion of the Sanctuary and a third of the known land. We are eagerly anticipating the possibility of Diablo 4 seasons introducing exciting new areas.

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What Are The Five Zones On The Diablo 4 World Map?

In the realm of Diablo 4, a vivid tapestry of five distinct zones awaits adventurers. Although the beta only granted access to the initial zone, tantalizing snippets about the uncharted realms have surfaced, albeit with a scarcity of intricate particulars.

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Fractured Peaks

Up until now, this remains the sole realm wherein we can divulge further details regarding the whereabouts of the Diablo 4 map as well as other intriguing tidbits. Fractured Peaks, a realm of craggy mountains, will immerse you in a snowy abyss, teeming with malevolent demons. Within this domain, one can bear witness to awe-inspiring vistas that truly showcase the magnificence of Diablo 4’s graphics, particularly during the captivating cut scenes that unfold within its boundaries.

Fractured Peaks is a captivating zone brimming with countless attractions. Embark on an adventure through its 7 Waypoints, tackle 35 thrilling Sidequests, delve into 23 mysterious Side Dungeons, encounter 28 enigmatic Altars of Lilith, and conquer 3 formidable Strongholds. Unravel the secrets of this mesmerizing locale as you traverse the main storyline, and lose yourself in the vastness of the open world, where a staggering 77 distinct areas await your exploration.

Dry Steppes

According to the official description, one can infer that this realm resembles the vast savannas, where the value of life is overshadowed by the significance of water. Within these arid expanses, one shall encounter not only barbarians and mercenaries, but also blood mages, whose relentless pursuit of survival knows no bounds.


Our utmost enthusiasm is directed towards Hawezar, an extraordinary realm teeming with enigmatic wonders. Immerse yourself in a realm brimming with illusions and shrouded in the arcane arts. Here, you shall encounter formidable adversaries such as cunning assassins, stealthy thieves, and nefarious merchants preying upon the vulnerable, all while skillfully evading the watchful gaze of authority.

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The narrative unveils a vast desert landscape, where elusive demons reside amidst the shifting sands. Venturing into the arid realms of Blizzard’s gaming universe has always been a delightful escapade, and our anticipation for this particular expedition knows no bounds.


Naturally, a Diablo game would be incomplete without the presence of mystical woodlands. Scosglen, described as the epitome of dense forests, immerses players in an enchanting realm. Prepare to encounter formidable druids fiercely defending their sacred territory, while contending with relentless demonic forces.

Check Out The Online Interactive Maps Once You Master The In-Game One

Input: Because the world is massive, it’s rather peculiar that the in-game map lacks the desired level of interactivity from players. Thankfully, due to the immense passion within the Diablo 4 community, there are plentiful interactive maps available online. These maps not only enhance your understanding of the game by locating dungeons, local events, and Diablo 4 world boss battles, but they also provide valuable insights into intriguing points of interest and lore.

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